Interview with Happy Cancer Survivor Sidharth Ghosh

What events lead up to your diagnosis, or, how did you discover what you were suffering from was cancer?

To my surprise and my family and friends shock, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in the right kidney one month after I ran a full marathon in Mumbai in Jan 2014. In fact, I played the first cricket tournament of my organization a week after being diagnosed with cancer.

On Feb 27 2014, I passed blood in urine which was an alarming situation for me (in medical terms it is called gross haematuria). The initial blood, urine and ultrasound tests conducted by doctors showed everything normal hence no one was sure as to why I was passing blood in the urine; in fact, it was only blood and no urine which I was passing. Surprisingly I had no pain anywhere, and this was something that worried doctors.

Once the CT Scan was completed the Radiologist confirmed a massive growth inside the kidney which is usually cancerous in nature and is called Renal Cell Carcinoma in medical terms. The growth was equivalent to the size of a golf ball residing inside my right kidney covering more than half of it.

Obviously, cancer puts your whole life on hold. Do you remember a specific moment when you were hit by this realization?

The feeling that you get is very difficult to put in words since this is something that you have heard of but could never imagine yourself or any of your near and dear one going through it. Once detected my first question was “Why Me” and soon I realized that I can lose this battle if I have options; so I left myself with no option but to fight and answered my question of Why Me to Try Me. More than yourself it is the fear and stress that you see in your parents and friend’s eyes who do not say anything but their eyes say it all. I decided it to fight it not only for myself but for them as well

Sidharth how long were you in treatment? What helped keep your spirits up and gave you support during this period?

I was in treatment for around 4 months with a lot of strong medicines and the time that took to heal the surgery site and the time it takes for the body to adapt itself since I had to lose a kidney, Ureter, Lymph Node, 3 Arteries, 4 Veins and some Peripheral Tissues. It takes time for the body to realize the forced changes before it accepts it and heals itself. Our human body has amazing capabilities and healing powers; we just need to be positive and respect our body. Needless to say follow the instructions of the doctors and take all necessary precautions and accept the required changes in lifestyle.

As now you are out of cancer, what you plan to do to help others fight this deadly disease?

I am closely working with Indian Cancer Society, CACI, Roko Cancer and CanSupport. I am an ordinary man, marathon runner and cancer survivor who is approachable through social media and blog. I have been running a monthly online communication program where I take each type of cancer-based on the cancer awareness calendar and share insights on how can it be prevented, what are the precautions and warning signals. I conduct one-on-one sessions for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to help them develop a positive outlook, I try my best to enlighten ray of hope and energize them to fight back. I strongly believe that cancer is not a dead end and my mantra is simple that “Let’s Fight Together”.

Sidharth Lastly, what advice would you like to share with cancer patients and their family?

I would like to say don’t lose hope. Cancer patients don’t need sympathy; they need motivation. I have seen patients in the oncology department who have lost all hope and are low in morale. You have to be with them and motivate them to fight it. You need to be positive about it and more importantly, the patient itself should be positive and live life king size. After all, God only gives such things to special people who have the courage to fight such an ailment. In the end as I always say only those people fail who have options; for you there is no option but to fight….

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“If Tariffs Are Imposed on Automotive Industry it will Negatively Affect the US Economy”, Senate Committee Says

Last Wednesday was a tedious day for the senate finance committee. This is because the proposed amendments to impose tariffs to the automotive sector has spiked a lot of concern from the US citizens and the automotive industry. This bill was brought up by Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown. During the committee hearing, the legislative director of the automotive industry in US Josh Nassar was present.

Josh said, “The bill by Sherrod Brown has good intention to keep automotive jobs in the United States.” When in discussion senator Brown said that he is not supporting General Motors verdict to stop the construction of its plant in Lordstown but they are in plans to go to Mexico to construct a new Chevrolet Blazer. This later led to questions by Sherrod who asked Nassar if General Motors plans is an evidence that our policies don’t encourage US-based automotive industry.

If this bill is signed into law then the American cars, American Jobs Act will have the automotive industries give their customers a $3,500 discount on every one car out of 100 cars that they produce. This senate meeting came days after Rob Portman met with Mary Barra the CEO of General Motors. The meeting by Rob and Mary was to convince her to invest more in the plant in Lordstown but she was not up for any of Rob’s persuasions.

Later Rob said that the meeting with Mary didn’t bear any fruits and was rather discouraging. According to Orrin Hatch, the senate finance committee chairman said, “If any tariffs are imposed on the automotive industry which contributes to 3% of Americas GDP it will negatively affect the economy.” In addition, during the meeting, Senator Rob also highlighted the negative effect of the misuse of section 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962 to the automotive industry in the US.

