Making it huge as one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Hungary is Cornel Herold.

Making it huge as one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Hungary is Cornel Herold.

He makes 7-figures annually through his five successful apps and teaches people how to do the same without the knowledge of coding.

A quick look around us will let us know how the younger brigade has been putting every possible effort to reach beyond boundaries in their chosen industries and making a name for themselves all on their own by believing in their dreams and going under the grind to do the unusual. It is great to know that people, especially teenagers, have come forward to take risks and challenge themselves to attain a unique level of success, going ahead even the established names of their industries. We came across one such high-performing and talented individual from Hungary, who is all of 18 years of age and still has gone ahead in creating milestones in the app industry as an entrepreneur and app creator, who now also coaches others to do the same without the knowledge of coding; he is Cornel Herold.

At only 18 years, Cornel Herold has managed to earn over 1 million dollars with his five apps that were made within one year. These apps by him have been published on Google Play and Apple Store and is a feat no other teenager has achieved so far. His early success encouraged him to turn to the coaching business with his mentorship program to help youngsters do the same within a shorter period of time. What has made him stand apart from others is also the fact that he has been teaching how to do this business model without any coding knowledge. He highlights that there is no experience required and anyone who has a couple of hundred dollars and a laptop can start out with the same from anywhere in the world.

Cornel Herold has worked with all kinds of businesses before he began with creating apps; however, he saw the potential in the app business and jumped into the same. He created the App Formula Masterclass, which is an online educational programme that helps people launch their profitable app. It teaches them from coming up with an idea to marketing the app to helping them create revenue. They have been working with the aim to help people reach success in the app business without any coding knowledge or any investment.

He currently has a team of 12 people who help him improve the program and his students. For him, a productive team is crucial in the success of the business and also holds meetings to maintain great relationships with each other. His biggest success so far is teaching 100 people through his program and he believes that he was born to teach and share his knowledge with others and will also continue to do so for a long time.

To find out more about this truly talented teenager entrepreneur and coach, follow him on Instagram @cornelherold and visit his website,

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