Who is the Supreme Patty’s artist Dracovii?

Who is the Supreme Patty’s artist Dracovii?

Social Media and streaming services have really evened the playing field when it comes to getting put on as an artist. Artist like Dracovii have used social media to grow their personal brands and put out quality music. The Florida artist is only 22 and has made a name for himself in the Florida music scene. 

Moving from New York to Florida around the age of six, Dracovii pretty much grew up in Florida. Eventually, leading him to meet A Mills who is Supreme Patty’s close friend and business partner. They all ended meeting around 9thgrade and he stayed in contact with the both of them throughout their process of blowing up on social media. Dracovii said he would constantly send them samples of his music and they really liked it. Eventually leading to his now social media famous friend to sign him and help launch his career.

With over 200k followers on social media Dracovii is no stranger to social media either. Together the three of them have toured and performed around the U.S. Dracovii has been able to spread his music and increase his name in the hip-hop community. Keep a look out for the Shrimp gang artist and his music.

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