A doctor on a mission to “Break the walls”

A doctor on a mission to “Break the walls”

This doctor who is a rapper took everyone by surprise when he dropped debut his album Chapter One: The Prince Who Would Be King in 2007 and since then there was no stopping him, he “broke every wall”, every stereotype and made his way in the world of Hip Hop.

When asked about his latest song “Break the walls”, this prince of Hip Hop says that he wanted his audience to see the barriers that exist between the nations and people, felt that it is the most relevant subject to the world today and wanted to use Hip Hop to touch on it.

This “Man on a Mission” looks forward to touring the world and breaking the walls that people and nations have built-in their minds with his latest single “Break the walls”.

You can listen to the song here

& Buy stream download now! http://song.link/BreakTheWalls

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