7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Owning an 80% Lower

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The term 80% lower refers to an incomplete gun that doesn’t fulfill all of the requirements needed to declare it as a firearm. Gone are the days when firearms were considered military objects; these days, every citizen prefers to own their personal gun for safety purposes. However, a person willing to buy his own firearm always has two options: either purchase a pre-built firearm or buy an 80% lower and build the gun yourself. Here, we will share seven reasons you should buy an 80% lower instead of a pre-built weapon.

You can save on cost

Buying an 80% lower will cost you less than buying a complete pre-built firearm. Although the price of the kit might cost you the same as a complete firearm, you can save money when it comes to customization.

You can customize 80% lower

You can customize your firearm the way you want if you opt for purchasing an 80% lower with its kit. It won’t even cost you too much when you are building your firearm on your own.

The pre-built firearms are available in the market with the same old designs, but when you build your own gun using an 80% lower, you can make desired changes and upgrades.

You can save time

Purchasing a pre-built firearm can be quite a hassle because of the paperwork and licensing process. However, buying an 80% lower can save time and energy because no legal paperwork is required for it.

80% lowers are convenient to build

Building your own firearm could be quite fun and interesting. Not only this, but building a gun is very easy and convenient when you have your 80% lower and its kit available. Though it might take you hours to build your firearm, having an 80 lower receiver makes the build process fun and easy.

No paperwork is involved

Carrying and building an 80% lower is legal in many states now. So, you won’t have to worry if you carry an 80% lower. However, it is suggested that once you buy your 80% lower, try to build it as soon as possible because carrying an unfinished lower for a long time might cause trouble.

Better familiarity with a self-built firearm

When you build your own firearm, you know it better. You will find it easier to use and handle because you know all the ins and outs well. You know how it functions because you already know the entire mechanism.

Ease of purchase

You can easily find an 80% lower on any platform. Therefore, buying this product won’t be a hassle because many platforms are now open for selling and buying the 80% lowers. You can even check it online.

Though 100% complete firearms are available in the market, keeping in mind the 2nd and 4th amendment rights, an 80% lower is considered the best choice for the citizens. We hope the above reasons are helpful for you in deciding whether you still want to go for a pre-built gun or assembling one on your own.