Rashmi Shastri bags Brands Impact ‘Right Choice Award 2021’

Rashmi Shastri, An artist, who creates works of art on the most complex canvas of our world – Human, has been honored with Brands Impact Right Choice Award 2021 (5th edition) titled “Most Dynamic Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist”.

Brands Impact organizes the National Service Excellence Awards in India by the name of Right Choice Awards. Initiated in 2016, these Indian Service Industry awards endeavor to provide equal opportunity to all those sections of the society that are dedicated to offering premium services to their target audience. The first four editions have honored many individuals and organizations by Celebrities like Raveena Tandon, Shekhar Suman, Poonam Dhillon, Manoj Tiwari, and Mandira Bedi. Brands Impact aims to bridge a need gap in brand consulting services with a 360-degree approach from drawing up a strategy to its execution.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Mandira Bedi as the chief guest. Right Choice Awards is an exciting platform that offers the participants an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the quality that their brand and services stand for and it is an indicator of the trust that their customers place in their brand.

Speaking of the spectacular achievement, Rashmi said “Thank you so much for this award! It’s an honour and a privilege to have received it. It’s an even bigger honour to have received it from one of my all-time favourite people, Mandira Bedi. A special thanks to the entire Right Choice Awards committee for consistently recognizing and motivating talent and hard work. Also a big shout out to my family for always supporting me. I’d like to conclude by saying, especially to young women who work tirelessly day and night to achieve their goals, don’t let anything or anyone darken the light that shines within you.”

Amidst the old guards and the current social media blitzkrieg,  producing makeup artists in mushrooming numbers; she differentiates herself by being brave enough to swim against the current. This is underscored by her approach to make-up and styling, which is minimalistic, edgy, and arresting. The looks created by Rashmi embody a refined identity which is a  fresh take on this age-old art. Her mastery of this distinctive yet outstanding style may have had its seed sown in the small steps of her humble beginning.

Gracing the ceremony and talking at the event, Mandira further adds “It is a huge honor to be a part of such an august gathering and I would like to thank Brands Impact for giving me this opportunity. The awardees present here are the true celebrities, the Stars, the Icons. And I’m glad to have this chance to be here today and share these special moments with you all! Your contributions to society have made a huge difference and I hope that all of you will acquire even greater success in the future.”

Rashmi has got the privilege to work with the biggest names of the fashion industry including Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap, Payal Pratap, Manish Arora, Pawan Sachdeva, Sukriti-Aakriti, Rohit and Rahul for CUE, Gaurav Gupta, Abraham & Thakore, and Malini Ramani

She has styled numerous A-lister celebrities from diversified backgrounds such as Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Raja Kumari, PV Sindhu  Kriti Sanon, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Manisha Koirala, Mrunal Thakur, Ali Fazal, Johnny Lever, Jim Sarbh, and Radhika Apte and many more.

Looks created by her have been featured on the covers and the editorials of top magazines including – Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar The Editorial Magazine (Canada), Elegant Magazine (LA), GMARO  Magazine (Paris), The Blur (UK), The Man Magazine, KODD  Magazine, Chiiz magazine, Get Inspired Magazine, Maxim, Sports Illustrated India and many more.

Her exceptional skills and expertise has helped her bag the award and she is all set to receive many more.


A team lead by IPS Dr S.Pandian Rajkumar caught the most-wanted gang. IPS Dr S. Rajkumar Pandian donated the entire 10 lakh rupees reward money to the CM relief fund

On 22nd March, 2021, around 2200hrs., some unknown persons came in two unidentified cars (Toyota Fortuner and Honda City) and abducted one Jitubhai Manilal Patel, a local builder residing in Umargaon of Valsad district. 

Despite the district police’s effort to trace the victim and accused, no actionable information could be obtained during the next two days. Thereafter, from late night hours of 24th March,2021 onwards, using the sim card of the victim, an unknown person started calling the victim’s wife and consistently demanded ransom of Rs. Thirty crores for Jitubhai’s release. Except the mobile calls, no other traceable clue was left by the criminals, and to hide their location, they were changing the calling location every time after clandestinely traveling for hundreds of kilometres. Moreover, taking advantage of Covid-19 epidemics related regulation of wearing masks in the public, the accused were wearing the masks, that made all the more difficult to trace them.