Automotive industries such as Honda that is based in Ohio has backed the Trade Security Act this was said by Rob. The executive vice president of Honda North America Rick Schostek said, “This bill will help shade light to how tariffs are applied,” He said this during the Finance committee hearing. He added that his auto industry is contributing positively to the US economy.

Another person who wanted clarification about this controversial bill was Michael Haughey the president and CEO of North American Stamping Group. This is after he had issues on a tariff that is to be imposed to the automotive industry will affect the price of vehicles. This issue was addressed by Portman. Furthermore, Haughey said that the price of a car will increase by averagely $2,000.


Village Pitched ’empty-nester’ Projects for Newark-Granville Road

This is an Institution which deals with projects and it has two development projects at hand now one for medical and the other one is for residential community which would need annexation from Granville township to the village.

The president and the CEO of the organization made a presentation to the council of a proposed medical facility. He said that the $5.3 million orthpedics and sports facility would bring significant health care to Granville and would also be a potential sports medicine provider for Granville and other area student athletes.The CEO also said that they are working so hard to make the organization not to look like an institution. He also added that the project has recent planning approval from commission of building and was reduced from two storey to one and has been given a new look of rural view with more natural lights.

While addressing council`s increasing concerns about mounting traffic  and development impacts, he noted that patient traffic would be staggered by nature itself and release arrivals of staff concerned with designs. This health project is being opposed by a residential plan where most people prefer the residential building compared to the health one.This drew more concerns and while addressing the concerns the CEO said that bringing up a residential would mean that one car will be added into the traffic after every 5 minutes and that thee two-bedroom apartment would mean restrictions to ensure the resulting units conform and fit to the stated plans.

The main objective of this project is to reach a CEDA that would layout terms and guidelines for an effort to dedicate Ohio 16 corridor for research and technology. It was agreed between stakeholders and the locals that the government must determine it`s `must haves` and `cant`t have in the agreement and come into a common agreement between locals and the investors.

In a meeting of board of education, it was agreed to have a commercial plan working there instead of residential plan. The discussions and debate about what shall be brought up as the final project is still on going and a final decision has not been arrived at.


Trump’s Planned Visit to Ireland in November Cancelled

Donald Trump’s plan to visit Ireland for the first time since he took office has been canceled. The Irish government on Tuesday announced this information citing it on scheduling. However, White House did not immediately confirm the cancellation. From a source Whitehouse was still finalizing plans for Trump’s Europe tour in November.

Trump had announced earlier in August of travelling to Ireland as part of a trip to attend the Nov. 11 commemoration in Paris of the 100th anniversary of the armistice that saw the ending World War One.

Various groups announced they would be staging protests during Donald Trump’s visit. This is in Dublin capital and his golf resort in the west coast village of Doonbeg where he had been expected to visit.

“The proposed visit of the U.S. president is postponed,” an Irish government spokesman told Reuters. “The U.S. side has cited scheduling reasons.”

Sarah Sanders, Whitehouse spokeswoman told reporters that no final decision had been reached. White House has not yet come up with a conclusive decision on this Ireland trip.

“The president will travel to Paris in November as previously announced. We are still finalizing whether Ireland will be a stop on that trip,” Sanders said in a statement. “As details are confirmed we will let you know.”

Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime minister, who as a cabinet minister opposed extending an invitation to Trump before changing his mind when he became prime minister, had described the trip as coming “a little bit out of the blue”, but argued on the essence of respecting the office of the U.S. president.

Ireland’s opposition Green Party, which had earlier opposed Trump visit, described the announcement and following cancellation as “erratic”


Why Meeting a US President is the Ultimate Aim of the Kim Family?

This meeting is the ultimate aim of the Kim family which eluded his head of the family for nearly 2 decades ago. It this same meeting which also his grandfather never accomplished.

Summary of this meeting.

North Korean head of state Kim Jong is looking to long stand and achieve his grandfather and fathers urge and which this two never managed in accomplishing. It is specifically a meeting which his and his grandfather eluded over 2 decades ago
It is a great achievement to head of state Kim Jong family dynasty to have a face to face and a one on one talk with the president of the United States of America.
Both North Korea and United States of America officials are still laying all the summit groundwork between Kim Jong and Donald Trump, which is officially set to be held on the 12 the of June which will take place in Singapore.

