Meet Hridoy Ahammed Shanto: The Upcoming Budding YouTube Content Creator

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms in the current generation especially for youth to showcase their talent. But on the other hand it is the most competitive place, where it is highly difficult to make your own identity among millions of people. We see numerous videos on YouTube and it’s very tough for any Youtuber to win the audience’s heart by overcoming all the critics and harsh comments. Have a glimpse of Hridoy Ahammed Shanto whose journey as a successful Youtuber will amaze you.

Hridoy Ahammed Shanto in his initial days, didn’t have any idea about shooting a video. So, he had a glance of all the famous personalities of youtube and tried to learn and gain some knowledge by watching their videos and started his own channel on YouTube. Firstly, he started recording videos on his phone with the help of a selfie stick, he also took help from his friends and sister for recording his video. But he was very intimidated by the audience and no one supported him and also made fun of his videos which made him feel de-motivated. So, he just took some time off from the social media world and stopped making videos and started concentrating on his studies and took admission for mohammadpur govt college. But life took turns again and his new friends realized his talent and came to know about his passion of being a most popular Youtuber and encouraged him to start all over again.

As Hridoy Ahammed Shanto was par excellence in his academics due to which his parents always thought that he would end up being a Doctor or engineer. After his completion of his school, he took a drop of a one year for preparation for IIT. But Hridoy always wanted to do something unique and productive as he used to write rap, so he thought of making music, but he did not have proper equipment and how to release a song, most importantly was not having adequate budget due to which he dropped the plan. He was an amazing cricketer too but due to financial constraints at home he could not pursue his cricketing career.

But today Hridoy Ahammed Shanto has gained tremendous popularity and recognition through his core work of content creation and of being a successful Youtuber. All these obstacles have propelled him to garner more than millions of followers. He sets a true example of never quitting in life and let his skills and creativity do all the talking.
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