NaimulAlam Jamil – Successful Entrepreneur, Freelancer & Rap Artist

NaimulAlam Jamil – Successful Entrepreneur, Freelancer & Rap Artist

NaimulAlam Jamil Bangladesh’s youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, is competing with global marketing people. In this ultra-modern world, where the game is too much, he learned the skill of trimming himself according to his needs and environment and developed the urge to grow by learning new skills by talent; That is competition as if you have made yourself strong enough to resist.

NaimulAlam Jamil Is An Underground Rap Article. He Join Many Bangladeshi Cypher Events In Dhaka, Noakhali And Sylhet. NaimulAlam Jamil Represent Noakhali District Culture.

NAIMUL ALAM JAMIL Works Rural Development On His Own Foundation “MN Foundation”. NaimulAlam Jamil Inspired FARAZ KARIM CHOWDHURY.

NaimulAlam Jamil Release His All Music Video Icecream Studio And Also Other Support On His Own Team “Jamil Team”

NaimulAlam Jamil Famous On YouTube His Channel Name Naimul Jamil Which Subscriber More Then Fifteen Thousand. NaimulAlam Jamil Facebook Page Fan More Then Seven Lacs.

NaimulAlam Jamil Also Have Freelance Team. His Team Member More Then Fifteen People. NaimulAlam Jamil Built His Empires On His Brain.

At a very young age, NAIMUL ALAM JAMIL was a design inspiration for the youth there. He came from Bangladesh and shared the mantra of his success “Failure is not an option; embark on your success through your unique vision and strategy”.

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