Upcoming Artist F.A.M.E 939

California’s newest upcoming artist F.A.M.E 939, is making his debut. Over the last six months he has been working hard to achieve his dreams by creating music. Originally from Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, he struggled for most of his youth in the prison system. After being granted parole, he abided by the law and at age 24, he relocated to California to start making his ideas a reality. He decided to put his past behind him and create a future that he could be proud of.

One of the things in life that he is most proud of is his ambition, his goal to keep pushing forward no matter how many obstacles are in his way. When we asked how his music career began, F.A.M.E 939 replied, “Just wanted to push myself further and take it to the next level so I started making music since it’s something I’ve always had a passion for.” He credits Snoop Dog as his reason for beginning his music career.  In the future, F.A.M.E 939 hopes to share both his story and music with the world. He has hope that his story will give others a reason to chase their dreams and accomplish all the goals they set.

Making music is not easy, so when we asked F.A.M.E 939 what he is most proud of, he instantly replied, “Constantly evolving as a person and moving like I do in life!”  He often collaborates with Vinniebeatz to make his music the best it can possibly be.

He is currently working on an upcoming single with T-Rell and various other artists. To find out more about F.A.M.E 939 and what he has to offer, follow him on Instagram.

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