Arsalan Kashi Famous Asian Influencer

Mehdi Kashi, nicknamed Arsalan (Mahdi) Kashi, was born on October 26, 2000 in Tehran and is a medical student in Babol.

Introducing the influencer from Arsalan:

First of all, we need to know who Influencer is called on Instagram and what its features are.

Unfortunately, the misconception about influencer is that anyone who posts a lot and has a high follower will become an influencer… if that is not the case at all.

Influencer is someone who has something to say in a certain field, influencers are often people who have a very good relationship with people and can influence others very quickly, they can convince others to make different choices with their knowledge. , An influencer is someone who produces content or so-called blog… This content production is in line with the goal that the blogger pursues. (So each influencer has a purpose and works in a specific field.)

A real influencer knows that his power increases with the attention of the people, so he always tries to satisfy his followers and people trust him, so most influencers, if they are going to promote a particular brand product, Clearly, they critique its strengths and weaknesses and never exaggerate. Also, brands that refer to influencers are often reputable and successful brands that are well aware of the mission of an influencer.

Get acquainted with the types of influencers !!!
You may be familiar with different influencers, but did you know that there are different types of influencers? Of course, influencers can grow in a variety of subjects and specialties, but the majority of influencers fall into the following categories.

Beauty Influencers Influencers who work in the field of cosmetics and beauty, this category of influencers often have a female audience, but this is not because men are not suitable for this or can not become a beauty influencer…

Beauty Influencer aims at cosmetics, skin, hair, body and anything related to beauty, and is often summarized in the field of introducing reputable cosmetics brands and beauty products.


Influencer fashion refers to influencers who work in the field of fashion, clothing and briefly in the field of style. Fashion influencers are often people who have a beautiful appearance and can rely on their knowledge in the field of fashion and can be a good guide for people.

The goal of fashion influencers is to work in the field of fashion, and sometimes their training is related to choosing the right clothes and beautiful sets, and different brands in the field of fashion often go to this group of influencers.

Travel and tourism
Influencer tourists are influencers who work in the field of tourism and travel, most of these influencers experience a lot of travel and the people who follow them are mostly people who are very interested in travel and travel and like cozy places. And take advantage of suitable tourism opportunities.

Influencer tourists aim to produce content in the field of travel and tourism. They share excitement and share a sense of calm. Most brand travel agencies are interested in working with an influencer in this field or promoting tourist tours on this occasion. And capture more market.


Vijay Karia – Chairman and Managing Director, Ravin Group of Companies

With an experience of more than 30 years, Mr. Vijay Karia, Chairman & Managing Director, Ravin Group, has played a key role in identifying growth opportunities for Ravin Group within India and across the Globe. He believes in harnessing newer technologies to provide  smart  electrical  solutions  and  at  the same time promoting clean and green energy and encouraging innovative ideas for improvement in electricity consumption.

Awarded as one of the Asia’s Most Promising Business Leaders, recognised as The Game Changer of India 2018 and listed amongst India’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs, by The Economic Times, he is a visionary with a vast knowledge and experience in the Power and Electricity sector.

Apart from prominent roles across forums like – Chairman, Elecrama 2018, organized by IEEMA; Member, Chairman – Expert Committee of Exhibitions of Indian Merchants’ Chamber; Member, Executive Council, IEEMA; Member, Power Advisory Board of the Economic Times, Member, World Utility Summit 2017, Chairman, International T&D Conclave 2017 among many others, he has been honored with many such prestigious accolades. He was also awarded with Distinguished Fellowship Award in 2016 by the Institute of Directors in recognition to his experience and expertise in the field of corporate affairs & public service.

He has been recognized with numerous awards as ‘A  Leading  Industrialist’  at The House Of Lords, UK and was awarded as a Patron at the Global Awards by Priyadarshini Academy.  He was also awarded as one of India’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the year 2015 by Shri. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Ayog at ET Entrepreneurship Summit 2015.


Established in the year 1950, Ravin Group’s headquarters are

located in Mumbai, India. The group has several regional offices

across India and U.A.E and has a very strong global foothold with

manufacturing facilities in both the countries. Ravin Group has

comprehensive range of products and services offered across its

four verticals:

Electric  Cables  up  to  220  kV  |  Solar  Energy  Solutions

EHV Projects and EPC Services | Power Equipments

With an innovative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking approach, the company’s aim is to provide 24x7affordable, accessible & green electricity to all.


