Reasons Why Schools in The UK Should Take Part in PISA for Schools Test

The UK takes OECD’s PISA pretty seriously. It has moved to rank #14 in some core subjects, which is a testament to how hard it is trying to catch up with the highest achieving countries.

On the other hand, the PISA for Schools test has played a crucial role in improving UK students’ learning opportunities worldwide.  They have made it possible by empowering the country’s school leaders through international benchmarking based on a standard scale provided by PISA.

Janison provides the platform that delivers the PISA test, you can find more information here: “. It helps your ward and school gather valuable insights into their academic performance and gauge how well they can apply their knowledge.

Here’s why schools in the UK should take part in the PISA for Schools test.

To Benchmark Their Performance in A Global Scene

Like PISA, the PISA for Schools test evaluates 15-year-old students nearing the end of compulsory education. It reviews the extent to which they have acquired knowledge and skills required for full participation in modern society, moving towards globalisation.

This assessment offers school-level evaluation results, best suitable for school improvement and benchmarking purposes.

Top specialists ensure sophisticated data and analysis while comparing your ward’s school with others in the UK and around the world. They consider the PISA-comparable scales while evaluating the performance factor to push for higher levels of achievement.

For Better Understanding of Challenges Faced by Low-performing Students

As perPISA 2018 review, pupils in the UK tended to be less satisfied with their lives than the OECD average if they had experienced bullying at any stage in their schooling.

Factors like these can turn even a bright student into an underperformer. And experts suggest that the PISA for Schools test can become the voice of such pupils. Students need to answer a questionnaire related to their family, socio-economic background, and attitude towards learning.

To Create Peer-learning Networks with Other Schools and Teachers

Schools from Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and the British Channel Islands participated in the first cycle of the PISA for Schools test in the UK, held in 2014-2015.

PISA for Schools test can occur as per demand, giving more opportunities for schools to form communities. They can more easily connect and continue their learning process with other highly-reputed schools across the UK.

Experts recommend exchanging best practices that teachers can incorporate in their teaching sessions and using global peer-learning opportunities. These action items will lead to improving a pupil’s academic performance.

To Help Them Measure 21st Century Skills Beyond the Core Subjects

While PISA primarily focuses on three core subjects, reading, maths, and science, PISA for Schools test also measures skills required in today’s date. For instance, they evaluate studentsglobal competence, an innovative domain included in the PISA 2018 in the UK.

Professionals cite this as a reason, as it helps equip students with 21st-century skills and build capacity for data-driven school improvement.


230 pages Free eBook by Adina Brunetti for Restaurant Business Owners

Adina Brunetti’s new book “Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion” is now available online for free in PDF and audio downloads. This amazing book is useful for every restaurant owner no matter what their level of experience is. Also, this book can assist the new restaurant owners to redefine their business, recognize their utmost potential,  and get off to a flying start.

We saw how the year 2020 made all of our predictions insignificant and meaningless. In fact, we all felt the world itself has gone mad! When compared with other industries, the restaurant business is no exception. In order to get a clear sense of the end product of your restaurant, you need to check out the new book by Adina Brunetti. The book provides a comprehensive guide and step-by-step process to attain results that are congruous and incorporates your unique outlook.

As per Adina Brunetti, similar to every business out there, the restaurant business is ultimately a mixture of creativity, psychology, and mathematics. It is crucial for an individual to manage all of these flows in a proper manner.

These topics are highlighted by Adina Brunetti like:

  • Establishing a new restaurant taking into account the new trends
  • Creating the restaurant markup, pricing, and most importantly, a menu
  • Establishing the layout and  interior of the restaurant from a marketing point of view
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Recruiting and providing training to the restaurant staff
  • Local marketing, along with the brand marketing
  • New and upgraded digital marketing and social media tools
  • Customer loyalty tools

Adina Brunetti shares with her readers her understanding regarding the latest hospitality industry trends, innovative promotions ideas, and comprehensive restaurant management systems. In order to create an applied handbook for the purpose of establishing a competent and top-notch restaurant, she accumulated effective approaches and valuable tools and expounded on the defining facets of the enterprise. This book can prove to be extremely helpful for all of the entrepreneurs out there, no matter beginner or experienced. Everyone who is interested in establishing their own brand can benefit from this book, not only those who are involved in the restaurant business.

