Meet Jahidul Islam Jahid: A Blooming Flower of Entrepreneurship, Musical Artist & Founder of “JAHID MEDIA”

Jahidul Islam Jahid an opportunity creator in music, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship
The music industry of Bangladesh got a new touch evolution with a combination of traditional music and advanced technology.

The new age of technology has brought an opportunity for the young generation. Jahidul Islam Jahid is an ambitious Bangladeshi Young Man who has taken the opportunity and proved his worthiness as a modern entrepreneur and businessman as well as a successful musician.

Jahidul Islam Jahid has brought a revolutionary change in the musical industry of Bangladesh through mixing modern technologies and western instruments with traditional Bangla songs. He is walking on the path of music from his childhood. He has been working in this industry as a successful musician and an entrepreneur through Jahid Media. Many young people are coming to him to develop a career in the music industry. Successful use of digital technology has provided him with an opportunity to be an entrepreneur in Bangladesh.

As a digital entrepreneur of Bangladesh Jahidul Islam Jahid is a self-learned entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry of Bangladesh. He has learned basic knowledge of digital marketing through several personal initiatives and actions.

An opportunity that has been created because of the advancement of technology has been properly utilized by him. Jahidul Islam Jahid is a 29 years old young and energetic person who is composing music also. Passion for music has become one of the most important factors for introducing him as a celebrity in Bangladesh. A very good presence in social media has recognized his acceptance to a great extent.

The understanding and knowledge about a wide range of opportunities in the online world have created a wide scope of building a career as a successful entrepreneur and business person. Very deep knowledge and consideration of music have contributed. His interest and dreams have become reality with the long-lasting ocean in the digital technology-related industry as the youngest digital entrepreneur of Bangladesh.

Jahidul Islam Jahid is considered a tone-hearted person for identifying opportunities, take risks and face challenges with his continuous efforts and hardworking. Self-learning and fast learning skills have helped him to manage such a glorious position both in music and business.