New Zealand increases interest rates for the first time in seven years

New Zealand’s central bank has raised interest rates for the first time in seven years as it attempts to get control over property costs and inflation.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) expanded its cash rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 0.5%.

Economists had expected the hike last month yet the bank held off because of an outbreak of the Covid-19 Delta variant.

New Zealand is one of the first developed economies to invert rate cuts set up during the pandemic.

The RBNZ likewise said it intends to eliminate more stimulus measures as the economy keeps on recuperating.

“The Committee noted that further removal of monetary policy stimulus is expected over time, with future moves contingent on the medium-term outlook for inflation and employment,” the RBNZ said.

New Zealand has recuperated quickly from a downturn last year, incompletely because it figured out how to contain the Covid and had the option to start to return its economy before different nations.

The RBNZ last raised the expense of borrowing at its July 2014 interest rate-setting meeting.

It had cut its main interest to a record low of 0.25% in March last year to assist with supporting the economy against the effect of the Covid pandemic.

Central banks, governments, and international financial bodies had cut interest rates and siphoned trillions of dollars into the global economy last year to assist with protecting it from the impacts of countries going into lockdowns and shutting their borders.

The hike puts New Zealand among a handful of developed economies that have brought getting costs in recent weeks as central banks hope to wind back those crisis measures.

In August, South Korea became the first major Asian economy to raise interest rates since the Covid pandemic started.

The Bank of Korea expanded its base rate of interest from a record low of 0.5% to 0.75%.

The move was pointed toward aiding curb the country’s household debt and home costs, which soared in recent months.

Norway and the Czech Republic have likewise brought their borrowing costs in the last month.

Different countries are likewise expected to hike interest rates in the coming months. These higher borrowing costs will be passed on to people and businesses.


How To Start Trading In Stock Market?

Thinking of investing in stocks? Well, you are not alone.

With the recent trends changing and the digitalisation happening, the craze for investing in stocks has increased. The excitement of getting capital profits in no time is almost an addiction to all.

One common concern people have is- ‘Can anyone invest in stocks?’

The answer is yes!

Although, it’s preferred that before gambling your money in huge amounts, you take up a stock market course for beginners.

What is the stock market?

Well, companies liquidate the ownership of their company in the form of intangible assets called stocks. These are then traded for a value. These stocks help a person redeem the yearly or monthly profits which a company earns based on the current value of their stock.

People prefer to buy different kinds of stocks which carry different amounts of risk.

The fact that the return is usually higher than general and much safer investments is what makes it attractive. People want to jump in with investments and focus on return.

What one forgets is how ‘One man’s income is another man’s expenditure’.

Therefore, you can also lose a huge amount of money while trying your luck.

How to be safe while investing?

Well, safety and stocks usually do not go hand in hand. These are a subject of risk as the market is highly volatile and changes every minute.

One can still try and look over the past trends and patterns to get a basic understanding of how stock prices move. You can take up online stock market courses for beginners, as it will help you understand many more technical and clever aspects of investing which a layman may remain unaware of.

Why is there so much hype about it?

Honestly, something which people cannot completely understand but can feel will always be exciting. Many are still trying to figure out the working and patterns of the market  . Before one decides to settle and gamble, another trend pops up.

Nowadays, the trend of meme stocks is also a big hype.

Meme Stocks

These are stocks with no real identity but just a big name. They get famous over the internet and gain popularity. The initial rise in price is mainly because of increasing online interest of the public; there’s a high chance that the stock will lose its value once the hype goes down or the mob attention changes. So, while you’ll be able to make lots of cash in less time, there’s also a risk for greater loss, which is inevitable.

Should investors invest in Meme stocks?

Unfortunately, the solution to the current question isn’t black and white.

Investors should concentrate on those stocks because it’s crucial to know what smaller traders do. Though, discovering success through these unstable stocks is like playing Russian roulette and there may be a high chance you may not see a return.

The important thing while investing in meme stocks is to plan on how to sell out your stocks later.

