Meet the Video Editor & Videographer Andras Ra

Video Editing requires a lot of talent and skills. Although it has now become easier to learn those skills with the online tutorials and YouTube videos, to become a successful Video Editor Artist one requires way more than just skills. Your creations must be inspiring and stand out from the crowd. Recently 25-year-old Andras Ra, a professional Video Editor from Munich, Germany went viral on Social Media for his amazing Video Editing skills and especially Hyperlapse videos. Andras Ra has been in lots of magazines and news articles for his creations and his Hyperlapse video edits have got millions of views on his Instagram @andras.ra .

Andras Ra always had an interest and passion for video editing and started learning about them in his school days. Even at the age of 14, he used to make entertaining video edits and special effects, which was regularly updated on YouTube channel. Later he studied video editing at college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in it. According to Andras Ra the inspiration to learn video editing came from his earlier attempts at gameplay records that he used to upload on YouTube. He found his regular hobby to be interesting and his passion was enough to push him toward making a career out of it. He started his own business whilst attending college and he also works as a freelancer for prestigious clients such as Beautiful Destinations, DJI and Insta360.

Andras Ra has a huge following on his social media and he regularly uploads travel-themed videos on it. His followings on Instagram are reaching 100k+ as of now.  He has mastered Video Editing softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects and does most of his work on it. All of these softwares have their own unique features and it is up to users to figure out the combination of these tools and create their own art. According to Andras Ra the aim to learn Video Editing should never be limited to monetary gains. You should do it because you love it and spread joy to others. Many people learn Video Editing every year but only a few get success because they are not passionate about it enough. Passion is what drives creativity. His work is now being recognized globally and his creations have been inspiring.

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