IPFSUnion, the World’s Fastest Growing Solution Provider is holding the relocation ceremony at Hongqiao Wanchuang Center

Newyork-September 24th, IPFSUnion, the world’s leading decentralized storage integrated solution provider is holding the relocation ceremony at T2, Hongqiao Wanchuang Center, as the key members of the R&D team are from well-known enterprises, dozens of industry partners including Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Technologies, Dell China, New H3C Group, Qiniu Cloud come to witness this grand move.

IPFSUnion has the best talents in the industry, as well as the biggest R&D team in scale. IPFSUnion has established a comprehensive sales channel including hundreds of agents providing industry leading IDC solutions, while also in leading position of storage, maintenance and operations. In the meanwhile, IPFSUnion endeavors to utilize its technical reserves to open up services for enterprise-level users who are keen to enter IPFS decentralized storage industry.

In the storage field, Decentralized Storage is one of the most popular and promising projects, which is believed to bring about revolutionary changes to the next-generation Internet. Decentralized Storage is a way of storing data opposed to Centralized Storage, using IDC centers scattered around the world to store data in chunks, and therefore, providing a storage service with higher privacy and security.

The past decade has been the one of data explosion, the volume of data generated around the world has been growing rapidly. According to the statistics and prediction by Statista, one of the international statistical authorities, data generated in 2020 will reach 47ZB and by 2035, the figure will increase to 2142ZB. The global volume of data will witness a boom at greater scale. With the explosive growth of data in modern society, people will harbor expectations of a way of storage with larger storage space and higher speed. IPFS decentralized storage is exactly the innovative technology that conforms to the needs of time. Contrast to the traditional way of storage, it is born with technical features of everlasting, de-duplicative, decentralized, peer-to-peer etc., and is expected to replace HTTP protocol in establishing new-generation Internet infrastructures (Web 3.0). As new trend of storage in the future, the market of decentralized storage has great potential. Since the Filecoin mainnet was officially online on 15th of October last year, there have been more than 3000 active miners on the whole Filecoin network, the overall block height has been over 1.08 million and effective computing power more than 10EiB, this figure has been continuously increasing by an additional 50PiB on a daily basis.

As a world’s leading integrated hybrid cloud service provider in decentralized storage industry, IPFSUnion has been plunged into fields of storage cloud and Internet for over 10 years and is currently the industry leader. IPFSUnion has unparalleled advantages of industrial resources in IDC deployments, maintenance and operations of cluster architecture designed for massive storage servers, software algorithm optimization, R&D of FPGA&ASIC chips etc. IPFSUnion has so far more than 200 IDC resources around the world, distributed across Asia, Europe and Oceania. Besides, IPFSUnion has also launched a decentralized hybrid cloud service platform, to help store substantive data of traditional industries, actively promoting the realization of real data storage in Filecoin Plus and future implementation of business applications.

IPFSUnion is always seeking for a win-win collaboration and is committed to construct the strongest industrial ecosystem for decentralized storage. IPFSUnion has formed cooperation with Intel, AMD, Seagate, Western Digital, Nvidia, Dale for the R&D of decentralized storage related hardware. The company has also cooperated with Qiniu Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud for the management of the decentralized storage file system, as well as the maintenance and operations of clusters of decentralized storage servers. It also established strategic cooperation with other well-known cloud service providers in terms of the implementation and technical development of decentralized storage applications.

Compared with the preoccupant centralized storage service providers, IPFSUnion has prominent advantages, providing decentralized storage with larger capacity, faster transmission speed meanwhile keeping your data safe, and the price is just one-tenth of the traditional cloud service, perfectly solving the pain points of centralized storage in terms of high costs, low transmission speed and poor safety.

In decentralized storage field, IPFSUnion ranks at the top, having industry-leading IDC solutions and having outstanding technical advantages in 5 areas such as: algorithm optimization, task scheduling, storage, maintenance & operations and ecological construction. Especially in terms of storage and maintenance & operations, IPFSUnion dominates the industry-leading position. The company has also invested heavily in creating chips tailored for decentralized storage, having gathered experts in FPGA & ASIC chips who used to work in prestigious companies such as Nvidia, Intel, AMD to form a R&D team. Up to now, IPFSUnion has already completed a phototype of an in-house FPGA chip and it is currently undergoing a rigorous and extensive testing process. In the meanwhile, ASIC chip is also under design. It is expected to realize mass production soon and to be implemented in the next-generation decentralized storage servers in place of our current CPU+GPU hardware architecture. This will further reduce the costs of our hardware and exponentially increase its performance, propelling IPFSUnion to further lead the development of industry.