According to the amid negotiations, conclusions and debates have been raged on what type of concessions which North Korea may extract from united states of America in denuclearization return or more so to what extent the Pyongyang would go in surrendering its own nuclear program. But immediately Trump and Kim stepped in this same room, experts concluded that North Korea already has cemented to the ground its own victory.

Jean H. Lee, North Korea expert based at Wilson center in the US told CNN said that, and I quote, “summit with the US president is what any country in the world would really aspire, for a small country which technically speaking is still at war with the US, for its head of state to share the same table with the US president is a big deal.

“My grandfather and father would incredibly be proud seeing that North Korea has progeny established a legitimate state with the US on the world stage.” Said head of state Kim Jong. But this meeting with US president has acted as a boost which will basically give Pyongyang new veneer and respectability. “this meeting represents the majority of things including, North Korea is a state, that all its leaders are world leaders and the state is accepted all over the world.” Jim Hoare, a former expert in the British charge d’affaires said.

Though it is nearly impossible to read the power dynamics of the North Korea regime on the outside world, Kim is a leader who is set a power base which will rule for decades.


DJ WilSAF Makes A Huge Impact In The Music Industry

There are many well-known names in the DJ world – Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Tiesto and Avicii. However, DJ WilSAF has spent over the last 20 years certainly been making a name for himself as well with his exceptional mixing skills and ability… dubbing him another nickname – The Master Selector.

DJ WilSAF, whose real name is Wilmot Faulkner, found he had a love for music when he was just nine years old and a member of the Wesley Methodist Church of Sierra Leone choir. In 1996, he got a job as a radio broadcaster and DJ at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service now SLBC. Seven years later, he began his job at SKYY Radio 106.6 FM.

In this position, he worked as a Presenter/DJ, setting up and conducting interviews and live talk shows. He would promote Sierra Leone’s musical talents and helped editors with their daily programs. DJ WilSAF, wanting to branch out further in the musical scene, began his entrepreneurial career.

He is the CEO and founder of SELAKIFAU Limited now trading as 5iveGem Inc. and owns FusionSound Radio where he also works as a live radio host on Monday and Friday nights. And, if he wasn’t busy enough, he also works as a web consultant and DJs at wedding receptions and other events.


According to DJ WilSAF, there were several DJs that inspired him to go into music – DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kool Herc, Jam-Master Jay, DJ Nu-Mark, etc.

When he’s not working, the multi-talented artist loves to spend time or go on vacations with his family and friends – with one location he’d love to visit most of all is Brazil (mainly due to the Amazon River). DJ WilSAF also likes to just relax watching basketball, football or tennis matches. He’s an avid fan of Arsenal FC and the Boston Celtics.

His passion and unique DJ style, mixing and other skills have netted him a large fan base on three popular social media sites – Facebook (59,000+)  – Twitter  (45,000+) and Instagram (about 49,000). Check out his Instagram or Facebook page – WilSAF. His profile picture, which has garnered many hits, is of him with a pair of headphones on next to a mixing set up.


Apple Families’ Removing Children out of Screen Addiction!

As the technology progresses, the number of children suffering from addiction has increased. Apple has provided a new option for Families on its webpage to help children avoid screen addiction.
Through Ask to Buy tool, parents can block their kids’ use of apps and prevent them from buying new apps. Additionally an app management feature is provided so that users can automatically block in-app purchases. By blocking the purchase of apps by another feature, it may prevent pornography from being viewed. Moreover, the pre-approved Web site provides the option of their children to use. The Find My Friends feature on the same page is to get information about where their children went, how far they traveled, and how long they traveled.
“We’re continually designing new features to help make sure kids use them in the ways you want,” Apple states.
Health, privacy, and family sharing options are few of the extra highlights of the page. Apple has not done anything new by adding such a page but the page sure does keep all of Apple’s safety and privacy features into one place.
Apple has announced that iPhone manufacturers have been advised to take further steps to keep children away from screen addiction.

Restrictions on North Korea are Still in Place: Trump

The agreement was signed between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, But in a statement Trump has clarified that the restrictions on North Korea will still persist.

Trump said that North Korea does not intend to destroy all its nuclear weapons and we will ensure that the restrictions remain on them. “But did US give time to North Korea?” Such a question was made to Trump. Replying to a question Trump said, that for that they will have to give North Korea a lot of time. After a discussion with Kim Jong, Trump convened a joint press conference. But Trump again came in front of the media and he gave detailed information.

To check the authenticity of disarmament

Kim also talked about the authenticity of disarmament. There will be a squad for the authenticity of total disarmament. Including US and international officials. Kim also agreed to destroy the North Korea’s main missile inspection test site, Trump said.