Stocks As A Career

As the market is picking up, with the crazy hype amongst the youth, there is definitely a lot of scope in the stock market. Although, its high volatility would make you want to have a second job as well. You can be a guidance advisor or a trader and at the same time do a supporting part-time job. This will help you have mental peace as well as stability with money.


3 Things You Should Know About a Self-managed Super Fund

Superannuation is as important as any other financial tool in your arsenal. It can even be considered the most important since it will be your ticket to financial freedom when you cannot continue in the workforce.

But then, all that is left is to find the best strategy for you, and a Self-managed Super fund could give you exactly what you need.

SMSF is a superannuation fund unlike any other because you will also take part in the running of the fund. Financial experts handle other funds, and members of those funds will only see their money being invested for them. On the other hand, an SMSF includes you in the decision-making process, making it a popular fund option. But what can you truly get out of it?

On this page, you will learn more about SMSFs and why you should contact a financial expert right away to help you get started on this type of superannuation fund.

Hands-on Investing

If you are actually a member of an SMSF, you will have the opportunity to be hands-on during the decision making. If you want to have a voice on where your money is going, this type of fund is the right one for you. From investment decisions to the actual investing of the funds collected in the SMSF, you will take part in all of it as a trustee.

However, you will also need to comply with all the requirements needed when managing a fund. You have to keep track of all of your records to show that you are a responsible member of the fund. You also need to provide financial statements as well as the tax return file for auditing purposes. You can always ask the help of a financial expert for this.

Tax Exemption or Relief

There are instances when your capital gains will be exempted from income tax. Since you will profit from the funds being invested through your SMSF, you will have to pay tax. But in SMSF, if certain conditions are met, you can be exempted and receive tax exemptions.

For instance, once you start paying your pension or your super income stream benefits, you can claim tax exemption. As long as all of your assets are revalued, you can get the tax exemption for your SMSF gains if you follow proper procedures.

Contribution Claims

Although it is a self-managed fund, there are strict rules you have to comply with to ensure that the fund is managed properly. One of the processes you have to be careful with is contribution claims. You need to know several things beforehand if you are planning on accepting contributions from the fund.

As long as you have your tax file number, the right type of contribution, and meet the age requirement, you can accept contributions. You may also accept it once your contribution exceeds the capped limit on a given period. However, if you are still quite confused, you should enlist the professional help of a financial expert to follow the process correctly.

Deciding on a superannuation fund can be a daunting task. But it does not have to be if you have a financial expert to help you. Ask for financial advice regarding Self-managed Super funds so you can get the benefits of this type of investment.


4 Crucial Factors to Determine the Best Retirement Home Care Services

Taking care of the elderly has become one of the top priorities of society for years. Today, numerous options are offered to provide the best supervision for older people. Countries like Australia implements a comprehensive aged care system offering a wide range of services, including basic support to let older people live at home or in residential aged care facilities. The country also offers all-inclusive retirement home care services for those who want comfortable and safe living conditions in their later years. 

The latest data gathered by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 335,889 people have invested in residential aged care services as of 30 June 2020. This aged care option allows the elderly to enjoy an independent lifestyle under the close supervision of dedicated staff. If you consider this aged care service, here is everything you need to know about finding the right retirement home. 

#1: Choose the Right Location

When looking for the right retirement home for your senior years, picking the right location should be your number one priority. One of the first things to consider is its proximity to your family. You should want to find a retirement home that your loved ones can visit as often as possible. 

The retirement village must also be near suburban conveniences like healthcare facilities, public transport hubs, and shopping centres. It would be best if picturesque sceneries surrounded the retirement community.   

#2: Determine the Services Offered 

While all senior villages offer long-term care, you will find different retirement home care services depending on the facility that you choose. 

Some of the most common services that you will get from retirement homes include: 

  • 24/7 supervision
  • Nursing care
  • Daily activity assistance
  • Rehabilitation services (which include Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, and Physical therapy)

Other services offered by different retirement villages include recreational activities, regular social events, and chef-prepared meals. 

