Traditional marketing methods are losing ground, says Chubbs Wilson.

With the advent of advanced technology, Digital Marketing has taken over big time and is growing at a fast pace.

Traditional marketing or offline marketing is no longer a preferred medium as it is slowly giving way to online marketing methods which are more effective and give faster results. These methods were much in demand earlier, maybe around a decade back when consumers were more inclined towards popular media like TV and newspapers, but now with the advent of the internet everything is available at the click of a button including the in’s and out’s of various products and services, so brands are concentrating more on these digital methods of marketing which have a better reach and impact. “Due to high costs of advertising, many brands refrain from using these former marketing methods which is slowly losing its glitter,” feels Chubbs Wilson, who has taken online marketing a step ahead and has been helping many, including Fortune 500 companies with their marketing endeavours.

According to Wilson, businesses have become tech-savvy and are looking out for modern methods like digital marketing to reach their target audiences, resulting in them abandoning the former traditional marketing methods. Here he charts out a few reasons why traditional marketing has been slowing down since the past decade and the advantages online marketing has over it.

  • Traditional marketing has a temporary recall value as consumers are not able to search for what they are looking for in a newspaper at a later date and the same goes with TV ads as once they are aired there’s no way you can watch it again. However, internet content is available 365 days a year and any data is accessible at the click of a button. This gives online marketing a huge advantage as brands are confident that their content is live for the consumers to access, unless they take it down.
  • Traditional marketing methods are not target oriented and are universally accessible to the masses, whereas Digital Marketing has the power to reach your specific customer base and target them accurately which results in lead generation and sales conversions.
  • Marketers cannot track their progress through traditional marketing and are unable to identify which area works and which doesn’t, whereas online marketing allows to analyze your data, giving you a clear picture of which ads are performing and giving positive results on which platform. This allows the advertiser to choose the best strategy that works and go ahead.

“The bottom line here is brands can survive and prosper in this evolving digital environment if they adapt to changes and start implementing digital marketing strategies,” explains Wilson who has catapulted many brands to dizzying heights with the help of his robust online marketing strategies.