Pohyal Stori sheds light on how people can utilize leadership daily and excel at their businesses.

Pohyal Stori sheds light on how people can utilize leadership daily and excel at their businesses.

The 23-year-old IT entrepreneur is also a cultural activist and has devotedly worked for the Pashtun community as a German-Afghan entrepreneur.

Thousands of people enter and even sometimes exit the entrepreneurial world, for they understand that the business space is a tough game and not have show the grit and resilience to excel at it. There is so much the business space can teach people, while presenting them with challenges and hurdles on their path. However, those who choose to go under the grind and gain first hand experiences are the ones who also go ahead in becoming leaders of those particular industries. Pohyal Stori, a German-Afghan entrepreneur and cultural activist did the same and now has reached a position, where people look up to him and learn from his life and career journey.

Whether it was about taking the visions of his grandfather forward to work take the Pashtun community forward in the world or owning many IT businesses, this Cologne born youngster did it all and today at 23 years has imprinted his name amongst the greats of the industry. He believes that leadership is not something that every individual in this world is born with, it is something that people develop over the years and get nearer their visions in life through leadership qualities. Hence, Pohyal Stori today, lays out a few ways through which people can develop leadership skills.

  • Being optimistic: Some entrepreneurs get habituated saying No for things and opportunities, which slowly becomes a habit. Pohyal Stori says that people need to first become optimistic and hold a positive approach in life to say Yes to opportunities, through which they can learn and know more things, getting them nearer to become an influential leader.
  • Being disciplined: A leader is the one who practices discipline. The more disciplined individuals get in life, the more effective leaders they can become. Discipline brings about a balance in life, which helps people focus on all the necessary aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Being a refined listener: There are a lot of people who only talk and learn nothing, while those who work upon being a good listener go ahead in becoming a good leader, highlights Pohyal Stori.

Utilizing leadership skills daily have helped Pohyal Stori to cross boundaries and include Pashto language in Google translator, and truly became a leader for his community and the entrepreneurial world.

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