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8 Requirements Every School And Universities Laboratory Should Have

When you’re building a new laboratory or renovating an existing one, you should know what scientific lab equipment it needs to run well. While the detailed list may vary depending on your lab’s unique needs, some equipment is necessary for every lab. So keep things like funnels, beakers, gas detectors that work accurately and can be tested by calibration gases, lab burners, safety equipment etc.

You should also know why it is necessary to have this advanced science equipment in school labs. For high-quality instruction, schools must have scientific lab equipment. Physical touching of objects imparts information that is an excellent approach to teach the subtleties of a theoretical subject like science. As a result, for scientific instruction in schools, outside-the-box thinking is required.

 Read about a few of the laboratory essentials you would need.

  • Funnels and Bottles

If you’re doing experiments with liquids, you’ll need funnels and bottles of various sizes and stem lengths. These funnels and bottles generally have a small opening to make pouring liquids easier. They are available in various kinds, including plastic and glass.

  • Beakers

Beakers are necessary for mixing chemicals, emulsifying or stirring solutions, heating or cooling liquids, and performing water baths. For easier handling, many beakers have a beak-shaped spout and a large mouth with a flat bottom. Some beakers, on the other hand, come in the form of a test tube.

  • Conical Flask

When you need to stir or shake liquids without risking spills, this laboratory equipment comes in useful. It features a small aperture that gradually widens as it gets closer to the bottom. It may be safely closed with a glass or rubber stopper and kept for subsequent use because of the structure. By attaching it to a ring stand, it is used for heating purposes.

  • Gas cylinders

Whenever you need to do experiments that require gases, you need to have those gases accurately measured and detected by gas detectors. But for the correct functioning of these gas detectors, you need to use calibration gases. The gases in the lab will help you to perform a lot of the experiments.

  • Test Tubes

A test tube is a cylindrical container made of clear glass or plastic with a U-shaped bottom. Because it does not react to any metals or nonmetals, you may safely perform chemical reactions experiments with it. It’s also where scientific samples are stored.

  • Burettes and Pipettes

Burettes and pipettes are tiny tube-like devices that are used to transport extremely minute amounts of liquid. It is used to measure out the exact amount of liquid to be dispensed. Both serve the same goal, yet they can be utilised in various ways.

A pipette is a much smaller version of a burette. The fundamental distinction is in the way they release energy. A stopcock is placed at the bottom of a burette, but a pipette uses a dropper-like mechanism to discharge liquid in the correct amount by lowering the vacuum.

  • Lab Burners

Heating, melting, boiling, and burning are all used in a variety of studies. Butane, propane, and alcohol can all be used in laboratory burners.

  • Safety products

In a laboratory, safety is paramount. As a result, ensure that your lab has the following for lab safety:

  • Eye protection is required.
  • Gloves for safety
  • Coats for scientists
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Fume hoods for chemicals
  • First-aid supplies
  • Station for cleaning the eyes
  • Shower cubicle with added safety
  • Blankets for fires

Students must use theoretical teachings gained in labs where they handle processes and understand how action leads to response. Students have a deeper understanding of a subject when they witness and do lab experiments with their own hands.

To enjoy this study, school laboratories must contain high-quality science equipment. Even teaching becomes easy. Teachers can do experiments and demonstrate the real thing occurring in a chemical reaction rather than merely envisioning it. These are the reasons why it is necessary to have a practical lab.


How to write a research paper

Sometimes learning seems like a never-ending dull process. All you want for this is to get help with research paper and, in the near future, for the semester to end. Even if you’re not that pessimistic about learning, you may not be able to do tasks by yourself and look for pro writing tips to master your assignment. In this article, we’ll help you with tips on research paper writing.

Take notes

Your notes can be used to help you write your paper. Look through your notes for key themes and points of focus. These could be the main ideas that you have read about in your research. These main ideas should be supported by facts and statistics that you have gathered. Argumentative papers should include counter points.

It includes both notes from lectures and your research for paper materials.


