7 Essential Oils to Use for Aromatherapy in Your Home

7 Essential Oils to Use for Aromatherapy in Your Home

Essential oils are widely popular because of their multi-faceted benefits in the areas of medicines, beauty, and aesthetics and cleansing. Essential oils are obtained by distilling processing or cold pressing parts of plants including their leaves, roots, flower or barks.

The most beneficial use of essential oil is in aromatherapy which is known to positively impact our physical and emotional health. The various kinds of essential oils serve to relax you or calm your nerves, while there are some that can help stimulate your mind and rejuvenate you. When used in moderation, they can prove to be beneficial in regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing and also reducing your stress.

They can also help reduce headaches and body inflammation and some essential oils like lemon are known to help in managing stomach related issues such as nausea. Essential oils can be thus an important component of your self-care regime and help you manage the stress and tensions of daily lives.

In this article, we will discuss seven kinds of essential oil that you can use for aromatherapy in your home.

Lavender Oil

If you crave a good night sleep after a long tiring day of work, lavender oil is your go-to oil. It is proven to aid better sleep and you will feel recharged and refreshed when you wake up in the morning. It works by lowering your blood pressures, heart rate and reduces skin temperature as well consequently reducing your anxiety and letting your mind rest and get a good sleep.

Rosemary Oil

Originally known for its medicinal benefits, rosemary oil has been used extensively for healing purposes as it reduces inflammation and helps in cleansing your body systems. It’s a pleasant fragrance that is a combination of subtle wood and citrus; makes it a popular choice for your home. It can also help stimulate the brain and enhance your mental performance so it is a good idea to have it in the area of your house that you use for work.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is a great oil to have if you or your family is prone to sinuses issues. It can help you manage your flu or cold symptoms and helps you stay active and alert. This oil can be used by adding a few drops to the diffuser in your home. If you are suffering from congestion and having trouble breathing, the vapours from the diffuser will help alleviate your symptoms.

Jasmine Oil

Its sweet gentle smell makes it a popular choice for skincare products. It can be used in combination with other essential oils for the purpose as well. Moreover, it can be used as an antiseptic to treat small wounds. As far as the environment of your home is concerned, jasmine is known to help elevate your mood and get rid of depression. Aaron Soong, a neurologist in Malaysia, states that its fragrance helps soothes the nerves and helps you feel positive and reenergized.

Sandalwood Oil

The sweet smell of the sandalwood oil works greatly in its favour as a choice for aromatherapy in your home. Since ancient times, it has been used in perfumes and fragrances and is often used in combination with other essential oils to create beautiful scents. It is great to have around the house for preventing infections and healing scars. It also aids in tightening skin and delay ageing effects.

Sweet Orange Oil

Orange oil helps boost immunity. It helps aid digestion and flushes the toxins from your body and improves your overall health. If you are suffering from abdominal discomfort and trapped gases, orange oil in combination with other essential oil like peppermint may help greatly reduce your discomfort when massaged on the abdomen.

Lemon Oil

Who doesn’t love the fresh zingy smell of lemons? Lemon oil can keep your surrounding smelling fresh and clean for hours. It is known to be a mood lifter and if you add a few drops to your home diffuser, it may elevate your spirits and clear your mind. Did you know that it can also be helpful in repelling insects around the house?

Lemon oil is also great for skin as it removes dead skin cells and gives way to soft skin and a clear glowing complexion. All these benefits make lemon oil a great choice of essential oil for aromatherapy in your home.

As mentioned above, essential oils always need to be used in moderation. Do not increase exposure to the oil beyond an hour when you are breathing in the fumes. This is the very reason we have emphasized the use of diffusers. Also, remember to read the precautions on the label and follow them if you have an underlying medical condition and use the oils with care.