Check Out The Latest From Toronto Star KHEM

Check Out The Latest From Toronto Star KHEM

In the event that there’s a worldwide city that has verified their toehold on Hip-Hop, it’s Toronto, who – much to a limited extent on account of Drake, clearly – has created a large number of star artists and producers over this whole decade. Another craftsman hoping to add to that history is none other than KHEM, who recently dropped off the future classic 25 To Life.

The new task sees 13 melodic, irresistible cuts, including “D.S.A.W. (Try not to Say A Word)” and “Cost Up” – the two of which have artistic recordings to coordinate. Adding to that, individual Toronto peers Pressa and Tory Lanez likewise give help on the tracks “Commas” and “Brand New,” separately.

Stream 25 To Life here; the collection is accessible on every streaming platform.

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