You can outline your ideas. It is a way of organizing your information into well-organized and understandable thoughts. Which ideas are your key points and which ideas are supporting information? There may be gaps in your reasoning and ideas. The outline will give you a clear idea of the structure your paper will take. This will give you a guideline for how information should be placed.

Try to express the main theme and supporting points using your own words. Each main idea should be explained in a separate paragraph. Make sure to incorporate the research you’ve done and give credit for any information or ideas you’ve learned by using in-text citations. Research papers are not essays. This is because it is not about your opinions. Use first person nouns like “I” and “my” sparingly. You are welcome to come up with new interpretations and concepts related to your research. These ideas should be supported by facts.

Check your work

Reading, re-reading and proofreading are the key. The paper should be read aloud. This exercise will help you communicate your ideas clearly and stimulate your thoughts about your topic. You can also improve your organization and phrasing by reading out loud. You can even read your paper aloud to someone else. A listening audience can help you become more aware of the sound of your words and may even give you feedback.

Keep the structure

A paper should have all necessary parts. The introduction should grab the attention of the reader. It should state your main idea, and explain how you will support it. The body should build on the information you’ve provided in the introduction. The conclusion should summarize the main points of the paper and reiterate the thesis.

1. Title should

Be clear and specific.

2. Abstract

Readers use the abstract to quickly get an overview of your paper.

3. Introduction

The introduction should grab the attention of the reader and explain the purpose of the research.

4. Thesis Statement

Main idea and supporting facts/ideas/arguments. 

5. The Literature Review

Used to review important past research and to identify how it relates to the research thesis. These are the things you will need to:

  • Explain how literature can help the researcher understand the topic.
  • Show connections and differences between the literature.
  • Find new ways to interpret previous research.
  • Discuss any gaps in the literature.

6. Discussion

Your discussion should explain and interpret what you learned from your research. 

7. The Conclusion

The concluding paragraph summarizes your main ideas briefly and reiterates the main thesis of the paper. 


The flexibility of Learning: A Major Benefit of Online Coaching

Online coaching can be beneficial for a range of reasons. Among all of these, the flexibility of learning is a considerable benefit of the same. Known for its online coaching classes for the CBSE syllabus, Rankpedia has expressed that this benefit helps multiple students learn whenever they wish to. The platform further adds that with online coaching being available, many limitations to learning can be removed. As a result of this, the students or learners of CBSE start to enjoy their studies more.

How does Online Coaching Promote the Flexibility of Learning?

In two major ways, online coaching has become flexible. Platforms providing such coaching ensure that a student can learn without fixed hours or time becoming a barrier. Secondly, when coaching can be accessed over the web, students need not quit their education due to being employed or not having enough money to study.

Below, we have elaborated more on these ways.

Removing the Barriers Relating to Time

It should be understood that online coaching has cleared several barriers. The major barrier that it has removed is the limitation of time. The students of CBSE can often face difficulties when they have to complete the syllabus within a fixed time frame. With the coming up of classes that promote online coaching, the students can study for additional hours to complete the syllabus.

Along with this, students or learners required to take leaves due to unavoidable circumstances can study anytime. Thus, this form of learning doesn’t require the learners to study at fixed hours. They learn anytime and for as many hours as they wish to, explains Rankpedia, the platform for online coaching classes for CBSE.

Preventing Students from Quitting Education

A sad reality is that the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many people towards lower economic standards. During the pandemic, many families have been unable to fund their children’s education due to high fees. Unfortunately, many students have left education to take up jobs. Along with this, such students also exist who may have left their education years ago due to unlikely reasons.

In the case of CBSE, online coaching classes that provide guidance relating to it believe that such students can easily complete their education. Online coaching classes for CBSE studies can be accessed at reasonable costs. Thus, without having to pay necessarily high fees, many families can fund education for their children.

It should be considered that students who had left their education years back can also flexibly resume it. Online coaching classes being very flexible; any student who has a job can study anytime. As a positive outcome of this, earning and learning can be done at the same time.

Thus, with learning being made available online, every student can be encouraged to study. The need for quitting education may not arise due to the flexibility of online coaching and the affordability of cost associated with it.