However, due to Dr.S.P.Rajkumar’s meticulous planning of the entire crime detection process, in depth analysis of all available technical information, physical and technical surveillance, deployment of plain clothes police at strategic places, excellent coordination and team work, and the  clandstine operations carried out under his personal supervision in Mumbai and adjoining areas,  the active members of notorious Chandan Sonar and Pappu Chaudhary gang involved in this abduction for ransom were apprehended on 29th March 2021 from Borivali Railway Station of Mumbai and swiftly launched the rescue operation which resulted in safe rescue of the victim from Ratnagiri of Maharashtra. 

It is relevant to mention here that this particular gang had successfully committed similar crimes and collected crores of ransom money from the families of victims in many states including Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Gujarat.

This gang is very professional in its approach to such extent that a) the members use stolen cars brought from a different state, b) victim is usually taken to different state for illegal detention, confinement and hostage for months together till ransom is received, c) ransom calls are made from another state and d) collect the ransom money in one another state, thereby making tracing and detection by police almost impossible.  

This is the first case in which the police swiftly arrested the members of this gang and rescued the victim without paying a single penny by the family of the victim to the abductors. 

For this outstanding work of detection, prompt arrest of this interstate criminal gang and safe rescue of victim within a week time, on 1st April, 2021 in the Legislative Assembly, the Chief Minister of Gujarat announced monetary reward of Rs. Ten Lakhs to the entire team of police officials led by Dr.S.P.Rajkumar, who were part of this operation. 

Out of ten lakh rupees granted for 40 members of the Gujarat police team deployed by IPS Dr S Pandian Rajkumar for this case, one lakh and five thousand were rewarded. IPS Dr S.Pandian Rajkumar donated the entire amount to the CM relief fund recently.

Here are some details about the Legend Rajkumar Pandian. In case you do not know, Who is IPS Dr S Pandian Rajkumar?

IPS Dr S Pandian Rajkumar is presently the Additional Director General of Police, Surat Range. He is considered one of the most strict officers of Indian Police services and a thorough solution maker gentleman officer. As quoted in one of his recent interviews, Dr S.Pandian Rajkumar IPS endeavours to execute proactive professional measures in the areas of internal security (with special importance on coastal security), prevention & detection of crimes through enhancing the visibility, transparency, accountability, sensibility, responsiveness and decisiveness in police functioning and bringing positive changes in their behaviour as responsible, reachable and respectable protectors of innocent citizens.

Dr S.Pandian Rajkumar IPS have been mentioned these respectful titles in his recent articles published by international portals like California times the USA and About insider UK. 

“The Toughest Indian Police Service officer”. IPS Dr S.Pandian Rajkumar, the most respected IPS officer in India and an inspiration for millions”. 

San Francisco, California – (July 18, 2021)

California Times USA.  

“Meet India’s Most Courageous, Fittest Indian Police Service Officer. A True Patriot IPS Dr S. PANDIAN RAJKUMAR Is Acknowledged As The Most Respected IPS Officer In India”. 

Dated on July 18, 2021. About Insider UK


Spot News 18 Emerges as the Fastest Growing Online News Media in India

Ashish Kumar Mishra is the Founder & CEO at Spot News 18. He created Spot News 18 on 30 June 2019. His intention to make these News Websites was only to provide correct and official news to his readers. Now, he is working on Spot News 18 to expand his website reach to all parts of the world.

As time flew by, Spot News 18 Emerges as the Fastest Growing Online News Media.

There are different reasons why news is so important all over the world. Spot News 18 has the best staff and reporters around to offer all kinds of information and news coming from different parts of the world. Be it the public events or additional information regarding a vast number of factors taking place worldwide in the environmental, social, cultural and political peri ferry, the responsibility of news is to put that forth in front of everyone. This is where this online news site offers excellent support.

There are times when the use of the news is for entertainment purposes. These kinds of news offer a distraction or relief for the people who go through all types of stress and other struggles daylong. However, there are a lot of different kinds of news options here as well.

