Technology Is Helping Nurses Keep an Eye on the Elderly

Nurses are a busy bunch of people. They have to undertake numerous calls from patients and doctors and make sure that they give the best possible assistance that they can. Situations can get worse when they miss a call light. A call light is a signal sent from the bedside button that patients press when they are in need of help.

Call lights are critical as they notify nurses of any emergency that the patience is facing. In order to respond to this call light, nurses have to be alert at all times. Sometimes they are not alert and this leads to a chain of consequences that include the fall of a patient.

Most hospitals have looked ahead in preventing these fall situations and that is where a health technology startup called Qventus has developed a smart program, which will prevent patient falls by taking records of their medical history and their current medical condition and use these records to predict the next time of the fall.

This program pulls in all relevant information such as the patient’s age, medication the patient is currently on, the last time the medication was administered, and so on. A computer algorithm then predicts the next time a possible fall of the patient is likely to happen.

The program also takes into the account the time of the day that fall is more likely to occur. Many falls do occur at midday when temperatures are on the highest. Patients who had changed rooms also seemed more vulnerable to falls.

The system works in the easiest possible way. The nurse will wear a “nudge” which is a special badge worn by nurses which remind the nurses to check on the patients after a significant amount of time.

The program has undergone tests in El-Camino hospital and has proved to reduce the number of falls due to lack of attention from nurses. With this success, the program will surely be adapted to more hospitals worldwide in the coming time.


You Do Not have a Reason to Fear Water on Your Cloth Anymore. MIT Invents a New Coating that is Waterproof

Do you imagine wearing a water repellent cloth? I know many people are fearful of water or more specifically rain. No one wants to be rained on; this is due to clothes being soaked by the rainwater. For many this is a fad, however, courtesy of MIT has invented a coating that will make fabrics water resistant.

According to Kripa Varanasi a Professor in MIT, “The challenge has been driven by the environmental regulators, because of the phase-out of the existing waterproofing chemicals.” To those who have come across this new technology have praised it. This is because they believe that it could be beneficial to cotton and silk.

The professor also added that “Most fabrics that are said to be water repellent are mostly water resistant. If you are standing out in the rain, eventually water will find a way into the fabric. However, the goal of this coating is to be fully repellent and with this coating is closer to achieving the goal.”

Presently, long chain polymers with per-fluorinated side-chains make water-resistant clothes. However, EPA is re-evaluating controls on the long chain polymers that have flooded the market. The problem with the long chain polymers is that it also consists of short chain polymers that study shows that they are not good water repellents.

This current technique by the MIT scientists is done by a combination of shorter chain polymer that has water repellent properties. In addition, it will be improved by adding some additional chemical dispensation and a different coating procedure known as initiated chemical vapor deposition.

Dan Soto an MIT postdoc said, “The major challenge was finding the sweet spot where performance, durability, and initiated chemical vapor deposition compatibility could work together and deliver the best presentation.”

Professor Kripa also said, “The process works on many different kinds of fabrics, including nylon, cotton, and linen, and even on non-fabric materials such as paper. The system has been tested on various kinds of fabrics and from the result, this technology can work better on fabrics.”

From all lab test of this new technology, it has been able to repel different types of liquids such as rainwater, espresso, sodium hydroxide, ketchup, and a number of acid and bases. With this new technology, I bet no one will ever be afraid of being rained on.


Does Single-Use Plastic Really Harm the Environment?

Experts are claiming that there has yet to be solid proof that the use of reusable bags may actually save the environment.

“We don’t know if they’re better and that’s the problem,” said Mark Anthony Browne of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Lately, discussions on the use of single-use plastic have been brought again to public attention, following the groundbreaking documentary of Australian journalist Craig Leeson, titled “A Plastic Ocean.” The said documentary depicted “how devastating plastic waste can be to our environment,” said a report.

“A Plastic Ocean” reported that half of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic produced annually is single-use plastics. Out of that, the Jakarta Post said, “eight million tons end up in our oceans every year.” To drive the point, the documentary used videos where animals such as dolphins and animal carcass were seen either having plastic stuck in its fin and died for having ingested plastic, respectively.

This has led to a worldwide campaign, sprouting in many countries, calling for the banning of single-use plastics.

Still, Browne countered this, saying that the issue is “whether the alternatives people are going for are going to be better.”

He also alleged that “for each of those scenarios we need to understand the likely emissions and impacts. We need scientists to go and look at that but scientists have been excluded from the conversation so it is impossible to find an answer. We need proper science so we know people are making the right choices.”

Meanwhile, well-meaning cities, companies, and fast food giants such as Starbucks and McDonald’s are still taking the lead in eventually banning single-use plastic, such as straws.

“These groups are responding to the public outcry demanding action against a product that, on one hand, seems very simple—but which is harming the world’s oceans, experts warn,” said the National Geographic.

Even the World Economic Forum has said that there will be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050, according to a report.

Environmentalists are also seeking to add another R to the famous slogan – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s Refuse.

