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Looking younger is nowadays a goal for all women who are done with puberty. It’s like we’re going straight from teenagers to looking for anti-aging treatments. Or maybe it just feels like this because the 20s have a way of just vanishing in like seconds and it’s “hello 30s” all of a sudden.

Sometimes looking younger is a matter of attitude; other times is just picking the right outfit. But one thing is true for sure – if we want to look younger, we must dress according to our body type. Emphasize the physical strengths and mask imperfections. Also, it’s important not to wear clothes that are too short, too tight, or too transparent. Sexy clothes are great, but they also must be elegant and classy.
Are you ready to dive right into tips and tricks that you could really use to choose clothes to look years younger?

Shapewear for women

If you had one or multiple pregnancies, the chances are you’re not ecstatic with how your body looks now. And the same is valid if you lost some weight recently or if you’re carrying a bit more weight than you’d like. In short, for all the bulges that make you uncomfortable, there is one solution, and it’s called shapewear. With the right size of shapewear, you can do things you never thought are possible such as wearing a bodycon dress. Your waist gets an amazing definition, there is no cellulite in sight, and the thighs look slimmer and hotter.

It’s all in the color

If your goal is to look younger, the color of the clothes is crucial. Clothes that are very dark (black, brown, grey, kaki) can make you look older. At the same time, colors that are excessive, harsh bright such as red, yellow, green, and others, might make you look a little bit ridiculous.
We tend to associate both browns and greys, as well as bright red and purple, with women past a certain age, so better avoid them. What you should do instead is look for clothes in lovely, warm colors, preferably pastels. Colors like baby blue or baby pink, mint, peach puff, light
yellow, and others just like these are great choices that will take years off your face.

Go nude (for the handbag!)

While it’s not clothing per se, bags are essential accessories that can make or break the whole outfit. The black bag doesn’t go well with everything (as we were taught in the past), not if you want to look younger. Also, you can forget about matching colors for the shoes and bag. For a classy, cool, younger appearance, choose a bag that goes well with the clothes you’re wearing. A neutral color such as nude is a fail-safe option, so make sure to invest in one or two bags in light, pastel colors.

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Which Perfume Should I Wear on a Date?

For once, we will not differentiate the hot seasons from the cold seasons, we will remain generalist. The investment would be significant to have a perfume for the first summer appointments, another for the first winter appointments etc. Oriental perfumes, for example, are a very seductive family of perfumes, because they are often warm and sensual. However, beware; they can sometimes be too strong! This type of perfume is in principle the one that is best worn in winter. Indeed, they gradually become too bulky when the weather warms up, because they are too strong and too hot.

A perfume for the general public and not too strong

During a first meeting with your target, you should not try to impress her with your rarest or most expensive perfume, clearly, she does not care! Reserve your finest oud or rarest niche perfume for women. In addition, it will be better on this occasion to choose a fragrance that appeals to everyone. The world to the detriment of originality, wait later for a more atypical perfume. Obviously, there is no such thing as a perfume that 100% of people like, but at least we will make the effort to cast a wide net. The problem is that by opting for a general public perfume, you risk choosing a perfume that you smell too much in the street and which ended up making him boat and sickening your partner tonight, or worse wearing the perfume of her ex. It will therefore be necessary to avoid the latest fashionable male perfume that everyone is talking about. Avoid those that remain in the top 10 sales.

A last important point also, we are in the case of one of the rare occasions when one will make fun of the longevity of the perfume. And that’s not bad, take advantage of it! Indeed, the field of possibilities will be enriched with perfumes that we adore but that we do not put into everyday life because they only last 3 or 4 hours. When it is long, it is too long; your date should not normally last TOO long. So you do not need 10 hours of longevity, even if: who can do the most, can do the least. If this date goes well and you conclude on a second date, the choice will be directed towards more imposing, warmer and more sensual fragrances. We can then move up a gear, which we will see in a future article. Bet on a sure bet: a second skin scent that you are used to wearing will give you self-confidence. This is not the day to try a new fragrance, the evolution of which you do not know or that you have not yet adopted.

Opt for a juice with relaxing heart and base notes, which will help you not to let stress overwhelm you and which will not inconvenience your interlocutors. Avoid all heady perfumes, which could upset the other, or even give him a headache. And serve your cause! Prefer eau de toilette with citrus, fruity or aromatic notes, which arouse consensus. Created in 2001, Yardley’s “English Lavender” is an ode to lavender, present in the top and middle notes. Its aromatic notes immediately transport to the heart of the English countryside! Chloe’s “Lavender Flower Water” is built around a vaporous lavender and leaves a delicate musky trail. “Orange Blossoms” by Serge Lutes declines the fresh and relaxing notes of orange blossom, warmed by jasmine and tuberose.

Perfume and sun do not mix. The perfume indeed contains photosensitizing agents, which promote the appearance of brown spots and cause, in some cases, small burns. Therefore, there is no question of wearing your favorite fragrance during your vacation in the sun. If you still want to scent yourself in the summer, turn to fragrances specially formulated to be worn safely. Their outfit is fleeting since they do not contain alcohol, but they are not photosensitizing.


Having emerged as a popular fashion influencer fighting all odds is Lena.

Colours are life and Lena knows exactly how to use them to stay positive and vibrant.

People curse their luck if something goes wrong in their lives, specially when facing a medical condition. Incapability to do things due to health issues can get many minds slip into depression. There are some positive souls who in spite of facing major difficulties, tide through them and emerge as winners. They have the courage to stand up and fight for themselves, to finally achieve their dreams. One name that pops up when we think about such fighters is that of Lena who has come up to become a reputable fashion influencer and achieved her dreams, despite all setbacks in life.

“Colours are what makes life beautiful,” says Lena and that is evident by the colour and radiance her Instagram account exudes. Having tasted success as a fashion influencer apart from being a successful travel, health and fashion blogger, she has reached towering heights which many fail to scale. Her personal blogs are popular for their useful tips, advices and remedies related to health, beauty and fashion. Her in-depth know-how on multiple subjects makes her all the more popular and people truly appreciate her honest suggestions. You can find her travelling to exotic destinations and clicking photographs donning outfits which exude positivity through their vibrant colours.

Lena hails from Ukraine and migrated to the USA in mid 90s. Having seen a lot of difficulties healthwise she didn’t give up hope and marched ahead with a positive attitude. Facing a lot of medical conditions like Lyme disease, CFS, and POTS for years, which even made her wheelchair prone, she stayed positive. Surviving such adverse conditions would have been difficult for someone with a weak heart, but Lena fought it out bravely and came out as a winner. Today she stands as a true inspiration for all those women out there who take a step backwards with the fear to fail in life. A true motivation who has shone bright in spite of lives darkness. Having more than 2 million followers on Instagram shows that she has indeed succeeded and made her distinct mark.

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