When it comes to social gatherings, then also the Latest News offers the best solutions. Be it the online news or the physical news. There happens to be a lot of talking and discussions based on the same. It is mainly the reason exchange of the information and details are exchanged.

Local news information is essential as people are always interested in knowing about the place they live in. Be it their communities, the environments, or the crime rates, all these things are most important for the residents. This is where this news site offers all the essential information as well. The site is the perfect option with a neutral view of the data and an unbiased view of everything around.

There are different kinds of news data based on the information that the journalists gather regionally and country-based. Making the national news focused on the people for gaining a new perspective is not easy, specifically for cities where the people depend on the local news.  Spot News 18 makes sure that it satisfies all the readers’ demands on a local and national level. Especially when it comes to the financial aspects of the regions, then it is for sure that there is information that only the news can provide.

When the global economy is under the threat of a pandemic and the people are falling sick fast, the use of this news site is more than necessary there. News is far-reaching, and it offers the best solutions for the safety and health of the people around.



One of the best aspects of gymnastics is that it requires nothing except one’s body to perform. There is no ball, bat, cycle, or anything else; a child may perform a handstand at any time, with no prior preparation. It offers the body an incredible sensation of liberation!

Gymnastics gear for children is also an excellent tool for boosting children’s fitness. Mattresses and bars promote physical engagement – what child can avoid swinging from the bars?! Kids gymnastics equipment is also beneficial for gymnasts who wish to train at home.

Selecting the finest gymnastics gear for one’s house might be difficult. There are several comparable alternatives to choose from, with a wide variety of prices.

Are gymnastics equipment different for girls and boys?

Most of the home gymnastics apparatus is suitable for both males and females. Gyms usually start separating female and male classes when they practice for the competition around grade school. Men compete in 6 categories in professional gymnastics, opposed to 4 types in women’s gymnastics. Pommel horse, rings, and parallel bars are among more “men’s” gymnastics equipment. These are commonly referred to as males gymnastics equipment.

Concentrate on what the youngster enjoys. Whilst house gymnastics equipment for specific activities (home bar, beam, or mat) is ordinary, many more products might aid the youngster with gymnastics. Trampolines are fantastic for developing abilities. Ropes dangling from the roof or branches work well, too (in fact, they are pretty prominent in most gyms).

What are the ideal pieces of equipment to purchase for children?

Gymnastics mattresses are an excellent place to begin when purchasing home gymnastics gear for the children. A Gymnastics kit is another possibility. A gymnastics kit is a collection of kids gymnastics equipment that may be purchased together at a discounted price. They often feature a gymnastics mattress as well as other indoor gymnastics gear.

  • Gymnastics bars for youngsters are enjoyable for all children, not only avid gymnasts! Gripping, dangling, and swaying are all actions that must be done frequently, especially by children. Hanging develops the entire upper body and helps with spinal alignment.
  • An excellent component of gymnastics gear to explore is a gymnastics beam for personal usage. Several low-cost foam-core beams appear to be harmless for children. However, this frequently causes their feet to dip into the beams, which is dangerous. It essentially makes balancing on a softer surface, such as a smooth beam, more complex. It is advised to purchase a beam with a more formidable base and an exterior component securely connected.
  • Usually, jungle bars or monkey bars are 3 to 4 points three feet high. It is an excellent technique to perform various gymnastics sequences such as kips, casts, and hip loops. It’s also helpful for building upper-body muscle.
  • Physioball is an inflatable ball that is utilized to develop core muscles and balance in the individual. It features a twin ball form that makes it simpler for children to use. The wider saddle shall give more stability, ensuring the protection of any youngster who utilizes it. The benefit of a physioball is its adaptability.
  • The springboard is frequently used in unison with a vault. It is a plank with a spring system that is intended to propel the gymnast forward and upwards. It is excellent for boosting jump height and also aiding with specific gymnastic feats. One or more springs can be linked to the base. The board is typically 2 feet broad and 4 feet long.

Turbocharger: What Is It And How Many Types Does It Have?

