IDB Study: Ja Will Require 98,000 Health And Education Professionals By The Year 2040

IDB Study: Ja Will Require 98,000 Health And Education Professionals By The Year 2040

An investigation by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has discovered that Jamaica will require around 49,000 teachers, 12,000 doctors and 37,000 nurses continuously 2040.

The IDB says this was one of the discoveries of its ““Education and Health: The sectors of the future?” study, which is the second of it’s “The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean” series.

The investigation concentrated on the projection of the interest for social part professionals in 24 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It found that Latin America and the Caribbean will require around 12 million teachers, 3 million doctors and 8 million nurses constantly 2040.

“Our study shows that, even in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution, we can expect the number of teachers, doctors and nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean to continue growing at great speed,” explains Marcelo Cabrol, manager of the IDB Social Sector.

“Our methodology allows us to know that, for example, a third of the teachers that will be needed in 15 years, and almost two-thirds of the doctors and nurses, are people who have not yet begun their working life. Faced with this reality, the key is to ensure that these new professionals have the skills and training they need to be the teachers, doctors and nurses of the future,” says Cabrol.

The IDB says the study’s projections depend on a progression of factors explicit to these divisions.

On account of education, the school-age populace, school enrolment rates and the quantity of youngsters per teacher are considered.

For the wellbeing area, the quantity of doctors is assessed regarding the maturing populace that will exist in the coming decades, just as the proportion of nurses for each doctor.

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