Ahmad Jordan – The Fascinating Photographer From Dallas

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands in their pocket. Weightless, they turn the scale when the argument is: What happened here? Images don’t age or warp. A great photographer’s strings never go out of tune.

It is for this reason that we need photographers. They are the ones who sort all the chaos of the world into images that bring clarity to the free-for-all of life. They are the witnesses and artists who can distill the mayhem and beauty that surrounds us. They call our attention to the things we miss in our everyday lives and they call our attention to events and people at a great distance from our own patch of the universe. When they direct our eyes and hearts with precision and honesty, we know what we know differently and better. Photographers teach us to look again, look harder. Look through their eyes.

Ahmad Jordan is a weighty photographer and content maker, most popular for his inventive ideas, he’s worked with. Mo3,Rubi Rose, Ari Fletcher, Jayda Cheaves, Coi Leray , Tay Money, S3nsi Molly, Erica Banks, Lil Durk, Luv Enchanting and numerous others numerous others creating probably the most essential work of the previous few years. In 2017 Ahmad chose to leave his place of employment to turn into a full time photographer, and he is currently probably the best photographer in Dallas.

Ahmad was declared Photographer of the year Award in 2020 in Dallas. As of now, he is chipping away at a photography classes and an innovative space for others to make.

Ahmad  Jordan Speaks About His  Company

Infinite Kreationz is a collective group of photographers & videographers. It’s a total of seven of us. Elijah, Bakari, & Tony are the Owners. Tremaine, Wesley, Steve, & myself are right up under them. We all play a big role at IK Studios. I’m a photographer there that’s my expertise. I’m known for my crazy effects that I place on my images; “I may have a client jumping in the air and have them explode or I may place a title on the picture of the person, I normally put their name. I’m proud of the teamwork we have at IK, we literally push each other to our best abilities, and we get better and better each and every day. That’s what sets us apart.

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