The air entering a turbocharged diesel engine compresses before the fuel injection, which is a considerable change from a standard gasoline engine. It is where AVO turbochargers play a crucial role in the diesel engine’s power production and efficiency. A turbocharger is a technology that uses forced induction to assist an engine in creating more power and torque. A turbo sucks in the air, cools it, and forces more air into the engine than it would obtain from its conventional intake.


What Is a Turbocharger?

The turbocharger is in between the engine and the exhaust, which is a miniature turbine. The turbocharger, connected to both the engine and the air intake, uses the exhaust gases to spin the turbine, which forces more air into the engine and enhances the car’s power. A turbocharger comprises four elements that work together to make it work. These include:


●      Turbocharger

The turbocharger has an air intake, an exhaust intake, two impellers (a turbine in the back and a compressor in the front), and a charged air exhaust that flows to the intercooler, and it looks like a snail. There’s also an oil hose line.


●      Intercooler

A secondary radiator, or intercooler, intercepts the charged air blasted out of the turbocharger before reaching the engine, lowering its temperature. As a chilling agent, it makes use of coolant.


●      Wastegate

A wastegate is a valve between the exhaust and the turbocharger that boosts pressure by bypassing the turbine.


●      ECU Tuning

Compared to a car with an aspirated engine, the electronic brain of a turbocharged engine requires different tuning for fuel-to-air mixes and ignition timing. As a result, adding a turbocharger to an engine necessitates reprogramming the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) to make it work properly.



Types Of Turbochargers

There are several different types of turbochargers, as listed below:

1.     Single Turbocharger

The most typical turbocharged system is a single turbocharger. It has a single turbine, and you can typically find it in cars that don’t require many horsepowers.

2.     Twin-Turbocharged

Adding a second turbocharger increases the amount of air pumped into the engine, resulting in increased power and torque. The arrangement is similar to that of a single turbo system.

3.     Compound Charged

When a turbocharger and a supercharger are combined, the result is a compound-charged system. The turbocharger extends the amount of top-end horsepower while the supercharger generates more rapid torque.

4.     E-Turbocharger

An e-turbocharger, based on the design of Formula 1 cars, adds electricity to the mix to alleviate turbo lag. Between the turbine casing and the compressor is a small electric motor that runs on a 48V electrical system. Because the electric motor can spin the compressor faster than the exhaust gases, the time between no boost and boost reduces.

5.     Hot-V Turbocharger

Mechanics install the turbocharger or turbochargers inside the “V” of an engine in a “Hot-V” arrangement. It minimizes the space necessary for an engine and the distance travelled by charged air between the compressor and the motor. As a result, the turbocharger or turbochargers can spool up faster, reducing lag.

The turbine and compressor are also separated and placed on opposing sides of the engine in a “Hot-V” configuration. It lowers heat build-up in the then-charged air, lowering the cooling load on the intercoolers.



An AVO turbocharger improves an engine’s performance by increasing airflow. It results in higher power and torque. Simultaneously, turbochargers can generate a lot of energy, manufacturers can reduce engine displacement, resulting in improved efficiency and emissions.


How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

There is no definitive answer to the topic of how frequently you should get your house cleaned. Anyone thinking about employing a cleaning service, on the other hand, should set up a schedule that works for them. The neatest individuals usually make the same comment; to keep your place shining, you must clean regularly. If you wait and allow the filth and grime to accumulate, what should have been a regular home cleaning becomes a several-hour affair. However, this doesn’t mean that washing the bathroom and tidying your cabinets should occur daily. Consider the following considerations while determining the regularity of expert cleanings.

How Often Do You Personally Clean Your House?

The most often given set of answers is once every week. If you choose to do all tasks on Saturday or one each day across the week, the majority of individuals vacuum, dust and mop, dust the furniture and clean the bathroom on a seven-day cycle. As a result, the best condition for most families is for the home to be professionally cleaned once a week, allowing only minimal cleaning to be done by the homeowner. Unfortunately, weekly cleanings are not always feasible for every family.

What Is The Budget You Have Set Aside For Expert Cleaning Services?