#3: Check Out the History and Reputation of the Retirement Community

When searching for the right retirement home care provider, you need to ask several questions to know more details about the facility that you plan to consider. First, you must inquire how long the community has existed and how many years the management and staff have been with the village. 

It will also help to do thorough research about the retirement community you plan to spend your senior years in. You must read different online reviews from the current residents or their families. If you find negative feedback, you can discuss it with the staff during one of your visits. The way the staff will handle an unfavourable review will say more about them. 

#4: Get a Feel of the Senior Living Culture

This factor is difficult to measure or describe. But once you find “the one,” it will be an ideal indicator to tell you that the village is right for you. Since it is hard to explain how to determine the right one for you, it would be best to visit several communities before deciding. 

Observe the community dynamics multiple times on different occasions. It is also ideal to evaluate if the residents and staff members are happy about their community. If every community member shows that you are welcome to be a part of their village, it could help you feel at ease and consider joining them. 

Finding the right retirement home village to spend the rest of your adult life in is crucial for every elderly. If you find the right village and aged care service provider, you can be assured that you will have healthy golden years ahead. 


Australia’s interest rate stays on hold at the historic low level of 0.1%

Australia’s official cash rate will stay on hold at the record-low level of 0.1 percent.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) today decided to keep the interest rate on hold in spite of analysis that generally low rates were “supercharging” the property market.

In his monetary statement, RBA Governor Philip Lowe noted rising property costs yet kept up with that inflation was not yet sufficiently high to legitimize an ascent in interest fees.

“Housing prices are continuing to rise, although turnover in some markets has declined following the virus outbreak,” Mr Lowe said.

“Housing credit growth has picked up due to stronger demand for credit by both owner-occupiers and investors. The Council of Financial Regulators has been discussing the medium-term risks to macroeconomic stability of rapid credit growth at a time of historically low interest rates.

“In this environment, it is important that lending standards are maintained and that loan serviceability buffers are appropriate.”

In a speech two weeks ago, RBA Assistant Governor Michele Bullock said the central bank had to slice rates as an economic driver during COVID-19.

“The Reserve Bank reduced interest rates to historically low levels and introduced a suite of other policy measures to lower funding costs and interest rates across the economy,” Ms Bullock said.

“The banks offered borrowers deferrals on their loan repayments. There were moratoriums on evictions and rent relief for businesses and households.

“The idea was that we were building a bridge to get us over the economic crevasse created by the pandemic.”

Notwithstanding interest rates holding at 0.1 percent since November 2020, the true pocket cost of Aussie mortgages might change over time.

Head of customer research at Finder Graham Cooke said the onus was on borrowers to lshop around for the best deal

“Data from the RBA shows that banks changed their rates seven times during the last stable period. Four of those changes were rate increases – any they may well do it again,” Mr Cooke said.

“Those who aren’t on a fixed mortgage rate should stay alert to any changes from their bank, as it could mean substantially higher monthly repayments.”


Mark Zuckerberg loses $6 billion because of major Facebook blackout

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp confronted a gigantic blackout recently that brought down all services presented by the organization for more than six hours. Albeit each of the organization’s social networks are back online, that didn’t prevent Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from losing more than $6 billion surprisingly fast because of the present blackout.

As revealed by Bloomberg, Facebook stocks were down almost 5% on Monday, and 15% down contrasted with mid-September. As expected, these numbers likewise influenced Zuckerberg’s worth, which finished the day at $121.6 billion. Zuckerberg has slipped to fifth spot in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the 500 richest individuals in the world. In fourth spot is presently Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates with $124 billion net worth.

Clients started experiencing issues with Facebook’s services (which incorporates WhatsApp and Instagram) around 8:40 a.m. PT. It wasn’t well before each of the organization’s social networks went totally offline around the world. A few clients went to Twitter and other social networks to complain about the blackout, which lasted more than six hours.

While the specific reasons that caused the blackout remain unclear, it appears to be that Facebook was influenced by a DNS issue that “wiped” the ways to Facebook domains. Indeed, even the organization’s internal network was influenced, which made the blackout much more and more complicated.

