According to state media, North Korea is allowing its native living abroad to return home for the first time since 2020.

The State Crisis Plague Counteraction Central command made the declaration in an explanation continued state media Sunday.

The statement continued, “will be placed under proper medical observation at quarantine wards for a week” for those returning home.

According to NK News, the announcement marked Pyongyang’s easing of border restrictions and marked the first time that North Koreans were informed of the country’s reopening of its borders for its citizens.

The people who have been compelled to remain abroad on account of the pandemic have for the most part been understudies and laborers in China and Russia. The country’s primary foreign revenue comes from the workers.

After the pandemic began, North Korea prohibited tourists, expelled diplomats, and severely restricted border traffic and trade. The lockdown has additionally demolished the country’s constant financial troubles and food instability.

The South Korean secret service reported earlier this month that North Korea was preparing to gradually reopen its borders in an effort to revitalize its economy.

In what was the North’s first commercial international flight known to leave the country in more than three years, a North Korean commercial jet landed in Beijing on Tuesday. The individual on board the plane when it returned from Beijing later that day was unknown.

In August 2022, North Korea made an exceptionally questionable case to have beaten the Coronavirus pandemic. The North resumed freight train service with China, its largest trading partner and economic pipeline, the following month, but many of its restrictions on individual border crossings have not changed.