While the size of your property dictates the cost of each cleaning service, you have the option of how frequently you have routine cleaning services performed at your home. The cost of most services will vary according to the frequency with which they are given and the services offered. Additionally, bear in mind that biweekly or monthly cleanings are often more expensive per visit than weekly cleanings owing to cleaning schedules and thoroughness. Further, pricing will be decided by the degree of service you choose. Ensure that you explain your expectations properly and understand the services offered by the cleaning business you are interviewing.

What Standard Of Hygiene Do You Follow?

If you’re still having difficulty determining the optimal plan for house cleaning services, begin with the lowest possible frequency—monthly cleanings. Then, if you’re short on time between appointments, frowning at the condition of your bathroom and kitchen, and counting the days till the expert cleaners arrive, you’ll know that monthly visits are insufficient. The frequency with which you get your house cleaned is not a permanent decision. If you choose a plan and it doesn’t work out, chat with your crew about switching to biweekly or weekly cleanings. A reputable provider should explain the process smoothly, asking the appropriate questions to ensure that you are set up with the optimal schedule for your needs.

Nobody likes cleaning their home, and the majority would prefer to get someone else to do it! To begin, determine whether hiring a routine professional cleaning service is the right choice for you and your family. Next, decide whether you can pay for the service, whether the firm meets your cleaning requirements, and whether your persistent  medical conditions require a complete cleaning every time. Therefore, when you make this highly personal choice for you and your family, select a reputable organisation—one that is bonded and insured, as well as one that provides workers compensation to its employees. Cleaning season is here, regardless of whether you do it yourself or employ a regular home cleaning service.

news Sports

India’s Highest Honour for sports “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award” name Changed to “Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award”

In his latest facebook post Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is seen showering flowers on the Major Dhyan Chand’s Statue at Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium Delhi. In this post PM Modi says

“I have been getting many requests from citizens across India to name the Khel Ratna Award after Major Dhyan Chand. I thank them for their views.

Respecting their sentiment, the Khel Ratna Award will hereby be called the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award! Jai Hind!”

So now it is official, India’s highest Sports honour “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award” will be now called as “Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award”

Many citizens will welcome this government decision as many believe Major Dhyan Chand is far more deserving to be called an award in his name.

Last year wrestler Babita Phogat demanded change in name of India’s highest sporting honour, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.


Soumya Ranjan Chakra is turning heads as a Social Media Influencer

Soumya Ranjan Chakra is a Social media influencer and internet personality. He’s also a digital creative, using his Instagram photography and graphic design as part of his work. His Facebook following is 400K, while his Instagram following is 200K

He’s established a significant online presence in a short period of time. He is trying to inspire youngsters. Even though he believes success is achievable in every stream, all you need is to know about that stream, get appropriate preparation and execution, and good intentions. He believes that small-town kids don’t need to go to a larger city to have success in their career.

He was born and raised in the state of Keonjhar, Odisha. Social media platforms were always his interest, but he never finished his education. To satisfy his interest in the subject, he took a job in it. According to him, he has personal branding and digital marketing competence, as well as photo editing and social media promotion abilities. When he has the time, he enjoys travelling and reading. The easy-going fitness fanatic and the simple boy-next-door describes him in his daily life.


Akshay Kumar S – The Young Man Making It Big

Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student. He is currently studying engineering course, pursuing in mechanical stream; second year in R V INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT.

He is an Engineer to be in a couple of years. He is from the Silicon city, IT hub-Bengaluru , Karnataka state. He has always been a keen learner and a competent professional. In any field, his efforts are sincere, meticulous and result oriented .

He doesn’t have a specific area of interest, you can call him an allrounder. Whatever work he does, he gives one hundred percent and does it to the fullest with a lot of dedication and determination.

He is a hard worker as well as a smart worker. He is an occasional singer, good orator and a writer, loves watching and playing cricket and football, and every other sport.

He is socially connected and responsible, and doesn’t get setbacked in any situation.

He always follows and has inculcated a line :”DHAIRYAM SARVATHRA SAADHANAM” (Courage is tool everywhere).

In fact, coming into this field was next level accidental and unexpected.

