Andre Ricks Passion For His Brand RAWiMPACT Continues to Drive Attention

Andre Ricks Passion For His Brand RAWiMPACT Continues to Drive Attention

Andre Ricks, the founder and owner of RAWiMPACT Lifestyle Brand has established his name in the sports and entertainment industry by working with the NBA and marquee television networks like VH1, MTV,  and FUSE TV.  Andre Ricks is a former division 1 basketball player and successful entrepreneur from Detroit, MI.   Andre Ricks versatility in business ranges from sports, fashion and entertainment. The RAWiMPACT Lifestyle brand continues to advance beyond sports with direct correlations to the entertainment industry.

Many television networks have seen the work he has done with other entertainers and they are impressed. He understands what it is like to be a young star with a dream. He was once in that same position before his success with his company RAWiMPACT.

The work he does with television networks conveys the strong connections he and the RAWiMPACT brand have built over the years. These connections were imperative to establishing the RAWiMPACT brand and are only getting stronger with his faith today.

He has been a long-time supporter of those in the comedy business. Growing up he loved the idea of people getting on stage and making others laugh. For him having the support of legendary and up and coming comedians is a dream come true. He said “I will never forget this story; I flew from Detroit to Denver just to support an up and coming I was working with and this comedian received a standing ovation! People can hate if they want, but they can’t say I’m not self-made”. This quote demonstrates just how much the support of great comedians means to him and the Raw Impact brand!

“John Witherspoon AKA Pops photographed holding up the RAWiMPACT shirt.”

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