Eghe Nimose releases “Let You Go”

Eghe Nimose releases “Let You Go”

In our quest to discover new acts and waves, we ran into a certain Nigerian musician by the name Eghe Nimose whose video “Let You Go” on YouTube got our attention.  The song is a dancehall and dub music with great melodies, rhythm, and verses.

We dug deeper on the net and discovered interestingly that, since the release on April 7th, 2020 the song has ranked up thousands of views on various social medias and stores and still increasing. The audio and visuals were produced by a certain RDM Studios, and the song was released under the management of StarCloud Records.
Since he is the new guy on the block, not much is known about him but from his official website we were able to get this information:

Eghe Nimose is a Nigerian musician, producer & cinematographer. His style of music is related to Congolese Rumba and Jamaica Dub music. He called this combination “RumbaDub” and sings mainly in English and Benin dialect (of Edo State – Nigeria) with a little of French, Jamaica Patois and Lingala Congolese.

We were also able to find out how he came about the RumbaDub sound:

His Uncle Vincent was a huge fan of Dub music in the early 90’s, he was a big time fan of lovely sounds from the likes of Chaka Demus and Pliers, Lady Patra, Shabba Ranky and Lucky Dube. This has a huge influence on his taste and style of music today. Although, along the line, he fell in love with Congolese Rumba when he first heard of “Eternellement” by Koffi Olomide Feat. Fally Ipupa in 2016. Like a starved soul that has finally found comfort, he sourced the net for all Rumba music he could find, he discovered other greats from Ferre Gola to Papa Wemba to TP OK Jazz, Maduli System and more.

he decided to form a genre that embraces both genre (Rumba and Dub music); RumbaDub. So mainly, his music are either a Rumba or Dub release. RumbaDub has several uniqueness which include soulful vocals and verses irrespective of the theme of the song or tempo, a heavy presence of bass and guitars, and in most cases, a swift musical progression (to another type of beat) at about 120 seconds into the song. Most of his Rumba releases are in this form and with these attributes. When it is slow, Tempo is usually around 68-69 BPM then after the switching, it goes to 71 (two BPM added).

The Abuja-based Nigerian artist is slowly but gracefully creating a wave of new music, different from that which the country is known for; Afrobeat. Will his RumbaDub sound take over the continent and the World like Fela Anikulapo Kuti did with Afrobeat? Are we going to be seeing more artists and musicians in this new genre? These are questions we only leave for the future and fate to answer.

The debut single “Let You Go” can be seen on YouTube:

You can also connect with Eghe Nimose on social media:

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If you know of any new artist creating a new wave you want us to review, push it to us. For now, Watch “Let You Go”, get the song and let us know what you think or know about this dude on the comment section.

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