• September 25, 2020

The CEOs of Nation’s Fastest Growing ATM Company interviewed well-known Gen Z serial entrepreneur and top marketing podcaster, JetSetFly

Controversial viral marketing consultant, serial entrepreneur, & host of The Dropout Degree Podcast, Josh King Madrid, is the latest celebrity…

 The CEOs of Nation’s Fastest Growing ATM Company interviewed well-known Gen Z serial entrepreneur and top marketing podcaster, JetSetFly

Controversial viral marketing consultant, serial entrepreneur, & host of The Dropout Degree Podcast, Josh King Madrid, is the latest celebrity guest to be featured on the popular A&A podcast show.

The A&A Show Podcast is hosted by reality show stars, Austin Zaback & Austin Lewis. Zaback & Lewis are real estate investors as well as co-founders of the fastest growing ATM company in the nation based out of Scottsdale, AZ where they own a fully-staffed office to operate their massive organization.

While the serial entrepreneur & marketer is yet to share specific details on the trio’s chat, it’s safe to say it will be the first time JetSetFly speaks out on going through a near-death extortion after being framed in 2019. It’s no doubt that this will get the people going.

Fans will get to see what went down in this JetSetFly interview with Austin Zaback & Austin Lewis by watching the episode on Youtube below or on any of the major podcast platforms by searching “The A&A show”.

The situation was so uncontrollable he had spent almost all his remaining monthly income to hire full-time armed security at his residences after his addresses were leaked & random individuals started to show up and harass him at both his personal Newport Coast Mansion and parents’ residence. 

In hopes of putting the false allegations & death threats to rest the first week they appeared, he publicly posted the legal documentation, company financial bank statements, & even 100+ hours of recorded video that debunked all false claims.

To no avail, after JetSetFly released evidence that proved all claims false, there wasn’t a single apology, a matter of fact, the harassment actually got worse. This was the moment when Josh realized he was being set-up by former business associates in an attempt to frame, extort & hijack customers from him. 

What made the fabrication of this incident so upsetting & believable, despite it really being a devious scheme operation in envy, was the fact that various “credible” online gurus, salesmen & marketers, that became relevant online after collaborating with JetSetFly or by speaking at his events, exploited the situation for self-gain. Many of JetSetFly’s former event speakers contributed to him being framed upon seeing the opportunity to get more sales through advertisements offering followers a course discount or a free seat to their events’ as long as they hated JetSetFly.

In 2019, JetSetFly was publicly framed & humiliated on social media by the spread of false “scam exposed” accusations in a successfully operated near-death extortion attempt. Known violent criminal Bogdan Kosilov, wanted to avoid the 20% equity fee he owed to the Excommerce E90X program after successfully selling over $100,000 from the store he built throughout the program.

This led the recently laid-off firefighter to use anonymous accounts & hate pages such as, Baller Busters, to stage fabricated DM conversations with fake accounts to make it appear as the anonymous owners of these accounts have too, ALSO, been “robbed & stolen from”.

The use of fictitious “evidence” to support unethical demands of fun was fraudulent & without a doubt falls into the category of illegal cyber-bullying. 

Since this is the internet & the laws to prevent these situations all fall in the gray area, it was virtually impossible for Josh to protect himself. This led him to being a victim of this bizarre high-pressure extortion for the sake of putting an end to the false accusations that resulted in so many death threats & ultimately creating irreversible damage to his brand. 

These anonymous hate pages & criminal clients did not act alone though. The only reason the misinformed scheme was able to stick & spread like it did, was due to the help of various former business associates of Josh King Madrid, such as: Dan Dasilva & Ryan Stewman, who used this as an opportunity to profit & elevate the perception of their brands & products.

In fear of his livelihood & brand reputation, JetSetFly, real name Josh King Madrid, gave away several hundreds of thousands of dollars of his personal money to perpetrators & former ex-convict business partners after being framed on social media and sent numerous legitimate death threats, in regard to a business he was only an affiliate for, despite false claims that it was a business he personally owned.

Fast forward a little over year later & Josh has been victorious in his business career & is currently in the process of recovering his rightfully owed money that was stolen by his former 2X ex-felon business partner. It’s truly remarkable to watch Josh King Madrid’s powerful comeback.

When asked what his biggest tip of advice is for anyone out there going through hell or just feels stuck in business, Josh King Madrid revealed: “Make it about yourself & you will fail miserably. Make an obligation to make others the focal point, give generously and watch your life transform in front of your eyes.”

You can listen to the full JetSetFly interview with Austin Zaback & Austin Lewis, on the A&A Show  by clicking here 

Josh King Madrid can be found here: www.instagram.com/jetsetfly

Austin Zaback can be found here: www.instagram.com/austinzaback

Austin Lewis can be found here: www.instagram.com/theaustinlewis

More info Exposed on JetSetFly:

Josh King Madrid is an American serial entrepreneur & marketing consultant that is a partner and advisor to several multi-million dollar businesses.

Forbes.com has named JetSetFly as one of the best descriptions of branding success on social media today when it comes to personal-branding & self-promotion.

JetSetFly (Josh King Madrid) is also the host of The Dropout Degree Podcast, which has been ranked as a top 10 business podcast on iTunes.

Some of Josh King Madrid’s other ventures include the ATM Business, Ecommerce, and Affiliate Marketing.

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