Kirti Sourove : Young Musical Artist, Breaking Boundaries in the Tech Industry

Kirti Sourove is a compatible person in the Digital sector of Bangladesh. He has been working since last 9 years as Cyber Security specialist , Tech Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing Consultant, And Musical Artist. Sourove is also Google certified Digital Marketer. He also recovers hacked Facebook pages and groups of Individual or companies. Not only he worked for his country’s companies but also for International companies at this young age. To name some- Global Education Management ltd as Chief Marketing and Security Strategist, Cinematography and Photography Company : Dreamy Weeding; ATC (Android Toto Company) country’s leading tech review channel and so on.

Sourove expressed his love for Music to us while the interview. Even though he’s occoupied with his works and study he makes time for his passion, Music. He says, “When I spend time for music I feel more pumped for better work. It genuinely makes me ecstatic”. He also shares that recently he worked on a movie named ‘Chhalaang’ as a Music Director. We were elated to admit that he’s so talented and hardworking enough. Sourove thinks, Digital marketing should be one of the primary focuses of any company’s marketing strategy. Previously there was no way to stay in such consistent contact with customers and what else does offer the level of personalization that digital media can provide. The more we can embrace the possibilities of digital marketing, the more we’ll be able to realize company’s growth potential to take the Business on another horizon.

When asked about being a Tech Entrepreneur Sourove states that, “It’s someone who idealizes thoughts in technology. Like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs they all are Tech Entrepreneurs. I aspire to help the world by creating something too.” He also emphasizes why cyber security’simportance is on the rise these days. Because now our society is more technologically reliant than ever before and this will not change. Data leaking that can result in identity theft are now publicly posted on social media accounts by the hackers. Many companies are under constant threats due to this.

According to Kirti Sourove it’s required for the youths to join the IT sector as it’s evolving in a great pace and more skilled manpower is required. Choosing this over conventional education or job won’t be that bad. It may help Bangladesh get more flourished and developed as the future is youths of the Nation. In this century it’s important to keep up with other countries in every sector. We definitely hope journey of Kirti Sourove will inspire other youths to take a step on this flourishing yet challenging career.