Meet Daniel Oche Onoja, the young Network marketer, rising high with his exponential success in the vast industry of MLM

Meet Daniel Oche Onoja, the young Network marketer, rising high with his exponential success in the vast industry of MLM

His grit and passion has led him to become a leading young network marketer, excelling in the field of digital financial products.

No matter how much we ever speak of how so many young business minds have come to the forefront of different business industries, it still feels it’s less spoken about. This is true because of the tremendous potentials these youngsters show in their work and the determination with which they keep excelling at it.

One of such young business minds is Daniel Oche Onoja, a high-performing professional who with his astute skills and passion is changing the face of the industry of network marketing for forex and cryptocurrency even for the better.

Daniel was born in the North-Eastern state of Borno in 1989 and was raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He stayed with his parents for 18 years and completed his primary and secondary Education in Lagos Mainland between 1995 and 2006.

As a teenager, Daniel always felt an unusual inclination towards the world of technology and the internet. In 2005, he got introduced to forex trading for the very first time by his friend Prince Saidu Abubakar. Along with this, young Daniel also got to know about network marketing in the same year from the mother of this same friend of his who was at the time a distributor with an American health & Wellness Network marketing company but he didn’t do anything serious with the concept until after his University Education.

To learn more about computer and technology Daniel enrolled into Wimax Institute of Computer Technology after completing his secondary Education in 2006 as he was preparing to advance his Education in the Tertiary institution. Learning through the process and gaining more insights into the subject, Daniel went towards web application and software vendoring, computer hardware repairs, software installation and maintenance. By the year 2009, he went ahead to pursue a University degree from the University of Abuja.

The world of financial technology was where his heart was hooked onto and hence, Daniel began exploring many other opportunities within the industry in 2015. He thought of combining his interests in digital financial products with that of network marketing.

When it was time to sharpen his skills in network marketing and become a professional, Daniel joined the Global Lifestyle Entrepreneurs where he met his mentor Paulo Tuynman, under whom Daniel has been an active leader learning and honing his skills.

It was Paulo’s recommendation that led Daniel to join the top Global financial technology company that provides online banking, Forex, and cryptocurrency trading services in over 100 countries of the world. This company is one of the leading MLM companies in the industry and the only one that has a private bank in London, which is fully regulated by the FCA, providing global banking solutions using online banking services across continents.

Today, Daniel is an influential network marketer and leader who also provides financial education by sharing the Omegapro opportunity each passing day with a team strength of over 20,000 happy members from Africa, UK, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at

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