Shahame Dizaei, one of the UK’s top 10 entrepreneurs

Mrs. Shahameh Dizaei was born on July 2, 1975. She is a British citizen living in London, Dubai and Marbella.

She is a director of Covert Security Ltd, an internationally recognized company operating in the UK.

She has a degree in Business Administration and employs over 100 people.

Her special interests are property development and creating unique cosmetics. She has a huge property development portfolio in both Marbella and London and is currently trying to establish her own skincare brand.

She is an Instagram influencer with over 500,000 followers worldwide.

Thousands of people enjoy her activities on her Instagram, and she serves as a role model for her many followers.

She is well recognised in the social circles of London being a Legacy member of Annabelle’s club as well as the arts club, Home House and Tramp in London and Art Club Member in Dubai.

Shahame Dizaei has taken a big step in this industry by setting up a company in field of protection. The following can be said about the expansion of this company:

   • Organizing and legalizing the affairs and managing current services which were running by some unqualified people;

   • Enhancing the strength and power of the police in the criminal environment and providing management, protection and care services to the people;

   • Improving safety factors in neighborhoods and business parks by involving people and supervising the management staff;

   • Monitoring crime and other disputes and personal properties in places where officers are absent or staffing is reduced;

   • Creating a positive mental atmosphere and people’s safety and reduce insecurity;

   • Creating social order and security within society by employing trained and qualified workers who are trusted by the people and the police’s supervision for their selection.

   • Approval of public security and crime prevention through the use of modern equipment, technology and personnel; increasing the sense of security in the society by expanding the presence of security guards and police officers; using the capacity of the non-governmental sector some of the administrative functions of the police service.

 All these services make Mrs. Dizaei’s company one of the top 10 security companies in England.

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