A New Hope for the Highly Unemployed and Underpaid Engineers in India?

Mr. Turai with the former head of NASA, Mr. Robert Lightfoot

Akhil Turai, a multi-millionaire rocket scientist, and entrepreneur, during the past decade he worked very hard to bring his vision to life, thus becoming a multi-millionaire in the process. Aside from that, he also focuses on establishing new businesses and he uses his startup ideas to bring in new workplaces and better support and assistance to everyone out there.

He already traveled to 50+ countries all over the world, and he has a great understanding of world economics and the great challenges that countries face as they try to evolve. His new startup is mostly focused in the engineering industry. Nowadays India is full of e-commerce or IT startups, and there are quite few startups that focus on core engineering. If the market is saturated you need to come up with something new, and Mr.Turai believes that engineering is the future.

Mr. Turai in Houston, Texas

Most brilliant minds are migrating to other countries all over the world instead of staying in India. That’s why Mr.Turai wants to change this, because he feels that India needs to grow and evolve, and the country needs great engineers for that. Which is why he is compensating his hires with salaries that are equivalent to what they can find outside the country. His engineers can expect at least 2 lakh rupees per month. The engineers working for him will indeed be some of the best of the best in the world.

Unlike other startup owners, he is focused on skills and not degrees for recruitment. He does want to hire the best people out there, but his focus is on seeing what they can do. If they have the knowledge and they work hard to fulfill a project, then that’s everything they need.

The startup idea is already there, now the entrepreneur is perfecting it and he is working hard on handling all the backend stuff so everything will be ready when he starts hiring. The name of the company will be revealed soon. The backend tasks will be handled by the end of November, and the hiring process will begin early February 2020. If everything works according to plan, Mr.Turai’s new company will start working in 2021. 

He is a visionary that wants to connect with other Indian entrepreneurs in order to retain this amazing talent in our country and keep it here for the long run. The Indian citizens need high-quality services and tremendous value, but with so much talent leaving the country for a better paycheque it can be very hard to get that. On top of that, the Rocket Scientist also has 2 other startups, out of which one of them is modelling based while the other one is related to outer space.

Akhil Turai’s unique vision is set to encourage other Indian entrepreneurs to push the boundaries and just try to become better and better. Retaining local talent and not letting it leave the country is pivotal at this particular time. The potential is there, we just have to make sure that the talent is retained and there won’t be any problems. The payoff can indeed be huge, all we have to do is to encourage entrepreneurs like Mr.Turai to take the reigns and use their vision to reshape this country in a modern one with great possibilities for everyone!

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