The report said, “they want people to refuse plastics.”


There’s a Google Glass talk on the Cloud Next 2018 schedule

Google recently introduced a new segment to the schedule of an event Cloud Next conference 2018. Google’s new cloud glass technology will be among the agendas. The google glass edition enterprise is expected to making on this Google event. This event will be hosted by Jennifer Bennet and Plantain Anta Karni, representatives from google cloud.

Going with the old saying that there was nothing to literary do with ill-fated glass consumer we are familiar with, rather the talk is all about plantains and how to use google dialog flow to perform factory smart solution and personal backup solutions.

All the collaborations among plantain and google cloud to combine the topmost AI methods, manufacturing expertise and more so machine learning technologies in the drive of a future factory. In this first session, we will basically demonstrate on how google glass and Google’s dialog flow are all incorporated into the new patient’s factory smart solution in offering innovative managers and operators communication methods with the highly advanced digital assistance.

Interestingly, this is an event which Google will hold with a lot of relevance to the existing cloud. Google has also an Alphabet X’s head computer talk. The talk will be hosted in groups by representatives from CAMP3 which also mentioned a brief description of the Google cloud glass technology.

From the google glass to the Google cloud, farmers have now got millions of data points and vital images availed to them in seconds. In this event, you will generally learn how products like the Google cloud platform AutoML and TensorFlow conduct their fieldwork, and as well as ways on how you may use this platform across any of the industries in making a very profound difference in your business.

According to Google, the event will be launched live on the google news notification section. Taking into account this talk will be exclusive, then you need to check where and when this main event will take place. This will be the most exciting event to be initiated by Google in 2018 on its new development.




Researches Achieve Unprecedented Control of Polymer Grids

Synthetic polymers are found everywhere: nylon, polyester, Teflon, epoxy, and many others. They are composed of long and linear structures that easily tangle. Chemical engineers have for a long time been struggling to create a two-dimensional grid-like form of polymers but they have failed most of the times.

A trial of making such polymers came in the last decade in the name of covalent organic frameworks but the product was poor and the manufacturing process was hectic. A Northwestern University College is on the course of filling a century-long mystery by building the first successful COF has and control their development.

The researchers have a two-step development course that will lead to the production of natural polymers using crystalline, two-dimensional constructions. This will, in turn, allow chemical engineers to create new products that have amazing properties.

Low-quality COF’s have allowed for the enhanced use of polymers such as water purification, storing electrical energy and physique armor. Imagine what improved design polymers will be able to contribute to the world of synthetic polymers.

William Dichtel who is a professor of chemistry at North western’s Weinberg Faculty of Arts and Sciences has led the research.

The 2D COFs have long-lasting pores and excessive floors space as compared to the contemporary synthetic fibers. For the first time ever chemists have managed to design ordered 2D polymers that are arranged in repeating hexagonal shapes providing them utmost control over its properties.

With further research on the area still being done, scientists hope to create more structurally precise, layered macromolecular sheets that exhibit desirable mechanical, optoelectronic and molecular transport properties.

This unprecedented control of polymer grids is going to be crucial in developing more lasting and useful polymers that will go a long way in improving the way human beings use polymers.


How to Ensure a Successful Wellness Program with Wearable Technology?

Well, experts from the corporate wellness share merits and demerits of the wearable-based wellness programs and corporate health technology, along with the advice on enhancement and improvement of your organizations or company’s current fitness initiatives for employees.

Majority of companies may it be large or small are literary adopting programs on their employee wellness. This often challenges in their fitness and hence taking the wearable technologies advantage. These initiatives will basically help in increasing productivity, and minimize absenteeism and mostly lower costs on healthcare.

Nevertheless, these programs by the companies are subject to legal challenges, because there is always a possibility of improper implementation which when backfires, might change the scenario. Recently at San Francisco, a conference was held at Fitbit’s 2015 recent captivate, where various experts from different industries shared ways and tips, lessons learned and best practices they experience from the tied wearable wellness and fitness program.

In the multi-location conference which commenced in Chicago from 16 of September, about 130 participants attended. This conference was further pushed to 29 and finally ended on 13 October in New York. Below are some of the tips on ways to ensure a successful wellness program with the technology.

  1. Ensuring employees personal information is secure.

Emphasizing on this issue, organizations should assure the employees on securement of their personal data. Most employees generally hesitate in the production of personal data hence this organization should highly ensure employees’ personal data is secured.

  1. Going beyond and more so above in protecting employee’s data

This protection plans should basically take into account extraordinary measures in protection of sensitive information via collection with this wearable fitness and health programs.

  1. Stay up and ahead on relevant employee regulations

Companies and organization using these wearable programs should initiate clear data when it comes to issues related to ACA (Affordable care act) and more so potential compliance issues.

  1. Compare anonymous business goals and fitness data

This comparison makes it simpler for organizations to relate to employees abilities in performance when it comes to productivity.