To Wind up

Online coaching can be flexible in some major ways. Especially for the students of the CBSE board, it can help them study as per their preference and convenience. By doing away with the common barriers, online coaching classes for CBSE board students have encouraged learning anytime and anywhere. Its flexibility assists even those who have to work along with studying. Without affecting their jobs, such students can learn and aim for a better career in the time to come. Not only this, every student can benefit from the flexibility of online coaching classes to improve their future.


IPS Rajkumar Pandian, a dedicated and the most respected Indian police service officer. An inspiration for millions of Indian youth.

Indian history is full of people who struggled for development and brought some magical change in Indian societies socially and ethically. RajkumarPandian is one of them who works hard for the betterment of the country and serves his life for this purpose. Like many other heroes in Indian history, RajkumarPandian had also faced difficulties in his life to serving his country as an Indian Police Service officer (IPS).

He came to attention after the claims in the death of Sohrabuddin Sheikh a fifteen years back. RajnishRai arrested Pandian along with D G Vanzara and Dinesh M N in 2007 related to the death of Sohrabuddin Sheikh. After that, the Hindu reported that Pandian was found to be at his home during the time when he was supposed to be incarcerated. The CBI court in Mumbai discharged IPS officer Raj Kumar Pandian from the Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case. The court came to the conclusion after a technical ground that sanction was not taken to prosecute him was pointed by the defense.

Pandian got bail in March 2014 after being imprisoned for seven years since his 2007 arrest. From 2016 he was Inspector-general of police in Junagadh, even while the Sohrabuddin case was in courts and he was facing the most difficult period of his life.  In 2018 the Bombay High Court upheld his discharge from the alleged Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. 

He has always been ready to serve his country and have a passion to do something for the law abiding people. Despite all the difficulties, he purposefully preferred to choose the passion-driven profession of Indian Police Service to serve the people with courage, commitment, and compassion.

Though Dr.S.PandianRajkumar IPS had other better avenues and career prospects  he chooseto serve  his country over any other thing and refused to avail any other opportunity. He has always strived for the safety and security of the general public. His service record would amply testify that he has always worked for the general public and try to make their lives better and easier. Public security is his first concern and for this purpose, he drastically brought down the criminal activities and incidence of crime in his jurisdictions to the extent of an even lower ratio than what it had been there a decade before that period.

In his path of professional endeavour in upholding these objectives, he has met with countless occupational hazards and risks and has seen several ups and downs.

Due to his dedication, unfeigned and diligent efforts, effective and innovative policing methods, motivation, and teamwork in the areas of maintenance of law and order, crime prevention, and detection, he was able to control the crime ratio in the state. He gives confidence to the public to move freely in-state without any kind of fear.

Now, as Additional Director General of Police, Surat Range, RajkumarPandian IPS is able to implement proactive professional measures in the areas of internal security with special emphasis on coastal security, transparency, accountability, prevention, and detection of crimes through enhancing the visibility, sensibility, responsiveness, and decisiveness in police functioning and bringing positive changes in their behaviour as responsible, reachable and respectable guardian of innocent people living in the state.

According to him, active resistance to every form of evil is the obligation of everyone related to the police department. Pains and pleasures are impermanent. We must endure pains and sufferings bravely. Never live in grief and desolation. Cast off the bonds of action.

He said; you can’t be everywhere but your image can certainly travel faster and be present everywhere as your shadow.

As the protector of innocent citizens, every police officer must demonstrate greater responsibility in every sphere of his profession. Further, he said; don’t treat your work as a burden or a mere job for livelihood. If you are a police officer then you are blessed with the rarest opportunity of serving the nation and its people. Be responsive.

Apart from his professional life, he is very concerned about his health and fitness. And to maintain his health he follows a proper routine. A policeman is a warrior and a healthy lifestyle helps a warrior to perform better on the battlefield. It’s part of his lifestyle to keep himself fit and healthy as he believes that a healthy body has a healthy mind. Keeping himself fit and healthy helps him to perform his duty in a better way. No special effort is needed. He just follows a disciplined rule that includes proper diet, proper exercise, and proper rest.

