One Dreamy Young Entrepreneur Mustak Ahmmed Shanto

‘’I do not leave behind money, I leave behind success Because I believe there is no need to run after money if you are running after success,” said Mustak Ahmmed Shanto, a young entrepreneur at the time.

Today I will tell the story of a talented young Mustak Ahmmed Shanto. He is currently studying medical science at Three Gorges University in China In the meantime, he is an enlightened man, education reformist, new education entrepreneur and modern digital education dreamer.

This is a dreamy, hard-working, courageous young entrepreneur who believes in action. According to which, man lives forever in his deeds, in the midst of his creation. One who believes that any goal can be achieved through continuous hard work Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is the founder of an emerging education consultancy firm. He is currently the CEO of Global Process Limited Which is working to reform the country’s higher education
Now let’s come to the story of Mustak Ahmmed Shanto becoming an entrepreneur. We have to go a little further back when it comes to his colorful career.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto has been interested in higher education since childhood. He was fascinated by the hobby of working for the development of education by looking at the learning environment and curriculum around him. This is because at that time there were only 45 public universities in Bangladesh Every year many students were being deprived of quality higher education So the plan to eliminate the misery of education while studying in college is absolutely in his mind. Since then, he has been involved in various educational and social activities.

The beginning of his career was in 2016 Early in his varied career, he was a full-fledged businessman, not to mention a small example of how dedicated he was to working with higher education abroad. Mustak is very keen to know the beginning and end of any work So he visited every varsity abroad and then admitted Bangladeshi students
His company is Global Process Limited. Currently working in China, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Canada, Poland, Estonia, Serbia and other European countries.

This dreamy young man has a far-reaching and courageous plan around his organization Global Process Limited. His dream is that one day Global Process Limited will be one of the best education consultancy agencies in the world. And the desire for oneself is to establish oneself as a successful entrepreneur of this century This young man is going forward after crossing various ups and downs. When this crazy young entrepreneur Mustak was asked how he wanted to make a place in people’s minds forever, his answer was quite different. The latent desire of his mind is to say goodbye to this world as soon as he works. His advice to newcomers to success is not money but success as their main goal and there is no substitute for hard work.
Mustak Ahmmed Shanto, CEO of student consultancy firm Global Process Limited, told us that Bangladeshi students are afraid of getting admission in foreign universities because of the Corona situation. But the reality is completely different There is no reason to be afraid Each country is admitting foreign students in an alternative system with adequate security by doing this, real students can easily get admission in foreign universities and choose the subject of their choice.
Every year a large number of people apply for different scholarships around the world, so the competition is much higher. But this year it is a big opportunity for Bangladeshi students as the number of applications is less in addition to Corona, many countries in the world are offering admission in higher education abroad except IELTS or TOEFL.
He left a trail of success in the world at a young age. Mustak Ahmmed, a medical student at China Three Gorges University. Starting at a young age to work with education. At the age of 22, he is now widely known as an education entrepreneur in Bangladesh and is a reflection of his success in this sector.

Mustak Ahmmed Shanto is simultaneously a popular Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Medical Doctor, Educational Entrepreneur, Musician, Film producer, Businessman, Consultant, Educationist, Social Activist & Social Influencer. He is Mostly known as an educational entrepreneur rather than a Musician. Mustak also a self-published author, has published several books.

He is the current Managing Director and Founder of Global process Limited. Asked about his future plans, Mustak said, “We have a long way to go.” Everybody has a future plan no matter where we are You don’t just have to plan; you have to work according to the plan. And sharing that plan with someone before it succeeds is a big mistake in life
So, trying to change yourself from your place requires effort and proper hard work.