Jahidul Hasan’s Journey in the Music Industry

Jahidul Hasan’s Journey in the Music Industry

Who is Jahidul Hasan? The first person to answer such a question was the young inventor of the music industry in Bangladesh.

Jahidul Hasan was born on August 6, 1995 and is a Bangladeshi music composer, entrepreneur, social media influencer and writer. He is regarded as a portable digital brand-maker for various media house individuals and organizations.

Jahidul Hasan is a talented musician. Jahidul Hasan is best known for his music. His music has something to do with R&B and rap music. On top of being an artist he is a writer, social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Jahidul Hasan explained why he decided to enter the world of music. Although his passion is most valuable to him, he tries to create more and more original songs for music lovers around the world. The artist has shared that a new single of his will be appearing soon and it is going to be very dark.

Jahidul Hasan’s music revolves around people and their daily lives. He finds peace in music. From the lyrics we get a picture of the life of the people of Bangladesh. Their primary inspiration was the desire to influence life around the world through music.

Jahidul Hasan created an organization called “Jahid Music Tech” for the common people. “Jahid Music Tech” mainly provides music supply, music analysis, music production, recording, music publishing and music marketing. And right now, his life is changing. His dream became even bigger after managing this company.

Jahidul is always against others, many try there before the label is smoothed, the part everyone is waiting for means, on some occasions I have seen 5 different labels fight for a job, fight bids!

Jahidul Hasan said, “It is important to work hard but one must know when and how to take the right opportunity which will help them to grow.

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