The Billion Dollar Poem! — Rising Star Collection ‘I Love Jesus’ up for Auction in SoHo, NY — Also available on OpenSea

Rising Star, the growing fashion house based in NYC is releasing a new 100-photograph collection titled ‘I Love Jesus’ this December. The new collection will be available on OpenSea and during the brand’s second scheduled private auction in Manhattan, New York at a secret location set to be revealed.

In addition to the new 100 images, the new powerhouse will release a curated collection of haute-couture dress sketches and a one-of-a-kind digital poetry collection also titled ‘I Love Jesus’. The poetry collection alone is worth a record-breaking total of 1 Billion US Dollars, making this private auction yet another for the books.

The high fashion brand is on the rise to the top. This collection follows the previous known as ‘I Met Jesus 5 Times Again…3 Times in January’ that also consisted of 100 photos differing in value ranging from 1.1 to 10.1 Million US Dollars.

In addition, the World’s Most Expensive Photograph titled ‘Church Grounds’  (Part of the ‘I Met Jesus 5 Times This Year and He Named My Brand’ Collection) was said to be miraculously priced by Jesus at a price of 33 Million USD.

Please note: The poetry collection will feature 3 poems. (I Love Jesus #1 priced at 1 Billion US Dollars and #2 and #3 at 150 Million US Dollars each).

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