By 6 p.m. ET, both Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were back online.


Looking for a switch from a sports background to a highly paid corporate domain? Meet Mr. Calvin Fowler for the best solutions

Fowler Kay Group is helping people fight their everyday corporate problems and giving them the best solutions for a change. Fowler Kay Group, a one stop solution to your day-to-day corporate problems is in action to help people shift or switch from their sports background to a highly paid corporate job. They help people who belong from sports culture and are looking for a change in their career as in a shift into a corporate position by connecting them to various businesses as per their capabilities.

Former basketball star Calvin Fowler, now a prominent entrepreneur, was born in Columbus, OH. He graduated from Westerville North High school. Thereafter he attended Columbus State on a full basketball scholarship. After his sophomore season, Calvin had earned the titles All region team & Defensive player of the year and soon after that he was highly recruited nationwide with a ton of mid-major Division 1 schools and every high level NCAA D2 in the country.

Later, he transferred to Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky to stay close to home. After two successful seasons with the Knights he signed a 2 year contract with London Leopards of the English Basketball League (England) where he was the team’s leading scorer and finished top 3 in MVP votes in the league. Things weren’t easy when he returned home in the off season, he suffered a torn groin after playing in a local basketball tournament in his hometown. It made it difficult for him to continue with Leopards for his second contract year, it was a halt in his career. Calvin looked at this as a blessing in disguise as he decided to finish his bachelor’s degree back in Louisville at Bellarmine University. Along with that he prepared himself for making his return to the hardwood.

Post his recovery, he signed with a team in Amman, Jordan and backed his name as the second leading scorer of the team. His last season was played in Rwanda (Africa) wherein his performance was amongst best. As everybody’s journey takes a turn, his was quite similar to that, he shifted from an elite athlete to an elite business man. Calvin turned out to be one the best sales directors in two prominent companies on the West Coast; Enterprise Holdings and IWG.
After several years of growing in the market, Calvin decided to start up his own business of employing athlete minded individuals into the corporate sector. People who belong from the sports background and looking for a shift into the corporate world, FKG is best for your career!

His company Fowler Kay Group (Consultancy) connects former athletes to corporate clients. They provide not just any talent but ‘athlete minded’ people to the professional world. This helps the firms to directly employ people who are leaders, committed, enthusiastic and are dedicated and self-driven. These qualities are the few which every corporation looks forward to in their employees. In addition, the Fowler Kay team members all have an athletic background combined with corporate experience which makes them well equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required to help their clients navigate their way throughout their journey in the corporate world. So, if you are looking for the best consultants in the game… Fowler Kay Group is your one stop destination!


American Airlines is presently expecting workers to be vaccinated

American Airlines is joining a few different transporters in requiring its representatives to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a letter to representatives on Friday, Chairman and CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom said that workers situated in the U.S. what’s more, some worldwide group individuals would have to get vaccinated.

The leaders clarified that the prerequisite originated from the organization’s arrangement as an administration worker for hire because of its contribution in freight contracts with the Department of Defense and work with the City Pair and Civil Reserve Air Fleet projects. Last month, President Biden ordered COVID-19 antibodies for government laborers.

“While we are still working through the details of the federal requirements, it is clear that team members who choose to remain unvaccinated will not be able to work at American Airlines,” the two airline executives said in the staff memo. “Team members who cannot be vaccinated because of a disability or sincerely held religious belief can request an accommodation on Jetnet.”

Their letter didn’t determine a course of events for workers to be vaccinated, nor did it notice a possibility for representatives to get consistently tried. The leaders referenced that while the government mandate “may be difficult” for the individuals who picked not be vaccinated at this point against COVID-19, “it is what is required of our company, and we will comply.”

A few other airline organizations — JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines — have likewise recently let their representatives know that they will be needed to get the vaccine, given their work as government contractors. The two organizations are expecting workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine by Dec. 8.

In August, United Airlines became the first major carrier to require its 67,000 representatives to get vaccinated.