As everyone knows that IPS is a highly respected post in the internal security system of India. Indian Police Service is the most fundamental pillar of Indian democracy and as an IPS Officer, RajkumarPandian plays a pivotal role in maintaining peace and order at the grassroots level in the country.

He was harassed, humiliated, and made to suffer in silence but he survived all adverse situations and fought courageously with all the hazards he faced in his life just to protect innocent people. He never gave up and survived through the most troublesome period of tribulations. He has come almost after a decade of trials and tribulations to serve the people with more capability, commitment, courage, concern, and compassion. He never treated his profession as a work, duty, job for livelihood or just to earn money. He always considered his duty as a passion, not just a profession, and dealt with every challenge with enthusiasm and bravery.


Impact of Latest Digital Accounting Trends in CPA Firms

Technology trends play a significant role in boosting the growth of business at the global level. These changes are impacting financial services in CPA firms to reshape how you run your business model. When such trends are in place, your accounting operation becomes relevant, accurate, leading to better decision-making concerning the firm.

With technology, the business operation is effective and efficient when you transform from manual to automated functions. Moreover, technology is still advancing, and more changes in the accounting industry are on the way. In this article, you will get the top accounting trends you need to know about.

Let’s discover them below.

1. Automated Accounting Processes

Accounting industries are transforming because of automation, and you no longer need to work manually. Since the process requires the use of computers, this comes with its limitations like compromised security. It would be best to decide which CPA review course to use to avoid risking your business data to fraud.

Moreover, automation has features that bring opportunities to you as accountant and accountant professionals. For example, instead of using bookkeeping, you advance to cloud-based accounting applications to automate transactions.

2. Switching to Cloud-based Software

This is one of the impressive leading technologies that provide you with the best CPA accounting services. Most accounting brands prefer this type of accounting as compared to other applications. In addition, it allows clients and employers to access and resolve issues as they exchange information.

However, using these applications requires you to comply with a subscription agreement to access data from anywhere. It will be best to know how to process accounting information like payroll, purchase orders, etc. You can handle all this in cloud-based accounting applications.

3. Changing Roles of the Accountant

For an extended period, you had to be a pro in mathematics and understand laws and regulations concerning finances to become an accountant. Even today, expertise in such a field is still essential to building tools for CPA firms and financial services businesses.

The roles of an accountant are changing, and now communication is becoming a critical factor. So, the impact of these accounting tools allows professionals to precise, accurate, and secure results. Also, sharing reports and statements to individual clients and other important information to the different organizations is safe with encrypted emails.

4. Potential of the Internet

Due to the introduction of a high-speed connection, video conferencing is possible in both commercial and residential areas. Colleagues and clientele can utilize two-way conversation, as in the case of bookkeepers and CPAs. The development of face-to-face virtual interaction gives an accurate picture of how technology changes CPA firms’ other sectors.

Industries are expanding to the global market because of the use of these fast internet speed services. Clients across the globe get all the benefits because of the support from a CPA firm. The number of internet users is rising early, and this calls for more marketing of your service to reach out to many internets uses.

5. Advisory Services

You need a better approach that will combine accounting technology and financial advisors in the future. This happens because you need to analyze data to come up with deeper insights. Every decision made in accounting will depend on your hand, and other experts meaning complete automation won’t be possible.

If you need to increase your advisory services’ quality, it will be if you introduce more advanced technology in your accounting. With the trends in place, you’re likely to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks as you spend up the level of analyzing data, giving advice to their clients, and providing insights.

Having an automated process means you get few errors; hence you increase your client confidence about your data. Also, you improve on the quality of advice you give to them as you can predict how the future of CPA is going to be. Besides, robotic process automation relies on Al to understand the clients’ needs to plan to provide the correct information to satisfy their needs.

Final Word

Adopting this latest technology in accounting means you will be running your CPA firm better. Firms that are offering CPA accounting services to meet the current trend in the accounting sector. You need to take advantage of the above-mentioned information to bring changes to your own business.


What are the very basic concepts which the kids should know about the complementary angles?

