6ix 3urop3 Applying Heavy Pressure To The Rap Game

6ix 3urop3 Applying Heavy Pressure To The Rap Game

When did music first come into your life?

6ix 3urop3: Music first came into my life when I was very young I could say even at birth. I had older cousins who rapped growing up also my mom was part of a church choir so I was constantly surrounded by all different types and genres of music growing up.

When did you decide to start rapping, especially coming from a musical family?

6ix 3urop3: About age 12,13 I decided to try out hip hop with an older cousin where we began to record & try to launch a career in the family basement in hip hop music. Going by artist name J Chucklez. We created our first rap group known as The Good Fellas.

So you’ve been rapping for a decade. Have you ever wanted to do something else?

6ix 3urop3: Yes to become an author which I’m releasing my first book this year titled “Christ In The Ghetto “. I always had a passion for writing overall whether it was poetry, music or short stories.

As an upcoming artist, How do you balance all the demands that come with starting a career in rap?

6ix 3urop3: I made headlines by believing in my dreams no matter what boundaries came my way. By investing in myself it created a great following on social media for upcoming album release streams.

How did you find your voice as an artist?

6ix 3urop3: I was inspired by great legendary artists such as Micheal Jackson and Biggie Smalls Alongside A Few Other Greats. Lately, I’ve been adapting to the newer melodic style of hip hop.

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