Monica Pinto “Hypmosis” Casting Worldwide in Entertainment Industry

Monica Pinto, the casting director behind many artists’ projects, including J Balvin, Karol G, DJ Khaled, Mary J Blige, J Cole, Moneybaggyo, and many others. She, who also goes by “hypmosis,” has produced New York Fashion Week numerous times, and she has cast fashion campaigns for HBA (hoodbyair), Garage, and Gucci. Her little brother, Nicholas Pinto, helps her on set from time to time. We asked hypmosis recently how she casts for her projects, and she let us in on the inside scoop.

“One of my favorite ways to cast for projects is via social media. Thanks to these platforms, I can contact people from across the globe for projects I’m casting.” She successfully cast numerous models for New York Fashion Week this way last year, and she said “it is incredibly rewarding to be able to help people accomplish their dreams.” She will be casting again for NYFW in February, so be on the lookout! (She usually posts fashion week hints on her Instagram @hypmosis).

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