There are several types of angles available in the world of mathematics about which the kids
need to be very much clear about in the whole process so that they can solve the questions
very easily and a further able to have a good command over the whole world of mathematics.
The supplementary and complementary angles are always defined concerning the addition of
two angles and if the sum of angles will be 180° then they are supplementary which will help in
forming a linear pair as well and on the other hand when the sum of two angles will be 90° they
will be referred to as the complementary angles and they will together form a right angle.
 When two lines segments or lines will meet at a common point which is known as vertex the
point of intersection will always lead to the formation of an angle and the rays associated with
the angle will also help in making the initial position and the final position. When the sum of
two angles will be 90° they will be known as complementary angles or in other simple words
whenever two angles will make a right angle then these will be referred to as the
complementary angles. Suppose one angle is X then the other angle will be having the measure
of 90° minus X. Hence, people can very easily utilise these kinds of angles for the trigonometry
ratios where the ratio will complement each other by the 90°. Some of those trigonometry
formulas are explained as follows:
 Sin 90 – A = cos A and cos 90 – A = Sin A
 Tan 90 – A = cot A and cot 90-A = tan A
 Sec 90 -A = cosec A and cosec 90-A = sec A
 Here in the above-mentioned formulas, everything will be complementing each other which is
the main reason that kids need to be very much clear about these basic points so that they can
solve further questions very easily. 
Following are the basic facts associated with the complementary angles:
 Two right angles can never complement each other
 Two obtuse angles can never complement each other
 Two complementary angles are acute but vice versa is never possible.
 There are several ways of differences between the complementary and supplementary angles
with the kids need to be clear about so that there is no confusion element in the whole process
and some of those basic points of differences are explained as follows:

  1. The complementary angles will always have some equal to 90° and supplementary
    angles we have some equal to 180°.
  2. Two angles can complement each other and two angles can even also supplement each
  3. Complementary angles are not defined for the linear pair of angles and the
    supplementary angles are defined for the linear pair of angles.
  4. Complementary angles are only meant for right angles and supplementary angles are
    only meant for straight angles.
     Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned points with the help of expert consultancy
    provided by Cuemath is very important for the kids so that they can have a good command of
    the whole subject very easily.

The Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization mulled to make sciences and technology better serve humankind

The United Nations released “the Sustainable Development Goals report 2021” on 7th July 2021. COVID-19 has erased mankind’s decades of development achievements. An increasing number of countries recognize the need to jointly respond to the pandemic situation and to achieve the sustainable development goals. One of the most important actions needed is to accelerate the adoption of new sciences and technology. The decisions and scientific measurements taken in the next 18 months will shape the world whether it can accelerate post-pandemic recovery and achieve the sustainable development goals on time.

To push back the sustainable development agenda on track, the report stressed that the governments, cities, enterprises and industries need to use the opportunity of post-pandemic recovery to embark on low-carbon, inclusive and resilient development, so as to reduce carbon emissions, to protect natural resources, to create more decent employment and to promote gender equality.

Zhenmin Liu, the UN Associate Secretary-General for economic and social affairs, said that after six years with adopting the sustainable development agenda, the situation of the sustainable development goals is worrying in this report. Nonetheless, the report highlighted the necessity of resilience, adaptability and innovation from worldwide communities. The sustainable development goals are still reachable if all countries take necessary measurements to deal with the systemic deficiencies exposed by the pandemic, to take advantage of wisdom that is not easy to show before the crisis, and to make full use of the rapidly-developing sciences and technology.

Songjun Li, President of the Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization, said that people stuck in poverty increased by about 120 million in 2020 and that the extreme poverty rate rose for the first time since 1998. In 2020, about 255 million people lost their full-time jobs with the extreme poverty rate rising from 8.4% in 2019 to 9.5% in 2020. The volume of hungry people increased by 83 million to 132 million and the worldwide total-volume reached about 800 million. The world is confronted with a very serious situation that has not undergone over the past century. To meet the situation, it is urgently needed to carry out “a century of layout” with scientific and technological forces. For the allocation of resources, the key value needs to be adjusted from the traditional “one-dimensional economy” to “multi-dimensional value” (i.e., the comprehensive evaluation on the economy, society and environment). If the development is the absolute principle over the past century, the sustainable development will be absolutely the strong logic in the next 100 years. To the end, the sustainable development goals can be summed up with one sentence: the world forces need to scientifically steer the “microscopic” enterprises from the perspective of the sustainable development, regardless of how macroscopic objectives the sustainable development goals are. The main reason is that the completion of these sustainable development goals relies essentially on these “microscopic” enterprises, relying on the innovation and development of these “microscopic” enterprises. Enterprises are the key to quantifying and implementing these sustainable development goals because sciences and technology are the main driving forcing for the advancing world.

The Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization (abbreviated as AUNSTO) is an academic wing to the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization. The intention of the Academy is to unite worldwide scientific and technological talents and to explore revolutionary scientific and technological issues. The objective of the AUNSTO is to establish a global talent pool, highlighting the leading talents and backbones emerging in global scientific and technological innovation, building a high-end talent platform to show scientific and technological innovation, serving industrial improvement and making positive efforts for serving humankind.

There are 20 scientific divisions in the AUNSTO,including life and health, artificial intelligence and electronic technology, network and information engineering, bioengineering, aviation and aerospace, equipment and manufacturing, chemical engineering, metallurgy and materials, geography and oceanography, energy and mining, civil and hydraulic engineering, environmental and ecological engineering, agricultural sciences and technology, engineering management, sciences and technology, future exploration, financial sciences, peace messenger, social sciences and smart city management. The full members (academicians, fellows) of the AUNSTO are composed of scientists and engineers with global reputation. In principle, the Academy requires that the candidates must be already members for a national academy of sciences or a national academy of engineering before becoming a full member of the AUNSTO. The election of new members from the AUNSTO is held once a year, with no more than five members being elected from per division.

The AUNSTO abides by the Charter of the United Nations, carrying out works under the guidance of the local national laws and regulations, and promoting global high-end talent exchanges, scientific and technological innovation and project cooperation, participating in global scientific and technological exchange, discussing global scientific and technologic competition, and promoting in-depth cooperation in general sciences and technology. Regarding the development of global industries, the AUNSTO will conduct in-depth exchanges and docking, promote the transformation of technological achievements and implement the development of projects. The AUNSTO will also promote exchanges and cooperation among scientists, and promote the training of scientific and technological personnel as well.

Michael Sanders, co-chair of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization, said that world-wide leaders and scientists have discussed how to give full play to the potential of sciences and technology so as to better benefit mankind during the multi stakeholder forum held by the United Nations Online from May 4 to 5, 2021. This multilateral forum, entitled “sciences, technology and innovation for the sustainable development”, was aimed to build a greener world by 2030, to identify loopholes in existing works and to promote win-win cooperation.

Mr. Spatolisano, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for economic and social affairs, on behalf of the UN Secretary General Mr. Guterres, read out the speech of the UN Secretary General. Guterres pointed out that the rampancy of COVID-19 highlighted once again the importance of sciences and technology for the survival and well-being of humankind and the urgent need to strengthen global cooperation.

Guterres said that in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the international community not only rapidly developed vaccines in a record time, but also made innovation in medicine and digital communication. In the meanwhile, scientific researches and cooperation continue to accelerate, and the new ways of service delivery continue to emerge. The progress in technology and innovation, including the reduction of inequalities and the containment of climate change, has brought hope for the global response to other challenges after COVID-19. Guterres said that at present, there are still billions of people around the world who can hardly benefit from the information and technological revolution, for which COVID-19 further exacerbates this technological gap. “We must work together across borders, industries and fields to make scientific and technological works for the benefit of mankind”, he said. Multilateral cooperation remains essential to help us achieve sustainable development goals, address climate change, reverse biodiversity loss and pollution crises, and meet other challenges”.

Zhigang Wang, Chinese Minister of Sciences and Technology, also delivered a speech by video. In the speech, Zhigang Wang said that the Chinese government always adheres to scientific and technological innovation as an important support for promoting the sustainable development, the high-quality economic recovery and the high-level ecological environment protection. China has always been with a positive and open attitude and adhered to the global vision and strengthened cooperation with international communities. China will always adhere to the concept of opening up and cooperation, sharing the beneficial experience of sciences and technology, policy tools, management mode and technological innovation in the field of green and low carbon. China is making unremitting efforts to achieve the goals of carbon peaks and carbon neutralization in order to promote the sustainable development.

