The rising Producer ONEDAH

Baris Kolgak, known professionally as ONEDAH is a hip-hop producer with Kurdish Roots from Germany. ONEDAH’ foray into the world of rap and hip-hop began at the age of 14 when he began making beats and developed his writing and composition skills. He has worked for some popular German Artists like Capital Bra, Jalil, Motrip, Capo, Lx and many more. His style is influenced by Hip Hop Music from the 90’s & 2000’s. One of ONEDAH’s biggest inspiration in making beats is Timbaland.

In 2018, he gets in contact with the german producer Young Mesh who worked with a lot of big artists like Summer Cem, Kc Rebell, Apache, Mero and many more. ONEDAH worked with him as a co-producer on the Song „Ja“ from Motrip & Ali As Collabo Album Mohamed Ali. The Album has ranked 43 on the German Album Charts.

ONEDAH‘s second biggest placement is the Song „Quapo“ from the german Artist Noah, who dropped his EP „Diablo“ with 1 feature Guest Capital Bra. Capital Bra is one of the biggest Artists in Germany and got many Number 1 Hits and a lot of Awards. After this big Placement, more productions followed.

His biggest production Jayjo from the popular Artist Capo has over 30 Million Streams on Spotify and it‘s about to reach Gold Plaque. He‘s currently working with the Newcomer Cano on his Debut Album and many more projects.





Let’s Hear AFG (All for God) MUZIK and Their Sensational Journey So Far

For God MUZIK (AFG) is a stage which raises the voice and expression of Jesus and for them who needs their voices to be hear by Jesus. The stage is all over online media and can be reached using any and all means.

Since AFG MUZIK is exceptionally roused by the Jesus and Gospel, their interaction of making music is profoundly appreciating and worth sharing. The combination of torment, obliviousness, and dependence and any remaining emotions are made through the favors of Jesus and spread the word of Jesus. Beginning another task is, clearly, an incredible change as usual. They take numerous craftsmen on the lounge chair and the person who best fits in is chosen. Since they generally get overpowering reaction from craftsman everywhere on the US because of the incredible reason they serve.

We include it inside our souls to need to be extraordinary. However, when we give God the greatness to all that we do, we out of nowhere have given our lives meaning. None of our deeds is for taking a stab at the breeze, however for God’s magnificence. For when we are giving God the greatness, we are carrying on with our lives with reason, an8d hence, living the most joyful.

All greatness has a place with God. Regardless of whether we are eating, dozing, strolling, running, or in any event, washing, every last bit of it is for God’s brilliance. As Christians, we do the things we do to respect God, in discourse, yet additionally in real life. All that we do ought to mirror our deepest longing to satisfy Him who made us.

The first title of the service, nonetheless, shockingly was ‘Everything for God’yet the name had its other objective and was finished to AFG MUZIK which fitted impeccably to both thought and thought.


Real Young BOY just dropped his new single “Feelings” on all platforms

Real Young BOY is a 17 year old freelance artist. Without a manager, without a team, only helped by his family, his friends and his fanbase, Real Young BOY is clearly making a name for itself in the music industry.

In collaboration with the two young American artists “Yung Cyrus” & “Purpprxmi”, on a track mixed by Mattéo Carrico, Real Young BOY talks about girls, love, betrayals and toxic relationships.

Mixing rock and rap, this song can create a buzz on tiktok.


Steven Scope Pursues his True Passion of Music

Steven Scope is a one-person crew who is doing everything in his power to make his dreams of being a star in the music industry a reality—fueling his career with the capital gain he acquired while being a digital marketer. Steven is in the proper position to make the essential moves and begin his career.

Having recently dropped a handful of singles so far in 2021 and many more on the way, he has hit the ground running and is full force ahead. Big things are in the works for Steven Scope as the year goes on, and it is going to be exciting to see him grow as an artist.

There’s no telling just how far Steven Scope could take his music career. At the rate that he is moving at, it is only a matter of time before becoming one of the music industry’s biggest names.

Stream Steven Scope’s music on Spotify here.

Follow Steven Scope on Instagram here.


Washington Artist , Brev Scott Delivers With Long Anticipated Single “Summers”

Most renowned producers and DJs can attribute their success to perfect timing or through a collaboration with an already established artist. Seattle native Brev Scott is not like most. The 23-year-old producer and DJ have released yet another single for his debut EP “Lucid Universe,” in the track “Summers.” Scotts EP is as good as done and is waiting for for label approval for release. As for his freshmen album, we will see its release on December 21st, following his book announcement on the 20th sources tell us.

The smooth and melodic track was solely produced, mixed, and mastered by Brev. Clocking in at just under two minutes, Brev offers an eccentric bounce throughout the entirety of the track accompanied by some hard-hitting synths and guitar samples. “Summers” is yet another step in the right direction for Scott. The single is infectious and really sets the tone for the rest of the project.

Follow Brev Scott on Instagram here: @br3vsc0tt

Listen to Brev Scott’s song “Summers” below:


Singer George Dickinson is entertaining his fans and music lovers with his cool songs and raps

A singer and rapper is someone who plays with his or her voice and ensures that the audience and music lover gets the best. One such name is of Singer and Rapper George Dickinson who is competent in his work. He has come a long way in making himself a competitive singer and rapper. He was just 15 when he started making songs and raps along with singing on the stage and performing on various platforms and events. This certainly made him a competent man in the industry. 

He was brought up by a single mother as was his father was behind the bars for the murder charges. So needless to say that he had to face a tough time in his upbringing and he gave the best of his efforts to become a competent singer and rapper. He started doing rapping and singing at the age of 15 and even scripted the lyrics on his own. His talents were soon recognised as he started singing on stage and performing in local events. This prompted him to try something big, getting in a bigger domain. 

He started coming up with his own songs and albums and impressed everyone and one of the known albums included New Narcotics. It did give many to applaud his efforts and turned the table around for making him popular. Now, he is going great with his incredible singing style and is coming up with a new song called Go George. He is confident and excited that he would turn the table for everyone as he will be able to develop a good buzz around it.