5 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Mangalsutra

5 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Mangalsutra

The word ‘mangala’ refers to something holy and auspicious, while ‘sutra’ implies a thread. Together, the term ‘Mangalsutra’ suggests a thread that ties two people in a holy bond. In Hindu marriages, the groom tying a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck symbolises a long-lasting bond. It also represents love, respect and togetherness that they will share for the rest of their lives. It thus becomes essential to buy a mangalsutra to give a Hindu marriage its religious consent and acceptance. However, before moving on to its buying guide, have a look at its origin and transformation.

Origin and transformation over time

The origin of mangalsutras probably occurred around 6th century AD in South India, where it is called ‘mangalyam’ or ‘thali’. Initially, it was made out of 7 threads taken from a bride’s saree.

Eventually, gold mangalsutras became the trend across cultures. Different regions have come up with their variations of it. However, the basic structure of gold mangalsutra is a thread adorned by black and golden beads, with a pendant in between. The black beads represent the 9 forms of Adi Shakti meant to protect the husband for long life.

5 things that should be in your check-list while purchasing gold mangalsutras:

1. Level of purity

Pure gold is amalgamated with copper or silver to reduce its malleability so that it can be shaped into an ornament. But, the proportion in which it is added differs according to the price of the gold. Ideally, a mangalsutra made of 14 to 22-karat gold is the most common. So, make sure to check the ratio before you purchase one.

2. Certification of the makers

When you buy a gold ornament, you do not just buy a commodity. A gold ornament is also an asset. So, ensure that you are buying it from an authentic seller.

Look for the hallmark indication in your jewellery. It is the assurance of purity of the gold tested by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) as well as the maker’s certification.

3. Making charges

The price of gold jewellery varies from shop to shop is because different sellers charge different making charges.

So, when paying more, make sure it is worth the price. The design and finishing should be top-notch in case you are paying higher making charges.

4. Don’t forget to check its weight

Gold jewellery, especially mangalsutra, is mostly made with gold, black beads, stones, etc., which is also incorporated in the weight.

So, when paying for this ornament, make sure to check the weight of gold included in jewellery making. Once you have checked it, make sure to pay accordingly.

5. Design and finishing

One must always wisely spend when buying gold jewellery. So, get yourself the best of gold mangalsutra available in market as per the design and finishing that justifies its price. With a wide range to choose from and several new unique designs, you can choose best out of the rest.

Customised gold mangalsutras are now in trend. So, if you are looking for something unique, going for customisation will be a wise choice. A gold mangalsutra is way more than just an ornament; it is an asset. Hence, one must be aware of the requisites mentioned above.