Reza Irani-Kermani (Black Pearl Capital) – Biography, Wiki and Career Details

Reza Irani-Kermani (Black Pearl Capital) – Biography, Wiki and Career Details

Since 2007, Mr. Reza Irani-Kermani is the co-founder of a leading investment company, Black Pearl Capital (BPC). This proprietary investment firm invests in several business ventures associated with Real Estate and Green Energy. A biodiesel plant-based in Bromborough, UK is one of the major investments of this company. The plant processes cooking oil and produce bio-diesel.

Earlier, Mr. Reza Irani was a board member of Sogeres SA and Albert Abela Corporation. He was among the youngest in his team of board members and he was also the youngest Executive in his company. Albert Abela Corporation has over 40,000 employees and had offices located in 44 countries worldwide. The company was mainly focused on catering. However, it had other chains like hotels in Europe, supermarkets in the Middle East, gold mines, life support services, and Salmon farms located in Scotland.

Due to various areas of focus and red tapes in China, Reza felt that Po Sang Bank may no longer be able to sustain its growth at the desired level. One of the leading companies in Germany, Preussag AG showed interest to partner with the current joint venture.

This way Preussag AG’s London affiliate, Amalgamated Metals Trading Limited became the partner of MIT and Po Sang Bank bowed out. Reza Irani had been handling a business successfully until 1997 when he made up his mind to change his profession. He got associated with Albert Abela Corporation as a foreign member after being part of AMC. He handled Abela Corporation while fulfilling his responsibilities until the death of Mr. Albert Abela, who is the founder.

Mr. Reza Irani-Kermani was handling his Bullion and Foreign Exchange operations at London-based Amalgamated Metals Corporation.  It was among the subsidiaries of one of the leading German-based organizations, Preussag AG. AMC had acquired the company from one of the sister banks in China, Po Sang Bank in 1994, with the assistance of Mr. Reza.

In 1989, Reza Irani started his career in the London branch of MKS Finance, which is known as Management Investment and Trade (London). MIT emerged as one of the leading trading organizations thanks to his efforts in Foreign Exchange and Bullion.

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