3M Water Filters Emerge As Good Choice For Small Homes

3M water filters have emerged as the popular choice among Malaysians who are becoming more and more aware of the need to drink clean and filtered water. These filters are compact in size and thereby help overcome space challenges.

3M water filters have emerged as the new rage in the market as the company has overcome the space issue and challenges. A lot of Malaysian homes are small in size and with the improvement in lifestyle, the need was felt to have water filters installed at their home. Most of the water filters in Malaysia are large and bulky in size and hence people are unsure as to whether or not to use them.

These 3M water filters come in several types of design. One of them is an indoor water filter. It comes with an under sink installation and so it will cut down the space constraint completely. The other model is an outdoor water filter that is mostly used in condos and apartments. This filter in turn will be compact in size and thereby help overcome the space issue.

XAMMAX is the official distributor of 3M Malaysia. They aim to serve clean water to more Malaysian with NSF certified water filters.

Kent Lim, the founder of XAMMAX was quoted as saying, “With many residential properties at less than 1,000sq ft today and modern house owners opting for space-saving appliances, 3M provides much-needed solutions for Malaysian households”.

He further added, “The market demand for water filters in Malaysia has increased in the past 10 years. However, it is important for the consumers to ensure the water filters they invest in are NSF certified”.

NSF “National Sanitation Foundation” is an independent, non-profit organization that helps protect people by setting standards for consumer goods. These filters adhere to strict standards and they are sure to bring much-needed relief and hygiene to the consumers. It is mighty important to ensure that the water people drink should be clean and safe for drinking.