I just participated in an online poetry competition named esuper.7 which was highest ranked in google and I wanted the certificate to feel proud, but I didn’t even think something big is yet to come beyond this.

I have Been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. 

Participated in many poetry competitions , two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted by (highest rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.

Writings are submitted to the national level writing contests too. Received many appreciations from the organisers and compilers that they have suggested my name and contact details to many of the others to rope in me for their works and contests. I have also secured top 3 positions in some competitions.

According to me success is self satisfaction. I have achieved this in every step and every moment irrespective of the results, but still thanks would be such a small word, beyond it-

I want to thank my parents, teachers, friends, well wishes and each and everyone who was and is on this journey. Special mentions to all the compilers and contest organizers.

My only motivation is my work and myself. There is nothing above it. Just like the rockets is

launched after when the fire is lit underneath, the same way until my work , of any category, is there; completing and fulfilling it without any compromises and achieving irrespective of the size Is what matters.

I don’t think about the future, the future is too long ; I don’t think about the next moment itself. All that pertains to me is that moment and Iam happy to be here irrespective of positive or negative.

To advise anyone; keep calm, don’t think or bother much, do all your work, never expect anything. Just go on with your deeds, you will win one day, you will be appreciated for your work.

Sit back, chill and relax.

Iam soon to be notified and verified on google as founder and CEO of my own company.

Out of 800 writings , my writings were selected in the top 35.

This shows my strength and capabilities.

I am just a budding writer and I am crawling into this field, but in spite of everything, I have got numerous appreciation for his writings, thoughts, expressions and communications. Iam nominated in various awards, all the results were shown SUCCESS. This is what Iam contributing to the field as a budding one, being very passionate enough . Nothing much stories to tell about me, all is that; This is just a beginning!


Here’s all you need to know about popular Artist and Youth icon of 2021 Sagar Bhardwaj and his musical endeavour

Sagar Bhardwaj (born 3rd December 1998) is a Popular Indian Haryanvi Artist, Singer , lyricist and model known for his work in Punjabi music. He is best known for the songs “Yaadan de Sahaare ”, “Tareef Teri”, “ crushed ”. Now all over these recently he had launched his new Song “Tareef teri” collabration with Rare Rishabh and Seathi Nizampuriya. This Song is Produced by Pawan Rajput and Rahul Atri.

Sagar started his career with writing lyrics for his Songs . In 2020 he realeased his first song Yaadan De Sahaare . Then he came into limelight with his tracks. Subsequently he achieved mainstream popularity in 2020 with “Yaadan de Sahaare and Tareef Teri ”. His songs are also uploaded by some famous you tube channels. He realeased his tracks as a lead artist. The songs music has been listened over Million times on Spotify.

By the way, Sagar Bhardwaj himself is a great actor. And he also has a very good relations with many well-known artists. One of them is a special artist Mannu Davan MD desirockstar (Desi Desi Fame) who is a very famous artist of the Haryanvi industry. And if we talking about there relations with MD Desi Rockstar they are old friends and they know each other from very old times. Sagar Bhardwaj’s relations with MD is not before his success but it’s after his success too. Along with MD, his younger brother KD is also a very good friend of Sagar Bhardwaj. During all this, Sagar Bhardwaj has done show with MD and KD on Various Stages and in Many Big Cities. Now Sagar Bhardwaj is himself a youth icon of 2021 of India and Got a Good Popularity all over India. Similarly, along with MD KD, many more artists will come to his songs. Meanwhile, both MD KD and Sagar Bhardwaj will work together to make songs. Talking about the rest of the singers, Gulzar Channi Wala, who is a well-known personality in the Haryanvi industry and Sidhu Mousse Wala, a famous Bollywood Actor Jayati Bhatia and Rits Badiani, has also promoted Sagar Bhardwaj’s songs. Similarly, in the coming time, the name of Sagar Bhardwaj will be seen with many other big actors.

The young singer has already established himself in the music industry and has a huge fan following on social media. Sagar’s instagram account has over 100k+ followers, making him a popular name on the social media platform. He create magic on the big screen with his acting skills as well.

Sagar Bhardwaj’s Social Media :

Instagram :