German Rapper Primix fights pain with music!

German Rapper Primix fights pain with music!

Primix is a German Artist and Youtuber who became known through his music and videos on YouTube. The 20-years-old German has been making YouTube videos on his “Primix” channel since he was 14.

Today he makes certain music. Especially his lyrics get under your skin! Primix, whose real name is Valentin Hamami, was 17 years old when he was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease “Crohn’s disease”.

While on vacation in Asia in December 2016, he had his first experience of the autoimmune disease. Back in Germany, he went to Lübeck’s University Hospital at the beginning of 2017. His normal life as a young adult came to an end for the time being.

“Music was a great way to balance the illness. I forgot all my worries.” (Valentin Hamami, Germany). Even if this statement is positive, his life is not always influenced by joy.

In his song “Mama Please don’t cry”(Mama bitte wein nicht), which has more than 50,000 views on Youtube and several thousands streams on portals such as Spotify, Primix speaks openly about the bad times in his life.

Valentin manages to connect modern melodies with his own lyrics. Not everyone can do that!