IPFS is an open-source decentralized hypermedia protocol, which is designed for realizing permanent data preservation and clearing redundant data stored on the Internet. Compared to traditional storage methods, it is born with technical features such as “everlasting, de-duplicative, decentralized, peer-to-peer”, and is expected to replace HTTP protocol in constructing new-generation Internet infrastructures. Filecoin is the incentive structure of IPFS, aiming to build a decentralized storage network through blockchain token-incentive model. In 2018, the first round financing of Filecoin has broken the fastest financing records of blockchain industry, having gained 257 million dollars and acquired huge attention of blockchain fans, investors and miners from all over the world.





RealLink (REAL) will launch an airdrop on September 30th, 2021

RealLink will launch an airdrop on September 30th, 2021. 2,000 lucky members will have the chance to win 300,000 RealLinks. The details are as follows:

  1. Total Airdrop Allocation:300,000 Reallinks to be won.
  2. Number of winners:2000 Lucky winners.
  3. Airdrop Distribution: 2021.09.30-util 300,000 RealLinks all distributed.

For more details about how to join the airdrop and win RealLinks, please visit the official website of RealLink (,or join us directly

What’s RealLink?

RealLink (REAL) rebuilds tipping culture on the internet, which makes it easy for users to send gifts to their favorite creators who create the interesting content directly.

If you are a content creator, you will find you are empowered by your fans. It is the first time you can receive gifts from fans directly. It is not a“like”or “retweet”, which you can’t monetize them directly. So “Give me Link, Love me Real!”

RealLink aims at bringing consumers quality contents, encouraging content creators to produce quality content and building a quality content production ecosystem.

Everybody can contribute to RealLink ecosystem and get reward from it.

How to mine RealLink?

RealLink is open to several products at beginning, and it gets social entertainment products involved including BuzzCast. At present, you can download and use BuzzCast to mine. Download link:

For now you can get RealLink rewarded in this app in these two ways. The first way is to broadcast to receive gifts from users as a streamer. The second way is to send gifts to streamers and when the gift revenue increases to a certain amount, RealLink will be released and all users are able to gain at random in live room.

Specifically, when gift revenue increases to a certain amount of dollars in the APP, it will trigger a treasure box. And the treasure box will appear in the live room where gift revenue account for the most of total gifts sent. All users can tap the treasure box to get RealLink from it. Besides, the RealLink in one treasure box will be divided into a certain amount of shares. And all users watching broadcast are able to gain at random. All RealLink mined will be distributed to all users and streamers at random. Significantly, all mining records’ signature will be stored in blockchain.

Generally speaking, you can mine RealLink via both broadcasting and watching stream on BuzzCast.


UK gas stations run dry as trucker lack flashes accumulating

Huge number of British gas stations ran dry Sunday, an industry group said, as motorists scrambled to fill up in the midst of a supply interruption because of a deficiency of truck drivers.

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents very nearly 5,500 independent outlets, said around 66% of its individuals were detailing that they had sold out their fuel, with the rest “partly dry and running out soon.”

Association chairman Brian Madderson said the deficiencies were the result of “panic buying, pure and simple.”

“There is plenty of fuel in this country, but it is in the wrong place for the motorists,” he told the BBC. “It is still in the terminals and the refineries.”

Long lines of vehicles shaped at many gas stations over the weekend, and tempers frayed as certain drivers sat tight for hours. Police were called to one London gas station Sunday after a fight broke out. Police said a man was arrested on doubt of attack.

The haulage industry says the U.K. is short huge number of truckers, because of a powerful coincidence of factors including the Covid pandemic, an aging workforce and a mass migration of foreign workers following Britain’s Brexit takeoff from the European Union last year.

A few nations, including the United States and Germany, likewise are experiencing a deficiency of truck drivers. The issue has been particularly noticeable in Britain, where it has added to empty supermarket shelves and shuttered gas pumps.

After weeks of mounting pressure, the U.K’s. Conservative government declared Saturday that it will give large number of crisis visas to foreign truck drivers to assist with forestalling a Christmas without turkey or toys for some British families. The government said it would give 5,000 three-month visas for truck drivers beginning in October, and another 5,500 for poultry laborers.