  1. Do not overthink on the baseline
  2. Make it simple

This tips where collected and analyzed from the three conferences held by the different individuals and experts from different industries. Nevertheless, this tip would basically help To ensure a successful wellness program with the technology


Are we Alone in the Universe? A New Study Explains Why Fermi Paradox is Likely

Fermi Paradox may be true after all.

For years, the people’s resolve to find life outside the Planet Earth has driven them to stage space explorations and countless movies and books as well. But despite tremendous efforts exerted to find intelligent life form other than earth, all calls remain to be unanswered as of this writing.

Sadly, the calls may be left unanswered for a rather long time, if not forever.

A new research which reassess Fermi Paradox says that, “the possibility we’re the only one in the entire galaxy is way higher than assumed given the hugh number of possible home planets. The researchers found out that the chance humanity stands alone in the category of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy is 53%–99.6%, and across the observable universe is 39%–85”.

And thats not it another study by TechTimes concluded that, according to the information we have with us right now, there is a greater chance that humans are the only intelligent species in the observable universe or in the entire Milky Way at this very moment.

Fermi Paradox refers to “conflict between an expectation of a high probability of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and the apparently lifeless universe we in fact observe.”  The paradox is named after physicist Enrico Fermi, who, in the middle of a discussion of scientists on alien, asked, “where is everybody?”

Fermi is also known as the “architect of the atomic bomb” and the “father of radioactivity research.”



Why Meeting a US President is the Ultimate Aim of the Kim Family?

This meeting is the ultimate aim of the Kim family which eluded his head of the family for nearly 2 decades ago. It this same meeting which also his grandfather never accomplished.

Summary of this meeting.

North Korean head of state Kim Jong is looking to long stand and achieve his grandfather and fathers urge and which this two never managed in accomplishing. It is specifically a meeting which his and his grandfather eluded over 2 decades ago
It is a great achievement to head of state Kim Jong family dynasty to have a face to face and a one on one talk with the president of the United States of America.
Both North Korea and United States of America officials are still laying all the summit groundwork between Kim Jong and Donald Trump, which is officially set to be held on the 12 the of June which will take place in Singapore.

According to the amid negotiations, conclusions and debates have been raged on what type of concessions which North Korea may extract from united states of America in denuclearization return or more so to what extent the Pyongyang would go in surrendering its own nuclear program. But immediately Trump and Kim stepped in this same room, experts concluded that North Korea already has cemented to the ground its own victory.

Jean H. Lee, North Korea expert based at Wilson center in the US told CNN said that, and I quote, “summit with the US president is what any country in the world would really aspire, for a small country which technically speaking is still at war with the US, for its head of state to share the same table with the US president is a big deal.

“My grandfather and father would incredibly be proud seeing that North Korea has progeny established a legitimate state with the US on the world stage.” Said head of state Kim Jong. But this meeting with US president has acted as a boost which will basically give Pyongyang new veneer and respectability. “this meeting represents the majority of things including, North Korea is a state, that all its leaders are world leaders and the state is accepted all over the world.” Jim Hoare, a former expert in the British charge d’affaires said.

Though it is nearly impossible to read the power dynamics of the North Korea regime on the outside world, Kim is a leader who is set a power base which will rule for decades.


DJ WilSAF Makes A Huge Impact In The Music Industry

There are many well-known names in the DJ world – Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Tiesto and Avicii. However, DJ WilSAF has spent over the last 20 years certainly been making a name for himself as well with his exceptional mixing skills and ability… dubbing him another nickname – The Master Selector.

DJ WilSAF, whose real name is Wilmot Faulkner, found he had a love for music when he was just nine years old and a member of the Wesley Methodist Church of Sierra Leone choir. In 1996, he got a job as a radio broadcaster and DJ at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service now SLBC. Seven years later, he began his job at SKYY Radio 106.6 FM.

In this position, he worked as a Presenter/DJ, setting up and conducting interviews and live talk shows. He would promote Sierra Leone’s musical talents and helped editors with their daily programs. DJ WilSAF, wanting to branch out further in the musical scene, began his entrepreneurial career.

He is the CEO and founder of SELAKIFAU Limited now trading as 5iveGem Inc. and owns FusionSound Radio where he also works as a live radio host on Monday and Friday nights. And, if he wasn’t busy enough, he also works as a web consultant and DJs at wedding receptions and other events.


According to DJ WilSAF, there were several DJs that inspired him to go into music – DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kool Herc, Jam-Master Jay, DJ Nu-Mark, etc.

When he’s not working, the multi-talented artist loves to spend time or go on vacations with his family and friends – with one location he’d love to visit most of all is Brazil (mainly due to the Amazon River). DJ WilSAF also likes to just relax watching basketball, football or tennis matches. He’s an avid fan of Arsenal FC and the Boston Celtics.

His passion and unique DJ style, mixing and other skills have netted him a large fan base on three popular social media sites – Facebook (59,000+)  – Twitter  (45,000+) and Instagram (about 49,000). Check out his Instagram or Facebook page – WilSAF. His profile picture, which has garnered many hits, is of him with a pair of headphones on next to a mixing set up.