3 Best Smart Light Switches for Home Automation in 2020

3 Best Smart Light Switches for Home Automation in 2020

Admit it! We are becoming Lazier with the Internet of Things. Everything in the house is automated, so we have nothing to do manually. For example, Smart home speakers can control any connected device with a simple voice command. That’s why you should never avoid manual work whenever possible. Get out of your couch and manually switch ON or OFF the light. As it’s the smart home and smart light, you need some smart light switches.

The smart light switches in 2020 have become smarter than ever. They work flawlessly for controlling the smart lights. From dimming them, setting the timer, or changing the colors, you can do everything with the Smart light switches in 2020. It’s not good to rant about how good the smart light switches are. Here is the list of some of the best light switches for smart home automation.

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Best Smart Light Switches for Smart Homes

There are numerous light switches available in the market. We are sure that you are not that rich to buy all of them. That’s why we’ve chosen the list of some of the best smart light switches. All you have to do is to check them out. Choose the best one that suits your needs. After that, get it installed in your smart home. Seems Easy!

#1 – Lutron Caseta Smart Switch

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Are you looking for the feature-rich smart switch for lights? Nothing can compete with Lutron Caseta switches. With this switch, you can control almost all of the IoT smart lights. You can physically use the switch or use the smart app for managing the same. The best thing I found about this smart light switch is that it has geofencing. This means the lights will turn ON automatically when you come back home. By using the smartphone app, you can enable this feature. With Geofencing, you will be able to save electricity by turning off the lights when not at home.

#2 – Philips Smart Light Switch Dimmer

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Philips has a wide range of smart light products. From the controller, light bulbs and tube lights, it has everything in the Hue series. The Philips Hue smart light switch is from the family. It’s a nice smart switch, that’s useful to control the Philips Hue lights. Unlike the others, this switch comes with the dimming controls. You can install it quickly, just like any other switch. Do you know about the best thing? The switches do support the Voice assistants. You can configure this switch in Google Assistant and Alexa Voice assistant. One voice command, and you can control all the Philips Hue lights in your house.

#3 – Legrand Arteor Smart Switches

Legrand is a well-known brand in the Smart home industry. The Smart switches from the Arteor collection of Legrand are versatile. They are the smart switches, which are multipurpose. Not just for controlling the lights, but these switches do control almost every IoT device in your home. Legrand has the smartphone app, which lets you remotely control every IoT device in your smart home. You can configure these switches according to your needs. One tap and everything will Turn OFF while you’re going out with family and vice versa.

Smart Home automation is now taking over traditional homes. With the innovation and arrival of the IoT home products, we can do everything remotely. Well, these smart light switches are great for some good energy savings. Also, they are immensely convenient for everyone. Be it the voice commands, wireless controls, or even physical controls; these smart light switches do their job perfectly.

The installation and configuration of these best smart switches is flawless. Just connect the wires or connect the switch to the internet, and you’re ready. I hope you’ve liked this list of some of the best smart light switches. They play an essential part in transforming a typical home into a smart home.