Industry groups invited the new visa plan, albeit the British Retail Consortium said it was “too little, too late.”

Ruby McGregor-Smith, president of the Confederation of British Industry, said the announcement was “the equivalent of throwing a thimble of water on a bonfire.”


“How to find innovative ideas for our business?” Ali Haj Mohammadi successful Iranian entrepreneur and thinker

If you are seeking a business to redevelop yourself and become a self-made millionaire through progressing in your marketing, you need to know money-making ideas whether online or in the marketplace. We will discuss and explain this topic in detail. The thoughts and abilities to present theories on running a business that leads to wealth production are called money-making ideas. Many people search for innovative money-making ideas to run their businesses. 

Nowadays, by taking the variety and the massiveness of the ideas for running a business, people don’t tend to copy previous and traditional ways and that is because the market is densely full of some business.

Consequently, coming up with new ideas for starting a business as your main or secondary job is extremely challenging and problematic. The ideas which suit people’s conditions and lifestyle are rare and besides, thinkers and entrepreneurs sometimes express suggestions without considering people’s conditions, so, running those ideas may not be workable at all.

Online business is one of the most profitable with high-income businesses and accordingly, many people are attracted to it and the likelihood of being successful in this kind of marketing is high. So, by learning relevant lessons at the end of this course, according to your specialization and the services you offer, you can run various online businesses with no significant funds.

Specialization of finding money-maker ideas

Being specialized in detecting the money-maker abilities and ideas is not coincidental, but requires adequate knowledge and information on this matter which provide you with the skills to find money-making ideas. You may have noticed people who become rich in a single price fluctuation in the market by appropriately investing in the right fields. Even though, you might not be pleased by their investment and also their effort might seem to be ridiculous. However, they have gained a lot of wealth by being armed with the necessary knowledge and investing after finding the right idea to start a business.


Carnival says cruise bookings for 2022 second-half above pre-pandemic levels

Carnival Corp said on Friday cruise bookings for the second half of 2022 were in front of pre-pandemic levels, in a sign the cruise operator expects a bounce back in business as it restarts voyages worldwide.

The cruise sector has been among those generally influenced by the pandemic as many boats moored at ports and secured seaward for quite a long time without travelers, constraining administrators to bring billions of dollars up under water to remain above water.

Some cruise fans are anticipating the resumption of more voyages from U.S. ports after the country’s wellbeing authorities gave the go-ahead recently for Carnival and its opponents to restart tasks.

Carnival said its voyages for the second from last quarter were income positive, adding that it anticipates that the trend should proceed.

Eight of the organization’s nine cruise line brands have continued sailings with travelers locally available, and it hopes for something else than a large portion of its complete armada ability to be open for visitors before the finish of October.

In any case, Carnival said its booking volumes for future travels during the second from last quarter were not as vigorous as the subsequent quarter because of the spread of the Delta variation of the Covid.

Opponent Norwegian Cruise Line said it saw an unobtrusive decline in net new reserving action in July following a flood in Covid-19 cases, while Royal Caribbean likewise hailed an unassuming hit to its appointments from the quick spreading variation.

Carnival expects its monthly average cash burn rate for the final quarter to be higher than the earlier quarters, as it readies its boats for voyages after over a year.

The organization, which announced a third-quarter adjusted deficiency of $1.99 billion, said its monthly average cash burn rate was $510 million during the revealed quarter.


Kareem Hassan: Why Relationship-Building Is One of the Most Critical Professional Skills

Reaching success can feel like a solo journey. You need to believe in yourself and your ideas to step onto the path to achieve it. It’s easy to become isolated when you go through this journey and believe that you don’t need anyone but yourself. Entrepreneur Kareem Hassan feels that many of us don’t realize just how formative our relationships with other people can be in reaching success.

According to Kareem Hassan, the importance of relationship-building is often overlooked when an entrepreneur is trying to establish themselves and their business. With so much focus put on securing enough money and backing to launch a successful business, the need for a strong foundation of interpersonal skills is sometimes forgotten. The truth, Kareem shares, is that no business would exist without the strong relationships between its employees and its customers. Expanding on this point, Kareem Hassan says, “To truly reach anyone, you need to connect with them. If you want your business to make a difference and give more than it takes, then you need to cultivate strong relationships with the team around you and your customer base.” Relationship-building is a skill that can help you withstand any setbacks and unexpected obstacles. According to Kareem, if you can relate to someone and communicate clearly with them, you can find solutions together.