Lingyun Xiang, executive chair of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization said that the UN multi stakeholder forum on scientific and technological innovation is an important part of the UN technological promotion mechanism under the framework of the 2030 sustainable development agenda, and that the UN multi stakeholder forum is also one of the main platforms to discuss experience on scientific and technological innovation for the sustainable development.

The forum is convened by the president of the UN Economic and Social Council and authorized by the UN General Assembly. It is held annually at the UN headquarters since 2016. Representatives for the forum are conclusive, including members from governments, scientific and technological communities, private sector, civil society, etc. The outcomes concluded from the forum would be reported to the UN high level-political forum.

The UN Economic and Social Council globally plays a leading role in promoting mutual cooperation among science and policy and society, leading multiple stakeholders to participate in scientific and technological innovation so as to promote these sustainable development goals. These major endeavors remained to be made were determined from the Rio + 20 summit and the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

The 70th paragraph in the 2030 sustainable development agenda announced the launch of the technological promotion mechanism (TFM) to support the sustainable development goals. The objective of launching TFM is to promote multi stakeholder cooperation and partnership through sharing information, experience, best practices and policy among the member states, civil society, private sector, the scientific community, the United Nations entities and other stakeholders.


What Should You Know About Online ICAS Assessments?

Typically, the school curriculum dictates the existing exam patterns across different educational boards. And most other exams that measure a student’s aptitude are usually competitive.

The ICAS assessment program is the first of its kind. It evaluates the children on their skills and compares them against global benchmarks.

But scoring high in these tests can be quite petrifying for your child. Thus, it is best to reach out to top consultants, such as While they have decades of experience developing assessments that your child will find engaging, they equip you and your child’s school with a powerful vision.

Such aspects help to improve your ward’s learning and reward their academic excellence. Here’s what you should know about online ICAS assessments to help your child develop an organised study plan for achieving a top score successfully.

What Is the ICAS Assessment Program?

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, or in short ICAS, is an elite skills-based assessment program. While it is a UNSW Global Educational Assessment’s evaluation product, last year, Janison, the global technology pioneer, acquired it. So, now your child can access the best of worlds, the highest standard of online assessment content and a world-leading platform.

On the other hand, ICAS recognises and rewards your ward’s achievements in various subjects at a global level. Thus, leading professionals focus on helping them excel in every facet of the exam for an overall high score.

The Importance of ICAS Preparation

Ideally, schools and teachers review your child’s ICAS score to understand their abilities and track their progress year on year. Moreover, some institutions use ICAS as a placement test and reference to evaluate their skills beyond the classroom.

On the other hand, these tests get updated annually for a more accurate evaluation, making the exam quite hard to clear.

However, top experts can help your ward during the entire preparation phase. They help your child understand the purpose and structure of the online assessment, thus ensuring they perform their best.

Results and Rankings

Typically, if your child undertakes the online ICAS test, they will get ranked per their percentile scored in each year level across various participating countries.

While the top 1% of participants receive a High Distinction, the next 10% are Distinction holders. The following 25% of students receive a Credit Certificate and the next 10%, a Merit Certificate. Finally, the rest of the participants get a Participation Certificate.

You can view your child’s results and their school’s performance online. Top consultants feature a result page on their websites to check the results with an online sign-up.

Benefits of Online ICAS Assessments

With your child already aware of the digital mode of studying and assessments, they will find this program straightforward. On the other hand, the assessment tools have restricted access, thus making the online exam highly secure.

Experts ensure your child gets the experience of appearing for online tests with their practice papers. It allows your ward to utilise the scalability of the assessments while sharpening their skills and working on their improvement areas.

Consult an Experienced Specialist

Find a reputed expert and review your child’s potential with them. Rest assured, you can ensure your child understands the various facets of the online ICAS assessments, leading to an intensely focused preparation for genuinely recording a high score.