17 Year Old Bangladeshi Student Makes $3000 Per Month From Home

17 Year Old Bangladeshi Student Makes $3000 Per Month From Home

Most have heard the story of Robert Bruce the king of Scotland. He lost battles for six times but still didn’t give up. At the 7th time he won the battle.

This story gives us the lesson of not giving up even if it’s hard.

That was almost hundreds years ago. Fast forward to 2015 a bangladeshi guy named Masud Ashraf Taha wanted to earn money from online but no one gave him support.

He at first didn’t have a phone so he used to use his sister’s phone to browse the web. He started searching how to earn money online but most of the ways weren’t so easy. So he opened several youtube channels and started uploading videos. After 3 years of uploading videos he made only $100 from youtube and after 3 days his google adsense account was closed because he wasn’t 18 and wasn’t legal to do business.

He joined many competitions he learned graphics, music, art, coding everything he possibly could but failed several times to achieve anything. But finally after 3 years he got the chance to work with the United nation for the program hult prize.

After that he has worked with many companies more than 300 and he now earns more than $3000 every month.

But as he has earned enough he now is making a platform in Bangladesh which is for sharing skills with everyone and growing together.

It’s still on going but soon will be published officially in Bangladesh currently one of the biggest web projects by an individual in Bangladesh.

He thinks this will help others and Bangladesh will be a better place than before very soon.

Lastly he said:

“We share together, we grow together”

Media Contact Information:

Name: Taha

Email: [email protected]

Websites: https://www.homeacademybd.com/

TMtechbd: https://www.tmtechbd.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/taha_musweet?igshid=65dfkavu41vy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100038378692740

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