“We know some of you will disagree with this decision to require the vaccine for all United employees,” United CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart wrote to staff in a memo at the time.

“But, we have no greater responsibility to you and your colleagues than to ensure your safety when you’re at work, and the facts are crystal clear: everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated.”


Bitop is Changing the Way We Trade in Cryptocurrency

Singapore, October 2021 – Bitop’s technology has been capable of stretching further by providing applied science that has opened the door to other forms of wealth such as privacy, decentralization and safety from third parties. The highly secured crypto exchange has integrated a social trading system which allows users to copy any trading strategies from professional traders, minimizing the risk and losses.

Moreover, their first-class technology grants access to its own Blockchain which ensures ease of trade, allows scalability and concedes users with a friendly trading environment.

The platform offers exclusive trade learning resources which allow people with little or no trading experience gain access to great educational resources which will help them scale their trading skills and boost profitability.

Furthermore, with its own Blockchain, Bitop is redefining the meaning of wealth in a society that has experienced changing values in the wake of the recent health crisis where technology will emerge as a disruptive force across a wide range of industries.

BTOP Token

With a total supply of 2 billion BTOP tokens, the digital exchange platform has revolutionized lending, consumerism, business models and security with its own business value transfer medium circulating on the platform which has the dual functions of payment method and identity marking in the Bitop ecosystem.  At the same time, Bitop offers an affiliate program where users can earn a certain portion of their referred user’s transaction fee as commission. The portal follows a tiered rebate ratio for its members and the cap limit is fixed at 15%.

The underlying ethos of Bitop has been to decentralize power away from central banks through digital finance, making technology a driving force in a post-pandemic society that’s becoming increasingly wary of leading institutions.

About Bitop

Founded in 2018 and with offices in Singapore, United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Bitop Exchange is a robust digital assets trading platform which is fastly becoming one of the most renowned digital assets exchanges. It supports CFD trading, Margin trading, Spot trading and many more.

With a diverse ecosystem that includes an exchange platform, a new cryptocurrency as well as an e-wallet system, it grants customers the best environment to trade and increase the effectiveness of transactions. The platform is managed by a team of professionals with plenty of years of experience in the financial industry and who are ready to take the platform to the highest global standard.

Make sure to follow Bitop Exchange and not miss any of their special offerings and latest news:






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Ford found sellers offering up fake Bronco clients, and it’s had enough

There’s no denying the way that Ford’s resuscitated Bronco SUV has been a success, with well more than 200,000 customer reservations and huge loads of media coverage. What has been to a lesser extent a hit is the Bronco’s slow roll-out, which has left individuals so anxious for Broncos that they’re willing to pay way above sticker on the off chance that they can get one at this point.

As per a report published on Tuesday by Jalopnik, this has led Ford sellers to do some dirt with the expectation that they can get more Broncos ASAP. What sort of soil, you inquire? All things considered, what about making up fake clients to build their Bronco allocations? However, presently Ford is onto them, and it’s had enough.

To battle this sort of gaming of the system, Ford has carried out a policy of coordinating with client names to client deliveries through a system called the “2021 Bronco Customer Name Match Audit and Integrity Policy Reporting Platform.” This platform helps enforce Ford’s new principles, including the one that says that 60% of Bronco sales should come from vehicle reservation holders as opposed to simply any geek off the road.

Yet, imagine a scenario where these tricky and ambitious dealers keep on attempting to cheat the system. All things considered, there’ll be ramifications. The second offense will get the culpable vendor an admonition. The subsequent offense will make them lose all Bronco assignments for one month. A third infraction will see the dealership’s sales manager battling to the demise in a post-apocalyptic Thunderdome-type circumstance – or maybe not. In reality, the dealership will lose its Bronco allotments for three months.

This sort of flim-flammery isn’t new to American car dealers, especially those selling vehicles from the Big Three. Huge dealer markups over the MSRP of the vehicle are tragically the standard, and if this most recent case of “the customer comes last” shows that this conduct isn’t probably going to change anytime soon.