Kareem Hassan found a way to turn his passion into his profession. A specialist in the world of collectibles from comics and trading cards to toys and rare items, Kareem shares that it was relationship-building that helped him establish himself within this vibrant industry. From understanding the needs of collectors to building solid relationships with vendors, he explains that relationship-building proved itself to be a critical and essential professional skill.

No matter how dedicated you are to reaching success, Kareem Hassan believes you need to focus on your relationship-building skills to truly reach it.


BP shuts some UK service stations as driver deficiency hits fuel supplies

BP is briefly shutting a portion of its UK service stations due to a deficiency of transporters caused partially by Brexit.

“We are experiencing some fuel supply issues at some of our retail sites in the UK and unfortunately have therefore seen a handful of sites temporarily close due to a lack of both unleaded and diesel grades,” the company said in a statement shared with CNN Business on Thursday.

(BP) accused “industry-wide driver shortages across the [United Kingdom]” for the supply chain crunch. “We are prioritizing deliveries to motorway service areas, major trunk roads and sites with largest demand and seeking to minimize the duration of stock outs,” it added.

BP declined to remark on the number of service stations would be influenced, yet an individual acquainted with the circumstance said that “tens” of destinations were encountering fuel deficiencies.

This is the second time in as numerous months that BP has needed to briefly shade some UK areas due to issues conveying fuel because of an absence of transporters. As per the Road Haulage Association, the United Kingdom is short around 100,000 transporters, 20,000 of whom were EU nationals that left the nation after Brexit.

Esso proprietor ExxonMobil (XOM) said Friday that a “small number” of the 200 fuel stations it works with general store chain Tesco (TSCDF) have additionally been influenced. “We are working intimately with all gatherings in our dissemination organization to improve supplies and limit any burden to clients,” the organization included an assertion.

Specialist deficiencies are a developing issue in Britain, which had a record 1 million occupation opportunities among June and August, as per the Office for National Statistics.

The UK government has reported a few measures to build the quantity of driving tests for transporters. In any case, a representative for the public authority said last month that “most of the solutions” will be driven by industry.

“We want to see employers make long term investments in the UK domestic workforce instead of relying on labor from abroad and our Plan for Jobs is helping people across the country retrain, build new skills and get back into work,” the spokesperson said.


Olive Garden-parent inclines toward pasta chain in expansion swell

Darden Restaurants Inc. is searching for a lift from its Olive Garden chain to assist the organization with exploring the flow time of higher swelling.

The Orlando, Florida-based eatery administrator conjectures absolute swelling of 4% for the current financial year. The organization anticipates the current time frame, which is the organization’s subsequent quarter, to have the most elevated expansion of the year.

“We think that with this inflation going through, the winners are going to be the ones who provide exceptional value to the consumer,” said Darden Restaurants CEO Eugene Lee. “We’re trying to position Olive Garden to be that brand.”

He added that Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen was another chain where Darden would be “very cautious with pricing” so that the lower-income consumer feels like they receive “an extremely great value for what they have to pay.”

Darden doesn’t break out the normal really take a look at size at its various eateries, yet said that it hopes to raise costs by under 2% to assist with counterbalancing its rising commodities and labor costs.

The restaurant operator in the current monetary year sees products swelling of 4.5%, and complete café work expansion of 5.5%, including time-based compensation expansion of about 7%.

Olive Garden said first-quarter deals rose 38% year more than year to $1.09 billion as COVID-19 limitations were relaxed. Nonetheless, deals were unaltered from pre-pandemic levels, which Darden ascribed to a solid advancement two years prior.

Lee said Darden is hoping to add Olive Garden eateries in more distant 60-mile exchange regions where individuals travel into and out of to make buys and feast. He figures Darden can “decently without any problem” get to in excess of 1,000 Olive Garden areas, up from 875 toward the finish of the quarter.

Darden Restaurants on Wednesday revealed quarterly profit and income that surpassed Wall Street gauges as same-eatery deals flooded 47.5%. The organization’s top managerial staff approved a new $750 million offer buyback program.

Darden Restaurant shares were up 26% this year through Wednesday, contrasted and the S&P 500’s 17% addition.