Musical Artist Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel on the Power of Mindfulness in His Career

Musical Artist  Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel on the Power of Mindfulness in His Career

Bangladesh has some achievements of its own; There are some distinctions, and there are some brilliant people to be pleased with those that have taken themselves to the heights of skyscrapers within the radiant vastness of action and personality. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel, an enlightened man, eminent education reformer, education entrepreneur and visionary of recent education, Success are some things that occupies a neighborhood of each human need Since 2016, the general idea of upper education abroad has started within the capital Dhaka. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel worked tirelessly for the implementation of Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel Education for All.

Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel, with the theme Education for All, has pledged to market peaceful education. Dear Reader, we’ll now attempt to determine about this talented personality, one among the simplest education entrepreneurs recognized by the planet Education Congress. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel, the founding chairman of the Zadsmedia and head of the GreenBangladesh group, a technology-based modern education reformer, was born on March 15, 1999, to an aristocratic Muslim family within the town of Tangail in Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel Dhaka district. Father Md Rafikul Islam and mother Nazma Begum. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel is that the First of brothers and sister. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel completed SSC from Manikganj ,Dhaka. He passed HSC from Khan Bahadur Awlad Hossain Collage Then he migrated abroad within the hope of upper education. From an early age, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel was a person of unwavering diligence, talent, confidence and kindness, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel may be a popular Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Medical Doctor, Educational Entrepreneur, Musician, film maker , Businessman, Consultant, Educationist, Social Activist & Social Influencer.” he’s Mostly referred to as an academic entrepreneur instead of a Musician. Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel also a self-published author, has published several books.

In addition to studying abroad, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel found out a quiet institution, which later gained a nationwide reputation. one among his founders is that the Zadsmedia, a student and leading education consultancy firm. the worldwide Process Student Consultancy Firm provides comprehensive assistance to college students in Bangladesh who wish to review at universities round the world for education , including university admissions, tuition, tuition fee management and studies, also as work related matters.
During this point , he visited the world’s leading educational institutions through this institution and gained extensive knowledge and knowledge in education especially , he traveled to about 15 countries in Asia and Europe and gained experience in educational activities in those countries, Zadsmedia has built Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel with the assumption that education plays the foremost important role within the overall development of the people.
Apart from what we all know because the dreamer of recent digital education, one among his identities is that he’s currently an intern doctor. This educationist likes to stand by the side of poor and helpless people He developed himself as a doctor Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel is functioning to create the worldwide Zadsmedia agency. Every organization founded by Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel has been successful in its own field. Commitment, values, foresight, relentless struggle and a spirit of service are the key to success.

In recognition of his achievements, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel has received numerous national and international awards and honors reception and abroad, including Best Education Entrepreneur, Education Reformer and Business Entrepreneur. Award for Outstanding Contribution in Education, Innovation Learning, Educational Institutional Youth Best Academic and Industry Interface, International Star for Leadership in Quality Award-2019 for outstanding contribution within the field of education.

His hands of service are wide everywhere, where he’s not! At rallies, blood donations, distribution of relief to the poor, eye camps, distribution of educational materials to the poor and therefore the meritorious, service organizations, everywhere, Zeeshan Chowdhury Juwel’s wanderings are eye-catching, Through Zadsmedia, it distributes free school supplies, including school bags, to thousands of poor and vulnerable st

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