Clinton Misquitta and the Story behind Kwt Today

Clinton Misquitta and the Story behind Kwt Today

Clinton Misquitta is the person behind one of the most visited news media platforms in Kuwait. If you are wondering about what platform I am talking about, it is Kwt Today, one of the only English language news aggregator sites in the country of Kuwait. 4 out of 5 people who visit the website of Kwt Today come from Facebook, which means that most of the visitors of this news media site come from social media platforms. Most of these visitors are young and belong to the countries of Kuwait and India.

Clinton Misquitta has a strong connection with the country of India, because he was born in that country but his parents immigrated to Kuwait when he was young. Thus, Clinton was brought up in the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait, a country which has a very large diaspora of Indians living inside its borders for more than 50 years now. Clinton Misquitta is part of that growing diaspora of Indians who have made Kuwait their homes because of the job and business opportunities in this small oil rich country. Although Clinton started out as a digital marketer, he later branched out to create his very own news media brand that collects the most trending and entertaining news content from other sites and hosts it on its platform. Although Kwt Today currently produces less than half of its original content on its platform, Clinton is starting to focus more towards producing fresh and organic content that can bring in newer audiences from India and the Middle East.

Since the early days as a digital marketer, Clinton Misquitta realized the huge potential of social media sites on the internet, and that’s why he focused all the marketing efforts of his news media site towards the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and now he is reaping the rewards of his hard work and focused marketing efforts. Kwt Today is based out of Mumbai, where it has around 20 permanent employees. The company is in the midst of expanding its operations as it aims to hire new writers who can write fresh and original content on its platform. It wasn’t all rosy for Clinton in the beginning though. He started Kwt Today back in early 2013, but he had to struggle a lot initially in the early days as the website was new and lacked sufficient visitors on its platform. But through years of hard work and dedication, he has managed to make Kwt Today one of the best online news media brands in Kuwait. He currently focuses more on his other projects, but he still keeps track about the day to day goings of Kwt Today whenever he can. His story is a story of toil and hard work and passion, and sheer determination. He currently inspires countless youths of Kuwait and India to take up a career in digital marketing and change the world for the betterment of mankind.

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