Vickash Beni Kat Breaking His Personal Glass Ceiling To Become A Successful Dance Instructor at 21

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do” – Anonymous

Success means different things to different people. It takes time, planning and a strong desire. Success is taking action and setting goals and accomplishing them. Success means reaching your goals even when the going gets tough.

A big motivator to success and staying consistent on your goals is to have passion and to really want something badly. Dance, to Vickash, is pure love and something he wanted to turn into his career and live his dream life.

So that is exactly what he did. Vickash Beni Kat was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo “Bukavu” into a conservative Christian family with his father a pastor. This was his one of his first obstacle to clear, seek acceptance and approval about his career choice from his loved ones. He knew the path to following his heart would have roadblocks but he chose to chase his dream regardless of the obstacles in front of him.

Vickash, also known as Ushindi, is a successful dance instructor today with workshops in Paris and students from around the world. He has coached almost 100 students at a go and has trained almost 400 students for a week at his Paris workshop. The young dance instructor looks up to Odongkara Emmanuel for his grit and passion towards his art and admires the way he infused innovation to level up.

He has also been the proud participant of the Bety First Flash Mob on World Aids Day. With a firm belief in progress and not perfection Vickash believes that dance is a form of pure emotions being expressed through actions and moves.

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