7 Fig Entrepreneur Dep Hart Shares His 5 Best Tips

7 Fig Entrepreneur Dep Hart Shares His 5 Best Tips

Dep Hart, a 24-year-old boy who earns millions with his own e-commerce Brands, shares his 5 best tips for you.

“Set goals and speak them out loud.”

Setting goals is really the most important thing of all. Materialistic goals and of course the way you think. Set goals, describe them in detail. What brand of car, what color, what engine, convertible or not, what model Rolex, what pool in your backyard, and so on.

“Focus on yourself and don’t look at others too much.”

This is really very important. There’s always someone going “faster” than you go, that’s just a fact. So just look at your own progress. Don’t look at this from day to day, but really from month to month.

“Hold on to a pattern.”

Yeah, it sounds clich√©, but it still is. Hold on to a pattern and don’t stop. Keep going and stick to your pattern. With a good pattern I mean: get up early and go to bed at the same time. Standard times for eating and exercising. Read 1 book a week, etc etc. Do you know what I mean?

“Giving up is NOT an option.”

As you read above, giving up is not an option. I myself went wrong twice with my business and it didn’t go well. I just started to give extra gas when I could have given up as well. But giving up is never the goal, getting rich and happy is. So every time you want to give up, think about your goals.

“Find a mentor.”

A mentor is very important. I myself have spent tens of thousands of euros on personal development and mentors. A mentor can speed up your process and save you from mistakes.

In addition to the above tips Dep Hart has given you, he has one more lesson for you.

“Don’t stop, always continue. Make mistakes, because that’s what you learn from.”

Want to know more about Dep Hart? Then take a look at his Instagram. 

There he gives a lot of tips. www.instagram.com/dephart

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