Young Entrepreneur Robin Hasan and Md Jahidul Islam Is Now A Verified Musical Artist

Young Entrepreneur Robin Hasan and Md Jahidul Islam Is Now A Verified Musical Artist

Robin Hasan:

Participation of the young generation in the music industry of Bangladesh has always been optimistic. New artists always give the audience all the great songs. One such young musician artist is Robin Hasan. Robin Hasan ( Born 04 October 1998, Rangpur city) is a Bangladeshi musical artist and social entrepreneur. He is 22 years old, Born in Rangpur City, Bangladesh. He started his musical career in 2021 with a album title “Never Believe Apon Jon”. Robin Hasan became a successful one! For the convenience of the listeners, a single album ‘Never Believe Apon Jon’ was released with 5 original songs sung by him. The album was released on the online platform in April this year. Since then, Robin Hasan has not had to look back. Praise comes from different quarters. He got fame. Got inspired to create more new songs. He currently owns “JR Digital Media” company. From a young age, he wanted to do something modern. And now he is successful. Sacrificing his teens for a bright future has worked in his favor and today he is the man behind promoting well-known brands and entrepreneurs on social media with his marketing skills.

JR Digital Media

JR Digital Media is a Bangladesh-based digital consultancy firm to help you grow your international digital business. Robin Hasan Founder And C.E.O of “JR Digital Media”. JR Digital Media delivers the highest level of expertise in all aspects of digital business. With having a lot of recognized international clients and brands, he has established a vast network to promote the brands he has been associated with. Hard work, determination, and sacrifice in life have made his dreams a reality. Achieving so much at this young age has made the young guy one of the successful Social media marketers today.

Md Jahidul Islam:

Commercial marketing has been around for a long time but the digital marketing industry is rapidly capturing the market. This is because of the internet. With the easy availability of internet people can buy all the products sitting at home. People are now more accustomed to shopping at home than going out. As the number of online shoppers grows, so does the digital marketing market.

Seeing the huge demand of the digital marketing industry, a Bangladeshi musician named Md Jahidul Islam(Bengali: মোঃ জাহিদুল ইসলাম) shows interest in this digital marketing industry. He chose the digital marketing industry as his career and founded a digital marketing agency called “Robin IT”.

Md Jahidul Islam is a young & dynamic Entrepreneur, Musician, Artist & Digital Marketer. Md Jahidul Islam started his career as a musician but he wants to grow more and more as an entrepreneur.

He is a Bangladeshi. He was born on 03 July 1998 in Ramganj, Lakshmipur, Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is one of the well-known faces in the field of digital marketing. A Bangladesh-based renowned Entrepreneur is growing at a rapid speed in his competitive Digital world. This young man is superb when it comes to dealing with Digital Stuff.

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