Simon Leviev in Talks with Netflix to Launch a Series Based on His Career and Life

Simon Leviev in Talks with Netflix to Launch a Series Based on His Career and Life

Netflix, the world’s leading and most popular streaming entertainment service, has approached Simon Leviev for a documentary series on his life. After his international story feature, they came to him, and Leviev has confirmed that they are in the final stages of signing the contract.

Simon Leviev, the international financial giant, is globally recognized for his investments and real estate deals. An established property expert at 29, he now shares his expertise on dealing in real estate. His fortune is estimated at approximately EUR 100 Million. Simon always knew he was cut out for a better life than he was born into. Born to an ultra-orthodox family in Bnei Brak, Leviev chose to leave the religious environment he grew up in. He had a knack for identifying business opportunities early on in life. And so he went with his gut instinct – he left his home and siblings to walk on a new life path.

He started his journey like any other beginner. Times were tough, but he kept pushing. His youth was all about hard work and making crucial decisions about his career. After his short stint at the Israel Defense Forces, he began his venture of buying old cars and selling spare parts. He soon recognized the potential of the bitcoin industry and learned the tricks of the trade. Eventually, he scaled up to real estate, and then there was no turning back!

His career took a leap when he tapped into the potential of repurposing damaged houses that were abandoned because of calamities or fire. He would buy such homes at a lower price, renovated them, and enlisted them on the market. The refurbished houses sold at excellent rates and Leviev’s success took off. He kept delving into different real estate arenas and made fast money. However, his recent public dispute involving a dating app got him covered in the wrong light in the media.

Leviev was arrested, though he has fought back against the false charges pressed on him. This incident threw him in the limelight and caught the eye of the media giant, Netflix. The documentary is in the works and will cover Simon Leviev’s life and career in a new light.

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