It’s Called Fashion – And Strong Dedication

It’s Called Fashion – And Strong Dedication

Abraham Adegeye started sharing his styling on social media years ago when he was still a teenager. His hobby and passion turned into his full-time profession after graduation.

A lot of people who get to work with big names in fashion such as Nike, Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Diesel, H&M, About You, Fossil, Vans, Converse, and Pacsun have to wait a fair bit into their career, but Abraham Adegeye has already worked with all of the above and is only 24!

If you don’t know him, Abraham is a fashion influencer who shares his latest fashion choices with many followers. He does this with all the channels you would expect such as Instagram and a personal blog. He also creates videos for a YouTube channel.

When he started uploading it was just a hobby. Naturally, as a person with success in his industry, he has thought about launching a business, however, for him, inspiration comes before selling and his main goal is to inspire. Perhaps he will launch a business at some point, as he has been brainstorming ideas, but for the moment he wants to remain focused on his career as it stands.

One of Abraham’s many highlights is when he participated in a major campaign for Sprite. This explored the topics of cyberbullying and diversity and was featured on TV as well as placed on an app that featured on thousands of YouTube videos. At the time it received a lot of local and national press.

Abraham, in his chosen career path, has a lot of competition, but he seems very adept to deal with the competition. As he says, there are many who like the idea of success and attention but do not consider the work required to get anywhere, he clearly understands the work and has worked hard to
get where he is at such a young age. There are always a lot of up-and-coming talents to watch out for so he admits you are kept on your toes but he says the trick is to keep up to date whilst staying unique. As this industry has grown he points out a change he has noticed, what once was a smaller
more supportive circle is now a much more money-led industry where people are not so welcoming to others’ success. But he is keen to continue to do what he does in his own unique way through, sharing his fashion and giving plenty of inspiration to his fans.

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