A digital marketing wizard proved impossible to be I’m possible

From Kashmir, Ishu Preet Singh is one of the emerging digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. His expertise in the diverse fields helped him to start his own company “Smarter Circle” in the recent past.
His hold on technology and innovations have been the game-changer in his career and opened doors of success for him. However his journey has not been so smooth but through his exceptional talent, he has proved to the world that he is a qualified man in this field that has made him a winner in the mainstream media.
According to Ishu, there are no shortcuts to achieve accomplishments, Secret recipe to success is to remain steadfast and work hard. Working for dreams can not be as easy as one uses simply an elevator to reach the top floor quickly, rather dreams are mostly like a steep mountain slope and you’ve to climb it, you will fail but you have to push yourself up you can’t stop trying until you reach your destination called success”, quotes Ishu Preet Singh the celebrated digital entrepreneur from Kashmir.

Ishu Preet’s interest in digital marketing came into existence when he was going through his 12th summer of his life and after few more summers, he started his own company “Smarter circle”. The place whence this young Entrepreneur come from has to face telecommunication and internet blockages for months if not years. All through his passion and perseverance his company has made it to the list of top digital marketing companies in India. With honest approaches in work, he has won the hearts of his clients and many celebrities. As per the opinions of Ishu, it can be easy to achieve fortunate heights in the digital world but it is hard to hold on to that place because the field throws fierce competition among rivals and to sustain the top mark demands a lot of grit and skills.

Journey in the digital world under such tough circumstances was not a piece of cake but my interest in the field kept me steadfast and I successfully turned the notion of it is impossible to I’m possible, Ishu adds. Besides this, the young entrepreneur has inspired a number of young minds in to think numerous youthful minds to think differently and productively.

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